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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Comparison on June 27, 2022
Talkie & Speechify are both text-to-speech apps with AI-generated voices. Read the comparison to see why Speechify is the best option.

    Talkie vs Speechify

    This generation’s ability to consume information audibly through podcasts, radio, and tv has sparked a competitive race to see who can make the best voice aloud reader using voiceovers, AI, and natural-sounding voices. Natural readers and beginners alike tend to lean toward text to speech apps with high quality voices that integrate seamlessly with the devices and programs they use every day. 

    Talkie OCR is a free text-to-speech app which utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to read human character images and translate them into audible human languages. The app doubles as a translation service with over 45 languages and accents for user accessibility and convenience.

    OCR is a groundbreaking accessibility technology that creates audio playback of any written text using the built-in camera of users’ devices. Simply by taking a picture, users can create, store, and share pdfs for playback. 

    However, there are certain limitations to Talkie OCR that make it a less-than-desirable option when compared to Speechify’s multi-purpose text-to-speech reader.

    Keep reading to see how Speechify is the #1 speech-to-text option for all audio learners. 

    Speechify VS Talkie

    For content consumers who are researching text-to-speech apps that have both accessibility and functionality, Speechify and Talkie have obvious points of comparison. 

    Both apps translate text to speech using human-like, natural-sounding voices. In both apps, users have the option of toggling between a variety of voices and accents. Speechify users and Talkie users can select from male and female voices of various languages and dialicts within the interactive speech software.

    Within the two apps, users are able to translate any readable text into audio using AI for the purpose of consuming content, sharing content, and working around limitations caused by physical disabilities such as vision impairment and learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD. 

    Talkie users can share pdf documents with friends who don’t have the Talkie app. Speechify users can also share text-to-speech with users who do not have the app or through the copy and paste text to speech free option on the Speechify website. Speechify allows users to share read-alouds with friends and it will playback instantly without the speechify reader installed on their device. 

    What are the differences between Speechify and Talkie?

    While the apps share quite a few similarities, there are major differences in the user interface, functionality, accessibility, and versatility of these speech-to-text services.

    The first difference between the two apps is the speed at which users can consume content. Both Speechify and Talkie can utilize OCR technology for text-to-speech translation. Speechify users simply need to edit the permissions in their device. However, Talkie uses OCR technology exclusively in order to create audio files from images of human language characters using the camera function on the user’s device. That means Talkie users are limited to translating one page or one image at a time. In contrast, