Voices.com overview & reviews

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Great voice-overs that are just a click away. We’re breaking down voices.com overview & reviews, so you don’t have to.

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An overview of voices.com

Voices.com is a platform for freelancer voice actors which, on the one hand, can elevate their career, and on the other, provides various professional services for audiobooks, commercials, voicemails, games, or even a podcast. 

It creates vast job opportunities for a voice-over artist on the voice marketplace, with a starting subscription fee being completely free. By using voice.com, the voice-over talent you possess can earn you a lot of money.

Benefits of using voices.com

Voices.com, the world’s number one voice marketplace, provides professional voice-over services that can lead to a full-time job if you have the right tone, style, and words. Basically, Voices.com is Fiverr for professional voice actors.

Voice-over jobs tend to end up with a positive experience since the delivery of the script is generally clear and easy to understand.

As a free member, you will receive fewer gigs than a premium member, so as one of the best pay-to-play voice marketplaces, it’s inevitable to pay the platform fee. 

As you progress in your voice-acting career and are still on your free starting subscription, you should consider paying the membership since it unlocks more features and paying jobs. 

The demand for voice-over jobs is greatly increasing over the years, with podcasts being in trend and video content being easily accessible.

If you need a guide, for example, podcasts, you can always listen to Ciccarelli’s podcasts guide, founder of voices.com herself, on the site available to you twenty-four-seven. 

Is it worth it? 

Sure is – the benefits are huge. Once you step up your VO career, you’re opening the door to a potentially well-paying job.

Depending on the project, as a voice actor, you can set up your own rates or apply for a job post that you like. For example, for a voice-over that lasts half an hour, the pay can go up to $1,250. Just imagine how much it can go with hours.

Since voices.com is mostly paying through Paypal, they cover all transaction fees associated with the app, so you get your payment as soon as possible. 

By using Surepay — like escrow, the client’s payment is held until the artist’s project is finished. Once the artist submission files are handed in and the client is satisfied, funds are sent to the voice artist.

Disadvantages of using voices.com

1. Platform-Fee 

As with every platform-fee, it comes in a few membership levels that increase in cost.

  • Guest membership — Free of charge. You can create a free profile and upload demos as much as you want to make your portfolio and show your skills. Guests can only receive private invitations from clients.

  • Premium membership – That costs up to $499 a year. Now you can start replying to jobs that are best for you based on your profile and search engine algorithm. You can increase your chances of being hired and elevate your voice-over career and gain insight into statistics.

  • Platinum membership – Most expensive. It costs $2,999 a year. This is for professional voice actors that have a serious voice acting and voice-over career. Gain a personal account manager that provides professional service regarding your profile and portfolio reviews. Become the highest priority in search engines. 

Voice.com also takes a 20% commission of your earnings.

2. Competition

If you are just starting as a voice-over artist or actor, going through the job postings will be hard if you haven’t paid for a membership.

If you haven’t paid the fee, you won’t come up as a top search, and you won’t have all the features premium or platinum members have, making it harder to land job opportunities. You’ll most likely receive fewer work-related phone calls.

Just like voices.com, there are many other voice marketplaces, such as Voicebunny, Voice123, and Suchavoice. They offer similar professional services and can be a bit cheaper.

Either way, it’s difficult to land a gig if you’re not appearing in the top search. 

3. Delivery

Sometimes, clients can’t hold off and need a job done instantly rather than waiting 24 hours for it to be completed. 

Voices.com reviews say the platform is great for carefully planned projects, but when you need an ad hoc voice-over, it’s not the best solution. 

It takes time for the project to be delivered, and once delivered, if you’re not satisfied, it has to be done again.

4. Third-party 

It’s a lot easier not to go through a third-party app and as great as it is, voices.com is an intermediary. So lately, many clients have been turning to AI voice generators since a lot of them are free and finish the job instantly. 

Since AI Voice is progressing each day, it’s taking over small projects, covering them with an AI Voice rather than a professional actor’s voice. 

Speechify – an alternative to voices.com

Speechify, as one of the best text to speech apps, is the top-rated (has a 4.5-star rating) TTS engine on the App store and is used daily by many. It is easy to use, saves time, and gives great results like boosting your understanding and focus, also allowing you to multitask.

Speechify can read text out loud in more than 26 languages and allows you to instantly convert any written text to an AI voice. Available in free and premium versions — as a Chrome extension, iOS app, Android app, and Mac Desktop app.


Can I trust Voices com?

Founded by Stephanie Ciccarelli, voices.com has been running since 2005 with a focus on providing the very best professional service for a professional voice actor and the client.

So you’re probably wondering if it’s a scam, and trust us, it isn’t. Voices.com has an impressive A+ at BBB, and it’s trading through Safepay and escrow.

It’s well known that it provides paying jobs for millions of voice-over actors, and on their positive experiences, it has a consumer 4.64-star rating.

What is the Voices com site about?

You can create your profile, post all of your demos to build a portfolio and show your talent, look through job postings and find your ideal project. 

Once the project is done, you can, of course, leave a review for the next client or voice actor to see. 

What is the best thing about voices com?

Voices.com is one of the biggest and most popular voice marketplaces or voice platforms in the world. It plays a significant role in marketing, advertising, broadcasting, podcasting, gaming, and learning.

Voices.com is committed to safeguarding your privacy and your data and also providing you support if you ever require it. 

Focusing on you and you only, providing everything you need, you feel like a number one client. With them as a wind to your back, you can achieve great things.

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