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"With Speechify’s API, we can offer our users a new and accessible way to consume our content. We’ve seen that readers who choose to listen to articles with Speechify are on average 20% more engaged than users who choose not to listen."
— Kate Marfori
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Speechify vs. Google

Comparing Speechify to Google may seem strange. One is a text to speech (TTS) app, and the other is a search engine. However, Google has a TTS reader you can use to read your digital text out loud. This article will compare the TTS capabilities of the two platforms.

What is Google text to speech?

Google text to speech software is a platform that converts text into audio. It has several high-quality features:

  • Custom voices—Google TTS lets you train custom voice models with your audio recordings, allowing you to develop natural and unique speech. You can choose and define a suitable voice profile and adjust the model whenever necessary without recording new ones.

  • WaveNet voices—The platform comes with WaveNet voices designed using DeepMind’s advanced research. This technology bridges the gap between human performance and machine-generated voices.

  • Voice tuning—You can personalize several characteristics of your voices, such as customizing the pitch. Plus, the software allows you to speed up or slow down the speaking rate.

  • SSML and text support—Google TTS enables you to configure speech with robust SSML tags to add numbers, time formatting, date, pauses, and pronunciation instructions.

What is Speechify?

Speechify has become the number one TTS platform in the world, with more than 150,000 five-star reviews.

The app was originally designed for people with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, or related conditions like ADHD. It uses voiceovers to transform the written text into an easily digestible format to promote comprehension and retention, both of which are impaired in these individuals.

Speechify works on your desktop and smartphone, reading any digital text aloud using computer-generated natural-sounding speech. The software also features optical character recognition (OCR) to turn printed text into an audio file.

You can accelerate or decelerate the reading speed while following along using the text highlighting feature, and you can customize the voices to meet your listening preference.

Finally, Speechify supports a large number of text file formats:

Speechify vs. Google Cloud text to speech—A comparison

Let’s see how Google Cloud’s TTS speech synthesis compares to Speechify.


Google TTS offers more than 40 languages and variants. Speechify is superior in this regard by supporting more than 60 different languages. Here are some of the most widely used languages by Speechify users:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Chinese (simplified)

  • Chinese (traditional)

  • German

  • Portuguese

  • Japanese

Platform compatibility

You can use Google TTS on Android smartphones by downloading it from Google Play. It can also work on Google Chrome to convert web pages into audio files.

Speechify is a much better option in terms of compatibility. You can use it on virtually any device, like iOS platforms, Macs, and Windows computers. The list also includes Apple iPads, iPhones, and Android mobile devices.

Additionally, Speechify can be included as a Safari or Chrome extension.

Number of voices

You can use Google TTS with any of 220-plus artificial intelligence (AI) voices included. By contrast, Speechify only offers 130, but the quality of the voices is much natural by comparison.

For instance, Speechify platform has the voices of Gwyneth Paltrow and Barack Obama to help create a unique listening experience.

Voice creation

Google TTS uses two technologies to create speech. The parametric TTS generates audio by passing outputs through advanced algorithms known as vocoders. Most of the platform’s standard voices are the result of this technology.

Alternatively, Google TTS can use its API to generate WaveNet AI voices. This is the same technology used for Google Translate, Google Search, and Google Assistant.

Speechify relies on simple yet effective machine learning to come up with immersive voices. Once you enter your text file, the platform provides AI-generated speech within seconds. You can change the speed and voice at any time.

Optical character recognition technology

The OCR of Google TTS can detect and extract words from images. For instance, you can take a photo of a traffic sign and use Google TTS to create speech based on the words on the sign.

The same goes for Speechify. This platform analyzes photos to find written text and convert it into MP3 or WAV files. Most apps only extract data from Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other standard programs, but Speechify takes this a step further by processing any file.

Free vs. premium versions

Google offers its TTS platform with an unusual pricing scheme. The cost of the app depends on the number of characters converted into audio every month. You need to enable billing to activate TTS, and you’re charged automatically if you exceed the allowed number of free characters per month.

By contrast, Speechify provides two simple versions: free and premium. Here is the main functionality you get with the free package:

  • 220 words per minute

  • Standard speech voices

  • Scanning and listening to any printed text

  • Saving content online or on various devices

  • Note-taking tools

The premium version costs $139 and comes with even greater perks. Besides the above features, you can also listen to your content at 900 words per minute. Additionally, you gain full access to natural voices.

Speech and pitch options

There are several pitch and speech options with the Google TTS voice generator. For instance, you can raise the pitch by up to 20 semi-tones and speed up or slow down the rate by up to four times.

Speechify’s customization options might be even more beneficial. Besides altering the rate, you can also change the voice actor and accent. This is crucial for learners who find it easier to absorb English in different accents, such as Australian, British, and American English.

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Speechify is the best text to speech app around, whether you use it as a web browser extension or free text to speech smartphone solution. Try this highly customizable platform today to experience natural-sounding voices and other cutting-edge features first-hand.


What are some other text to speech apps?

Natural Reader, Amazon Polly, and Voice Dream Reader are some of the most popular read-aloud apps.

Is Speechify worth the money?

The Speechify premium version is definitely worth the money due to its potential to elevate your productivity.

Can Speechify read Google Docs?

You can use Speechify to read files from many web pages, including Google Docs.

Can Speechify read Google Books?

Speechify can read Google Books, allowing you to convert the content into immersive audiobooks.

Is Speechify a good alternative to Google Voice?

Speechify is an excellent alternative to Google Voice due to its versatility, immersive speech, and support for all major platforms.

Is Speechify good for people with dyslexia?

People with dyslexia can gain a lot from dyslexia. They can improve their writing, reading, and listening skills.

Is there a free version of Speechify?

Speechify has a free version that lets you sample its productivity-enhancing features and advanced voice configurations.

Can Speechify read websites?

Yes. You can transform written text from any website into audio using Speechify.

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