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9 Talkie Alternatives

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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

There are so many ways to extend content reach with text to speech software. We have compiled 9 Talkie Alternatives along with the uses and benefits.

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Talkie Alternatives 

Talkie, sometimes known as the Walkie Talkie app, is a free text to speech app for iOS and Android. If you’re new to this corner of the internet, you may be wondering; why do I need a text to speech mobile app? There are so many ways to extend content reach with text to speech software. Content in any form can reach a wider range of the population. People who can’t spell well or those who never learned to read. It can help people with reading disabilities like slow processing speed, comprehension deficit, dyslexia, and a huge list of others. Reduced vision and blindness it another reason someone may rely heavily on a text to speech program. It can even help people who are learning a new language or visiting a place with a foreign language. With some programs, you could point your phone at a sign or a page and have the text translated to you in another language; you can see how that could be a great help to many people.

Text to speech software can open doors for anyone who is looking for easier ways to access and consume digital and even written content. Listen while you clean your home, go on a jog, or take a long car ride. It saves you the stress reading for long periods of time can cause your eyes or the strain your neck feels staying at an awkward angle for long periods of time to read a book or look at a screen. You could potentially consume more knowledge if you can listen without having to stop for small things like resting your eyes or moving into a different position. Or just looking around. It can help with processing speed when your brain doesn’t have to first reconize the letters and read the words.

Talkie text to speech can do all that and more for you. It can be used as a two way radio, send text messages and more. Talkie is an app that can be used on iPhone, Android, iPads and as an extension on web browsers. Talkie text to speech is excellent for people that have trouble speaking as well as people who have difficulty reading. It offers text to speech, speech to text, and translation. Talkie allows you to create premade text tiles so you can easily ask common questions or give common answers. You can use the fullscreen feature and make the characters bigger if you have vision problems. You could even make a tile for your favorite  order at your favorite restaurant. The speech to text lets you communicate easily with people who are deaf. You can speak into the phone, and it will create tiles from your speech. You can even make the tile characters extra large to make them easier to read.

Here are a few walkie Talkie Alternatives that can offer an assortment of things. Collaboration software, automated team members, push to talk features. They work on a variety of platforms and have more integration options and functionality than you could ever need.


Why Speechify?  It is the #1 text to speech platform available for many different reason. The many natural sounding voices that you can customize and listen to in many languages is definitely it’s greatest feature. The cost is another; if you are an avid reader/listener then with Speechify you are getting the best value for your money. They have a free version that comes with a free trial of the premium version so you can try it before you buy. Speechify also offers tutorials for how to use it’s features and formats with any audio files. 

Speechify has more features and benefits than other text to speech software. Over thirty natural HD voice options to choose for transcriptions with lots of customizable voice options. You can listen in 60 languages. Speechify can read anything from audiobooks to emails to text messages. It also has note-taking tools in the premium version.  

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant text to speech is an API cloud service that can convert text to speech. It uses a variety of natural-sounding voices and offers many languages to choose from. IBM Watson Assistant is a little different than other text to speech software. It’s meant to be an assistant for businesses, to give a voice to their brand. Think of a chatbot but with better, natural-sounding voice options available in many languages. It allows businesses to provide better customer service options to their customers and clients. IBM Watson Assistant helps companies provide an interactive experience. The fact that they can interact with the business system in their native language and have voice options alone makes it stand out from their competition. In addition,  IBM Watson can automate customer service options and eliminate hold times. IBM Watson Assistant has partnered with BMW and Harmon Kardon to incorporate Watson Assistant into the manufactures models. Drivers can ask questions about their gas or if they need an oil change.

IBM Watson Assistant claims to give better service than Google Assistant and Alexa for business. Watson Assistant can provide concierge services as well; it can offer suggestions on things to do in the local area, day trips, or restaurants. It can answer individual questions with specific answers. It can go as far as connecting to a hotel room’s thermostat and changing the temperature. It provides options that no other text to speech software does. IBM Watson is an excellent option for small businesses that need a support team at a low cost.

