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Father and Daughter Home School

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Home schooling is growing across the US and the world. Parents, see how you can use text-to-speech for home schooling to propel your children.

In recent years, the popularity of homeschooling has seen a significant uptick. In 2020-2021, there were about 3.7 million homeschool students in the United States, accounting for roughly 7% of all school-age children.

Anyone who has ever homeschooled their children before, though, knows that doing so requires the right combination of materials, software, and supplies. Along with choosing the right curriculum, there is a variety of other tools and resources that can help ensure your homeschool students receive the best possible education – including text-to-speech software.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know if you are thinking about homeschooling your children, including how homeschooling works, the benefits of homeschooling, and how to choose the best text to speech for home school.

What is Homeschooling?

As the name suggests, homeschooling is defined as schooling that occurs at home rather than at a public or private school, typically under the direction of the student’s parent(s). With that said, homeschooling can take a variety of different forms. Some parents choose to homeschool their children using pre-recorded lessons that are available for purchase from certain academic institutions. In other cases, parents may choose to make use of far more locations than just their home to homeschool their children, taking them on educational trips and incorporating learning into a wide variety of activities.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

There are a number of benefits that make homeschooling an attractive choice for many parents. This includes benefits such as:

  • Homeschool students receive one-on-one attention and are able to learn at their own pace
  • Parents who homeschool are able to spend more quality time with their children
  • Homeschool students tend to perform better on standardized tests
  • Parents who homeschool are able to more easily control the influences that their child is exposed to
  • Homeschooling offers flexible schedules that can make life easier for the entire family
  • Homeschooling makes it easier to cater to an individual student’s unique needs, interests, and educational preferences

While these are some substantial benefits, it is important to consider the drawbacks of homeschooling as well. For one, homeschooling even a single student can be an awful lot of work. Unless you have multiple hours available in your schedule every single day, finding the time to provide your child with a thorough education may prove challenging.

It is also true that parents who homeschool have to take special efforts to ensure that their child has a beneficial and enjoyable social life. While the stereotype of socially awkward homeschool students may be wildly overplayed, it is certainly important for young children to spend plenty of time with kids their own age.

How Homeschool Students Can Benefit From Text-To-Speech Software

Text-to-speech for students offers serval noteworthy benefits, and homeschool students and parents, in particular, stand a lot to gain from utilizing the right text-to-speech for lessons. From making it easier to plan on-the-go lessons to ensuring that you as a parent/teacher are able to easily follow along with the curriculum that your child is learning, let’s take a look at the top reasons why homeschool students can benefit from text-to-speech software.

What is Text-To-Speech Software?

Before we dive into the benefits of text-to-speech for students, it is first important to define what text-to-speech software actually is. Text-to-speech software such as Speechify reads digital text aloud, turning any document into easy-to-understand audio. This software can be downloaded to any PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and can be used to synthesize online text as well as documents such as Word documents and PDFs.

Benefits of Text-To-Speech for Students

1) Improved Comprehension and Retention

In many cases, students are able to comprehend and retain material that is read aloud much better than material that they read. Text-to-speech software also allows students to both read and listen to information at the same time, which can further improve knowledge retention.

2) On-The-Go Lessons

Text-to-speech software makes it easy for students to take their lessons with them wherever they go. Whether it’s listening to lessons in a car, on a plane, in a doctor’s waiting room, or anywhere else, text-to-speech software lets students take their lessons with them anywhere they have a mobile device and a pair of earbuds/headphones.

3) Preventing Eye Fatigue

Reading for long periods of time can lead to sore eyes and headaches, and reading digital text from a screen is even worse. Given how much time most children spend in front of a screen as it is, it’s important to prevent eye fatigue during the school day. By enabling students to listen to digital documents rather than having to read them, text-to-speech for lessons can be a big help in this regard.

4) Faster Reading Speeds

Some students – especially younger students – will be able to process material at a much faster rate when it is read aloud compared to having to read it themselves. This can make getting through long lessons easier for you and your child alike.

5) Following Along With Lessons

Having a student listen to their lessons or other reading material enables you to easily follow along with what they are learning. Whether you would like to actively listen to your child’s lesson along with them or listen to it in the background as you complete other tasks, text-to-speech software makes it easy to keep up with the material that your child is reading.

Enjoy the Benefits of Text to Speech for Home School With Speechify

Whether you have just started homeschooling your child or you are homeschooling veteran, choosing the right tools and resources for the job is a top priority. At Speechify, we are proud to partner with homeschooling parents across the country to provide cutting-edge yet affordable text-to-speech software. With Speechify, you can look forward to a clear, easy-to-understand narration of any lesson plan, textbook, or other digital document.

If you would like to see for yourself why so many homeschool parents and students choose Speechify as their go-to text-to-speech software, be sure to try Speechify for free today!