Should I use BlockSite to block websites? This guide provides all the necessary information about the BlockSite app to help you make this decision.

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Should I use BlockSite to block websites?

There are many reasons why you should consider blocking access to specific websites. Some addictive social media sites like TikTok will have you scrolling for hours on end, thus severely impacting your productivity. Other websites, such as adult websites, contain inappropriate content that should not be available on a work or school computer. Whatever the case, you can use one of the many website blockers to eliminate the distracting web content and focus on the task ahead. Today, we’ll look into BlockSite to help you determine whether this app is the right choice.

What is BlockSite?

BlockSite is a website and app blocker that helps you manage your website usage and customize internet browsing. It is available across most major platforms in the form of:
  • A web browser extension supporting the Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers
  • An iOS app for iPhone
  • A macOS app for Mac computers
  • A Windows-based client
  • An app for your Android phone and other Android devices

The BlockSite key features

BlockSite offers various features that improve time management, minimize distractions and increase productivity. As a result, you can accomplish more during the day and reach your personal and professional goals. Here are the BlockSite app’s key features:
  • Block list – You can create as many block lists as you’d like and add websites and apps without a limit.
  • Work mode – This feature allows you to stop all distractions within a set period.
  • Scheduling – You can choose when to block all distractions based on your weekly and monthly schedule.
  • Insights – This feature showcases your browsing trends, allowing you to single out your biggest time-wasters.
  • Multiple-platform sync – The sites and apps you block on one device will automatically become unavailable across all your linked devices.
  • Blocking by category – Thanks to this feature, you can block an entire category of websites, such as adult sites, with one click.
  • Blocking by keyword – Use a single keyword to block multiple sites or apps simultaneously instead of typing each domain name separately.
  • Site redirect – This feature will automatically redirect you if you get tempted to launch a blocked site or app. You can even create a custom block page as the redirect to remind you to stay focused.
  • Password protection – The app will ask you for a password if you attempt to change the block settings.
  • Uninstall prevention – This feature will prevent you from uninstalling the BlockSite extension or app.
  • Slack – This feature will block Slack messages and notifications during focus time.

Should you try BlockSite?

BlockSite is easy to use and offers impressive features that can help you boost your productivity. There are several reasons why you should check out this app, including:
  1. BlockSite is available across multiple devices that are automatically synced.
  2. You can schedule blocking sessions.
  3. The app is highly customizable.
  4. You can create both blocklists and allowlists.
  5. BlockSite offers a free version.
While these reasons sound great, there are a few downsides to BlockSite that may deter you from trying this app, such as the following:
  1. Uninstalling the app can be challenging.
  2. The free plan is severely limited, allowing a block of only six sites.
  3. You can remove restrictions by using the Incognito mode on your browser.
Choosing whether to use BlockSite boils down to your priorities and needs. If you intend to get the app’s premium version and stick to it, then BlockSite should serve you well.

Get more out of the web with Speechify

While BlockList can help your productivity by minimizing distractions, it can’t force you to do any actual work. That part is up to you. If you still struggle with productivity, consider installing an assistive tool, such as a text to speech (TTS) reader. Speechify is a powerful TTS app that can read aloud text from any website you choose not to block. Listening to work or study materials instead of reading them allows you to focus better, improve your comprehension, and retain more information. In addition, you can perform other tasks while listening. Multitasking will allow you to do more in less time. Changing the reading speed is simple, allowing you to breeze through any webpage if you need to work faster. Like BlockList, Speechify is available across multiple devices, making it easy to use these two apps simultaneously. You can find Speechify on Apple’s App Store using iOS mobile devices or an iPad. For Android users, a tablet and mobile app await on Google Play Store. And finally, Windows users can rely on a handy Chrome extension. With Speechify, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Try out the app for free today and see for yourself.


What is the best way to block websites?

The best way to block websites is by using website blockers. If you’re looking for a free way to block websites and limit screen time, consider using the built-in parental controls on your computer. Alternatively, you can block Wi-Fi access using the router.

Does BlockSite collect data?

BlockSite collects your information while you’re using the blocker app or add-ons. However, this is non-identifiable information and only serves to block your access to sites based on your parameters. The collected data includes your browser type, specific browsing data, operating system, and time stamps.

What happens when you block a site using BlockSite?

When you block a webpage using BlockSite, you can no longer access it until the set period expires. The app will redirect you if you try to visit a blocked site.

How does BlockSite work?

After installing the BlockSite browser extension or app, you can set up a list of websites and keywords you wish to block. When you start a block session based on these parameters, you won’t be able to access the blocked content.

Is BlockSite free?

There is a free BlockSite version, but it offers limited possibilities. The advanced blocking features are available only on the paid version.

What is the price for BlockSite?

The paid plan has three different prices depending on the chosen billing cycle. BlockSite costs $10.99 per month. However, if you commit to one-year or three-year plans, you’ll pay less monthly – $5.49 and $3.99, respectively.

How do you unblock a site on BlockSite?

To unblock a site on the BlockSite app or extension, press the trash icon next to the site’s name in the “Blocked items” list.
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