Leena AI

The communication app Leena AI was created for a very special purpose. Its creators believed that artificial intelligence is going to transform the way enterprises work. Help them build a customer experience that puts people first. Leena AI was created for a better employee experience. You can create an employee helpdesk to better employee engagement, employee insights all automated processes. It’s not just a chatbot it’s a conversational AI. It can fluently speak almost any language. Leena AI can integrate with all the systems, apps, and platforms your employees love and use on a day-to-day basis.

The employee helpdesk creates personalized workflows and can even answer inquiries. This makes for quicker resolutions and higher employee success rates. The employee engagement feature helps to create an environment where employees feel heard. Employees can give feedback. Employee surveys regularly go out regularly. Managers have a place to develop action plans based on the collected information. They can see real-time answers and take corrective action immediately. One of the best features of Leena AI is the top-notch reports and data it collects to help your employees make better decisions. It has one of the best natural language processors so that it can interact with your employees in simple everyday talk. In addition, it has cloud infrastructure that can update across client bases. It’s equipped with high-quality privacy and security software.


Ultimate AI allows you to scale your customer service with automation. All you need is a wifi network connection to start scaling your business with Ultimate AI. With the functionality to instantly connect to all your system and past collected data to set up a system of automation that can work for you and your business. Give your customers personalized answers instantly with no wait times. With Ultimate AI, you can automate up to sixty percent of your business and offer communication in 109 languages. Ultimate AI can automate your services, create a business strategy tailored to you, and have your company up and running in just a few weeks. They are already working with many eCommerce, financial, travel, and healthnet companies to automate their systems and expand their reach in the digital spaces.

Ultimate AI is an easy, user-friendly system with no coding necessary to run it. The powerful learning AI can connect with your customers in a way that no other chatbot can. It deciphers what your customers want and adapts to it. It collects data in all digital spaces so you can see your insights and create action plans to give your customers the experience they deserve. Ultimate Ai can extract information right from your CRM program to quickly resolve questions. It reduces the amount of time you live agents are spending on simple requests and inquiries. This makes a more time-efficient workspace saving you money and employees a lot of stress that comes with answering repetitive questions all day from people who are tired of waiting on the phone to get the answers they need.

Ultimate’s onboarding setup and features are something to think about when picking the Ai customer service software that fits your needs. If you’re onboarding and offboarding clients often, then this might be the platform for you.

Genesys DX

Genysys DX claims to be the next step in customer engagement. Genesys the company is a global cloud leader in customer experience. Genesys DX is the company’s new stand-alone digital program offering a new type of customer engagement. They are using the Genesys AI for predictive engagement and conversational engagement. As more and more companies are automating their services, we are starting to see more and more customers let down when they are interacting with these automated services. Genesys is using a learning AI to create more than just a conversational Ai; It will learn and improve upon a customer’s experience. Businesses need to create empathetic experiences for their customers in these digital spaces.

Genesys is taking the next step and creating a new experience for the traditional chatbot. It will help companies understand the needs of their customers. It has many new features not seen before in a chatbot customer experience software. More people are moving to digital space, especially when looking into new companies. They want fast interaction on their when they need it. With Genesys DX there is always on engagement for customers, fast responses, and helpful information always available. While it is true people are moving into online spaces, that doesn’t mean they want to lose the human aspect of interaction. Genesys DX allows companies to apply human-like intuition to all their digital conversations and inquiries. 

Companies now have an intuitive conversation AI that can deliver value to their customers faster than ever before. Genesys DX goes above and beyond other platforms; real-time agents can work alongside this software, creating scenarios that The Genesys AI can learn from. It can create an intuitive and empathetic digital experience. 

Verint Messaging

Closing the engagement gaps that are occurring in a lot of businesses these days is the goal of Verint Messaging. It’s an open cloud platform that uses conversational AI to close the gap happening in digital spaces. More people are reaching out to companies through social media platforms and other digital spaces. Customer experience is changing, and with that, customer needs and feelings are changing. You can’t use the same sales tactics that you could ten years ago, even five years ago. The digital horizon is opening up, and companies are going to have to adapt. Verint Messaging can help you find the gaps in your customer engagement plan and close them quickly! If you’re not connecting with, understanding, or engaging your customers and clients, then your missing a huge part of your business.

