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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Comparison on June 27, 2022
Speechify vs EasyReader, both offer several features including various audio settings, reading, and visual adjustments. But which software stands out?

    Speechify vs EasyReader

    Speechify and EasyReader are two of the most well-known text-to-speech software options available on the market. Both Speechify and EasyReader offer several features, including various audio settings, copy and paste reading, and visual adjustments. Despite the similarities, one TTS software still stands out above the rest.

    What is Text-To-Speech Software?

    Text-to-Speech software, or TTS, can read aloud from digital sources. Essentially a computer synthesizes the human voice and reads whatever text has been loaded into the TTS. TTS uses speech synthesis to generate the speech automatically. TTS can synthesize speech for any digitized text in various formats, depending on the capabilities of the specific software. Some software uses OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, to identify letters and words from images. TTS is used by a variety of people but is particularly useful for people with disabilities such as dyslexia or other visual impairments, like low vision.

    How to use TTS

    Most TTS software is as simple as click and play – simply copy text into the software and let it read for you. TTS software allows users to read various types of digitized text including audiobooks, books, and magazine articles. Some people use TTS to read emails or web pages to them. It also helps people successfully multi-task – listening to an audiobook while cooking dinner. Using multiple modalities, reading and listening to the words, helps to improve memory and understanding of information. The uses are expansive.

    TTS Apps

    A variety of TTS Apps are available on the market. One example of a TTS app is Capti voice which is available to consumers as a Chrome extension, web browsers, or iOS devices, like iPhone or iPad. Capti Voice has great applicability in education because it allows users to make playlists with content that allows users to improve their overall vocabulary as well as develop reading strategies. Some readers, like Speech Central, have a one-time download fee, while others charge monthly subscriptions, and still, others are free. Some TTS apps are available across all platforms. Not all TTS apps are the same and many offer different features like Voice Dream Reader highlighting text while reading to improve retention. However, for the sake of this article, we will focus primarily on EasyReader and Speechify and their various features.

    EasyReader: An Overview

    EasyReader is a free app that aims to make reading accessible for all readers, regardless of visual impairment or neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia. As an assistive technology, EasyReader seeks to provide readers with accessibility to a wide array of books. A free version is available on many different devices including iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Amazon Kindle and Chromebooks. Dolphin EasyReader offers a variety of options in its product line. For personal use, the free app can be downloaded to any compatible device. Unfortunately, one weakness of EasyReader is that it does not have OCR so it cannot read aloud from images like physical books or PDFs. EasyReader also cannot read to users from web browsers. Dolphin also offers their EasyReader users access to Talking Book Libraries and newspaper stands. As long as a user has a membership to the libraries, it opens up a whole other world of accessibility.

    Speechify: An Overview

    Speechify is a mobile and desktop app that reads aloud various texts, including physical books and images, using artificial intelligence. In comparison to other TTS software, Speechify has features that make it the top of the class. Speechify has natural-sounding voices that allow listeners to read faster and remember more content they hear. Options include variable reading speed on all versions of Speechify. Other salient features of Speechify include the ability to use it across platforms including iOS, Android, and chrome extension. Anything you can read, you can listen to on Speechify, including pdf files, text files, epub, and docs. A particularly helpful feature that Speechify offers is the bookmark feature on the chrome extension where users can create a list of web pages to return to at a later time. Speechify Premium subscribers can select from over 30 human voices reading in more than 20 different languages.

    Text to Speech Comparison

    While Speechify has tremendous options for text-to-speech from all types of text files, EasyReader has the highlighting feature when reading which does make retention from reading more accessible. Users claim the Premium voices on Speechify are the closest to having a natural voice read to you – high praise for an AI voice!

    Speech to Text Comparison

    While neither Speechify nor EasyReader has speech-to-text capabilities both can be used to read back what is written in text. A perfect application would be Google docs where a user could use Google Dictation, or voice typing, to write a document. With the Speechify google chrome extension loaded, the user could then listen to his writing.

    Customer Support

    Using any reading app comes with its concerns when support is necessary. Speechify has curated an online database of assistance articles so users can help themselves. If that’s not enough, users can call using WhatsApp to get one-on-one assistance. As far as support goes, being able to reach a specialist easily can mean the difference between accessibility and frustration.

    Speechify: The Clear Winner

    There are plenty of great text-to-speech apps available on the market today. The one that is best for you is dependent on your needs and preferences but from a side-by-side comparison of Speechify and EasyReader, it’s clear Speechify is the clear winner. Speechify Premium has incomparable features for any user whether in education, industry, or personal use. It also includes a wide assortment of voices, instant translation in many voices, and superior text extraction using OCR technology.

    People Also Ask (Clearscope)

    • Which text-to-speech app is the best?

    Though there are plenty of text-to-speech apps available for purchase or free, Speechify Premium has unmatched features for all users.

    • What is the best audio text reader? 

    While there are plenty of options for creating audio files out of text, one of the best on the market is Speechify. It is particularly effective for someone who is dyslexic.

    • Is Speechify good?

    Yes, Speechify offers many features that allow it to stand out from other TTS apps available.

    • How can I get free Speechify?

    Speechify offers the Limited version for free. Simply visit speechify.com and sign up for free!

    • How long can you use Speechify for free?

    Speechify Limited can be used for free through the Chrome extension and on mobile devices.

    • Is Speechify worth it? 

    Absolutely! Speechify creates a natural-sounding voice from any file type, including txt, doc, pdf, and HTML, for a reasonable price.

    • Which audio text reader is the best? 

    Despite the variety of options on the market, Speechify prevails in the text-to-speech market. Speechify is available on any device including Apple iPhone and iPad.

    • Is Speechify better than other audio text readers? 

    Speechify is considerably better than other audio text readers. It will read your Microsoft Word document to you with a few simple clicks.

    • What is the best way to learn to read better?

    Speechify allows readers to use two modalities in learning – auditory and visual. Using more than one modality allows for higher retention. Speechify also helps readers increase the speed of their reading.

    • What is the difference between Speechify and EasyReader? 

    Speechify and EasyReader offer similar services as TTS software but EasyReader users cannot access PDF, Microsoft Word, or web browsing.

    • What is Speechify? 

    Speechify is a text-to-speech app that allows readers to convert written text into spoken word for people who are visually impaired or have a neurodiverse condition like dyslexia. Speechify sounds so much like a natural reader, users think there is a voiceover to their text but it is Speechify’s artificial intelligence creating the highly human-sounding voice.

    • What is the purpose of Speechify? 

    Speechify was designed to make reading faster and easier for all people regardless of circumstance.

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