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35 reading websites for kids

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See our giant list of 35 reading websites for kids. Reading is an integral in childhood development. See the list!

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35 best reading websites for kids

You want your kids to stay on top of their reading skills, whether they’re in school, on vacation, or home for the summer. Thankfully, reading websites can help keep kids engaged by providing interactive experiences that meet them at their grade level and boost their reading comprehension skills, from pre-k to grades K through 5 and up!

Getting kids into reading with reading websites

When you’re searching for the best reading websites and apps to help your kids stay on track and improve in their reading, you’ll find that you have many options, including free reading websites, websites with interactive games, online books, educational games, picture books, and exciting children’s books of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for lesson plans that you can use at home to help your child with their reading or audiobooks to keep them engaged and learning, you’ll find what you need from reading websites.

Why reading websites are helpful for learning

Technology now plays an important role in boosting children’s literacy skills, and reading websites can provide your kids with a wide variety of stories that can engage them no matter how often their interests change. Even if your kids are into monster trucks one week and Olympic athletes the next, online reading programs provide young learners with the stories they want at a level that makes sense for them.

Struggling readers or even avid readers can practice reading with the help of reading websites and online reading resources. They can help supplement at home what your child learns in their English and Language Arts (ELA) classes in school. Teachers, you can also implement these reading resources into your classroom—for both native English speakers and English-Language Learners (ELL)! Reading websites are a fantastic way to deliver fun reading material for kids, including the most popular books.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reading websites and reading apps for children:

1. Epic

With access to over 40,000 multimedia learning options (including books, audiobooks, and learning videos), Epic provides parents with endless ways to make reading fun (cool bonus–if you’re an educator, you get free access to the site). From Sesame Street books to National Geographic texts, students get everything they need to take their reading to the next level. It’s truly one of the best free resources for teachers!

2. Tumblebooks

Tumblebooks offers an extensive library–over 1,100 titles–of high-interest e-books for kids who are ready to boost their reading comprehension. The site includes graphic novels and picture books for kids who love following a visual story while they read.

3. PebbleGo

Designed for teachers who are working to boost the reading abilities of large groups of children, a single login covers an entire school of students on PebbleGo.

4. Storyline Online

Storyline Online, an easy to use literacy app, works on YouTube, iOS devices, and Google Chrome, making it easy for parents to provide their kids with literacy tools anywhere they go.

5. Starfall

Designed for kiddos in kindergarten through 3rd grade, Starfall is a great way for in-school educators, parents, and homeschoolers alike to keep their kids engaged with reading, math, and social-emotional learning.

6. Storynory

Got a little fairy tale lover underfoot? You’ll want to check out Storynory, an online audiobook collection that provides audio fairy tales, myths, poems, historical tales, and more for children of all ages.

7. FunBrain

FunBrain, an easy to use educational website, doesn’t just provide kids with reading support—it also has a plethora of activities to boost their social studies, history, spelling, science, and math skills. It’s a great way for kids to practice reading for subjects outside of English and Language Arts.

8. Vooks

It can be tough for a kids to follow along with audio stories, and Vooks makes it easier. Properly paced audiobooks meet kids at their level to help them comprehend better at their level. Vooks is a great tool for ELL students and students with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

9. Raz Kids

Raz Kids gives kids the entertainment they want alongside the education they need through interactive stories. This site is designed for kids in grades K through 5.

10. Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Academy app offers kids thousands of stories and activities that will keep them engaged and learning, no matter what their grade level. The app is free, so there’s no need to worry about kids placing an order or upgrading your membership.

11. StoryPlace

Is your preschooler or pre-k student ready to start exploring the world of reading? At StoryPlace, kids can browse a vast library, split into themes, to help parents find the right stories to match their interests.

12. Free Kids Books

Looking for a free place for your little ones to enjoy books without having to trek to the library? Check out Free Kids Books, where kids from toddler age toddlers to nine-year-olds can enjoy age-appropriate reading.