Understanding your customers is the number one piece in your business. What better way to than data? Verint Da Vinci AI Analytics creates a smooth experience all across your business while collecting data from every corner. It can manage your human and bot employees. Taking data and feedback from human employees and collecting data and conversions from the bots. Your managers can create action plans for all employees. With AI-powered tools built for your business, you can manage and engage with all the pieces of your company. The back office, the contact center, and your digital platforms like your website and your social media. Verint Messaging has had successful collaborations already with companies like Mastercard, Lyft, and Costco Sales. If your business is solely focused on customer satisfaction, then Verint Messaging is one of the best alternatives to the walkie-talkie app.


Haptik is a conversation AI platform for business that focuses on digital interaction using natural-sounding Voice interactions. Customers can literally talk to your brand and create an authentic digital personality for your company. A learning AI can learn from and relate to your customers to create the empathetic and intuitive conversation that makes people fall in love with a brand or company. Have those free-flowing conversions that people are missing out on when they can’t interact in person at a brick-and-mortar location. Two hundred and seventy billion calls are made to call centers every year, with few calls being resolved in a satisfying manner.

With Haptik, you can automate your phone numbers and all the phone calls you get about the same questions every day. Be available to your customers twenty-four seven with absolutely no wait times. Your agents will thank you for decreasing the amount of time they have to spend with tedious everyday questions. Haptik has powerful voice capabilities you can choose the voice and accent to fit and automate voice messages to fit your business needs; it even connects to Bluetooth. You can create training for your AI on specific words your brand uses on a daily basis, creating better voice recognition for your customers. With Haptiks conversational AI, you can improve first touch impressions and resolutions. It’s cost-efficient and creates efficiency within your agencies.

You may have heard of before; it’s already being used in over 70 countries and has over 135+ voice options available. is an enterprise-grade conversational platform. One of the main reasons has been so effective is the unique blend of human voices and AI  voices. Conversational AI help to assist the customer service agent in making all the exchanges flow easily and end in satisfying results for both parties. This approach makings time spent working more efficient and cost-friendly. The campaign manager in is one of its greatest features. You can create customer journeys with customized engagement touchpoints. Create templates for conversations, and automate those conversations, but if it comes to a point a human representative is warranted, there’s one available.’s smart analytics dashboard is where you can get insights into your business and create a perfectly planned business strategy based on real-time notifications data from your insights. You can use the dashboard to create a customer journey and visualize that journey on a graph. It breaks down what your customers need at these different touch points. You can even see business trends within your niche and industry. understand your customer’s needs and can help you implement them more efficiently. It works for HR automation, customer support or engagement automation. It can work for Instagram and Google chats, and many other platforms. If you’re going to look into, you have to try their new feature, “bot studio,” you can build your own bot on a no-code platform. 


Ada’s motto is to live up to your brand name anywhere and everywhere, and that’s exactly what they do. Ada AI has been talked about in Forbes and SJW. It’s a top-of-the-line conversation AI and collaboration tool. It works on all mobile devices as a messaging app; the integration options are enormous; you can use it on popular apps like Voxer, Google chats, Slack Zello, and so many others. Ada is one of the top alternatives to the walkie-talkie app. Ada can automate chats while your video conferencing or in a group chat on a large video call. With Ada AI, you can easily integrate with Microsoft and mac. With Ada, all you need is an internet connection or wifi to access the feature Ada provides.

Ada offers proactive campaigns, A/B testing, CRM integrations, and data enrichment features. There are voice options, customizable voices, and many languages to choose from. Ada is a tried and true AI conversation platform that can help you automate your business backend. This isn’t your everyday chatbot. Chatbots respond Ada learns and takes action on your customer’s responses. You can customize responses to use your customer’s name and even ask questions a chatbot wouldn’t think to ask. If they are inquiring about an order, they placed. Your conversational AI could ask if they have any special preferences as to where they want the package left.

Ada has been mentioned by some of the top people in the business. The head of global online sales at Zoom said that “Ada has empowered their customers to self serve when able.” The head of customer happiness at AirAsia said: in just weeks, we were able to launch automated bran interactions that transformed the experience for our traveling customers.” Visit to watch a free trial demo and see what Ada could do for your business automation.

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