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Reading app for Dyslexia: #1 rated

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Dyslexia is the most common learning disability globally. Learn more about the top reading app to assist dyslexic readers.

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Dyslexia is the most common learning disability globally. It often impacts reading skills and language skills. Researchers estimate that more than 40 million people in the United States are dyslexic, but only around 2 million of those people have received a dyslexia diagnosis. And around 30% of those diagnosed with dyslexia also have some degree of ADHD as well.

Dyslexia affects both males and females equally as well as all socioeconomic classes and ethnicities. It does not affect a person’s IQ. Some of the most brilliant people in the world, including Albert Einstein, are dyslexic.

Every learner with dyslexia is unique

 You can’t put all dyslexic learners in a box. Each one is unique. They have their own personal struggles based on not only their neurological makeup but physiological differences and even the person’s background.

Struggling readers are not all dyslexic. Some might be ADHD, some may be on the autism spectrum, while others may fall into other special needs learning categories.

Some may struggle with reading comprehension and others may have difficulty with reading retention. Some students may find English class to be hard while others have trouble with math.

You can’t look at the disability. You must look at the person. And it is important to remember that behind the dyslexia, behind the learning disability, is a thinking, feeling human being with emotions. They have needs and wants. They look at themselves and often compare themselves to others around them. If they don’t measure up, they can get discouraged.

While you should address the dyslexia, you should also address the emotional human behind is and address those needs as well.

Challenges of Dyslexia

 People with dyslexia face several challenges. While reading and writing are two of the most common, they may also struggle with processing speech.

Reading comprehension and retention are two of the most common challenges, often because the dyslexic brain has a hard time learning sight words, making out words on a page, and transposing letters or numbers. This can make reading slow and difficult.

Dyslexic individuals often also struggle with many types of organizational problems such as new words, abbreviations, finding words, new routes to work/school, time management, incoherent or messy writing, word pronunciation, navigating new building layouts, forms, writing speed, reading speed, completing unfamiliar paperwork, and reversing letter/number sequences.

These struggles can often lead to mental issues such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Many times, the dyslexic student will be told that they aren’t trying hard enough – which is usually not the case at all – but this is discouraging to them and they will withdraw from friends, family, and school. They will just quit trying.

The dyslexic adult will get frustrated and not even attempt college or university, meaning that they never fully reach their potential. When they get the proper support and help it can put them on the right path to succeed and thrive.

Why are apps beneficial for dyslexic learners?

 There are a number of writing, reading, and speech apps that are very beneficial for the dyslexic learner. The reason for this is because the information is on a screen, often the progression is adaptive to the user, and the rewards are instant.

Most of the apps can also be customized to meet the unique needs of the learner. The information is active and not static, exercising the brain and cognitive abilities so it keeps the mind engaged which is conducive to learning.

Speechify: The go-to app for dyslexic readers!

 Speechify is the number one app for text-to-speech which helps dyslexic learners as well as those with ADHD, autism, and other learning disabilities.

You can listen to your documents, PDF files, articles, email, web pages, or whatever you want to read that is in electronic form, Speechify can make it happen. Read while you do housework, yard work, or other tasks, or read along with the highlight features and improve your comprehension and retention.

No matter your reading needs, Speechify can help. But if you aren’t convinced, here are a few of the invaluable benefits of the app.

Helps to develop reading fluency

Speechify helps learners develop reading fluency by turning text into speech. They can read email, web pages, PDF files, ebooks, and more.

When they use the app, it reads to them in a natural voice. Users can turn on the highlight feature so that it highlights the text while reading so the user can follow along. This helps them learn letter sounds and learn sight words so they can improve their reading skills while the app reads to them.

Improved comprehension

Speechify helps to improve reading comprehension because it reads the text to the user while they are reading. This gives them both visual and auditory stimulation simultaneously which supports better comprehension of the material they are reading.

Reading comprehension is so vital to success both professionally and academically. Most of the material that children learn in school is based in reading. You must be able to read in order to be independent. Illiteracy has a severe negative impact on a person’s success in life.

Learning to read is liberating. Helping someone learn to read is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. When you put the Speechify app in the hands of someone who struggles with dyslexia or some other learning disability that impacts reading skills, you give them a key to be released from the prison of illiteracy.

Improvements in motivation to read

When a person is better able to understand what they read, they want to read more. When they start to see all the doors that reading opens, they want to have more and more of it.

Speechify helps to increase reading comprehension which in turn helps them improve their motivation to read. They can follow along, reading with the text, or they can move about while they listen to the text being read to them. This flexibility doesn’t force learners into a specific box, forcing them to only read while the text is read – or worse, struggling to read the text with no assistance.

A skill is much harder to master when you struggle with it. And when a person struggles with it, they are much less motivated to attempt to master it. Speechify leads the learner to the material and lets them set the tone and pace for learning. This results in lifelong learners and many who love reading. It’s all in the presentation and how the learner is approached to entice them to learn.

Next steps: Check out Speechify

If you or someone you love struggles with dyslexia or some other learning disability that impacts reading, you need to check out Speechify.

You can’t afford not to.

Our app is compatible with most operating systems and most digital devices as well as most browsers.

You can customize the app to suit your learning needs, whether you want a fast speaker that you just want to listen to what is being read, or you want a slower speaker and you can follow along.

Check Speechify out for free today and see just what a game changer it can be when it comes to reading skills, comprehension, and retention.

Empower yourself, empower your loved one with the gift of reading, and improving reading skills.


What are the best apps for dyslexia?

There are many dyslexia apps that are available in the Google Play app store for android operating system including smartphones and android devices. It is also in the Apple app store for ios including iPad and iPhone as well as other digital devices. Some of the top educational apps include:

  • Montessori Words – This helps children develop their phonetics skills using the proven Montessori method of learning.
  • Writing Wizard – This helps children learn how to form letters and words in print while they are spoken aloud.
  • Dyslexia Quest – The child plays games to learn various cognitive skills that include phonological awareness, working memory, visual memory, processing speed, sequencing skills, and auditory memory.
  • Symplex Spelling Phonics – This helps children increase their phonemic awareness.

How can you help a dyslexic read?

There are many ways that you can help a dyslexic person improve their reading skills. Listening to audiobooks can help tremendously. They can also be encouraged to type on a tablet or computer instead of trying to write by hand. Flashcards are also a big help and using a bookmark or ruler to help the reader keep their place are great reading helps. Text-to-speech is another effective tool for reading as well.

How can I make my dyslexic text easier to read?

 Text-to-speech such as is offered in the Speechify free app takes the text and speaks it to the user. It is an assistive technology that is designed to read aloud text so the user can process it more effectively and/or move about while reading. It is available through the Play Store as well as iTunes.

What can I do about dyslexia?

 Dyslexia is usually a lifelong learning disability, but dyslexic children, dyslexic students, and dyslexic adults can learn skills that can help them adapt so they can function quite well.

Adjusting the background color of a screen can help improve contrast making the text easier to read.

What is the best way to help a dyslexic read?

Apps that help with reading such as the Ghotit Real Writer, Omoguru, various quizzes that help improve literacy skills and worksheets can help. Homeschoolers may explore the Orton-Gillingham curriculum.

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