13. ABCYa

With educational games, reading activities, printables, and educational videos for kids of all ages, ABCYa is the perfect place for you and your little ones to explore science, spelling, finance, math, reading, and more.

14. ReadWorks

To date, ReadWorks has helped more than 17 million students develop their reading skills. Whether you’re interested in digital classes, printables, or smartboard projection, ReadWorks has everything you need to support children’s reading both in and out of the classroom.

15. Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets, a nationally recognized reading program, partners with PBS and provides resources, guides, fun activities for kids, videos for kids, classroom strategies for teachers, and more. The site also features fun interviews with children’s authors to help kids learn more about the writers of their favorite books.

16. International Children’s Digital Library

Created by the minds at the University of Maryland, the International Children’s Digital Library is perfect for those moments when your kids know what book they want—but can’t quite remember the title. Browse books by language, shape, color, format, or even whether the book is true or make-believe.

17. Newsela

It can be tough to find educational programs that align with your state’s standards, and Newsela puts in the hard work to help parents develop their kiddos’ skills exactly as necessary to succeed in the classroom, in life, and on state standardized tests. Newsela is a great resource in line with common core standards.

18. Reading IQ

Designed for kids from ages 2 to 12, Reading IQ provides kids with books from National Geographic, Highlights, The Boxcar Children, and more. Up to three children can use each account, making Reading IQ a great fit for families.

19. Oxford Owl

Offering resources for both school and home, Oxford Owl provides parents and teachers with expert advice and free eBooks that meet children at their reading level, from three to eleven years old.

20. Children’s Storybooks Online

Designed for teachers and available to parents, Children’s Storybooks Online offers riddles, quizzes, stories, and more. If your child is a beginning reader, be sure to check Fast Phonics, the sister site of Children’s Storybooks Online.

21. Project Gutenberg

Parents, teachers, and kids alike love Project Gutenberg: a free online library that contains more than 60,000 free eBooks. Users can choose from an online publication format or a Kindle eBook when checking out.

22. Scholastic News

Many adults today fondly remember reading Scholastic News in their elementary school classrooms. Good news: the popular periodical is still around, and it’s available for students from grades 1-6 online. Help kids both bolster their reading skills and stay up to date on current events by through age-appropriate reading passages and discussing the articles in the weekly magazine.

23. Just Books Read Aloud

Browse tons of books on Just Books Read Aloud, and help your child choose from the short, medium, or long category. If your little one is feeling indecisive, check out the “surprise me” option to get a random story.

24-35. Additional reading websites we recommend:

Help kids get into reading with Speechify

Surprise! We have one more helpful resource to improve children’s literacy skills.

Speechify is the perfect tool to help your kids get started with reading, whether they’re well into elementary school or they’re just learning their letters. As a text-to-speech service, Speechify’s programming takes any text and translates it into audio, allowing your kids to listen to books on the go. With Speechify, it’s easy to move between home, the car, and anywhere else, as your library will automatically sync between your devices. A natural-sounding voice will help your child learn more about pronunciation, phonics, syllabic emphasis, and more. Hearing different voices—instead of just those of your family—will help your child get to know different types of pronunciation, increasing their ability to sound out new words. Speechify can also highlight the text as the voice reads along with it, which is a great help for improving reading comprehension.

There’s no doubt about it—reading from an early age is key, and introducing your child to Speechify can help keep their imagination spinning, even when their eyes aren’t buried in a book.

Reading Websites + Speechify makes the perfect combination

When your child is flipping through an eBook, sometimes, they may want to work on their comprehension by listening to the text instead. Speechify easily and quickly translates web text into audio, making it simple for your child to have any web page read aloud. If your child prefers to read printed books, no worries—you can simply snap a photo of a page of text, upload it to the Speechify app, and have the words on the photo turned into an audio file.

How to get started with Speechify

Ready to get started with Speechify? Head to the Speechify website or take a look at the app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. From there, you can use the limited free version or sign up for a free trial to the premium version to see if the app is a good fit for you and your child.

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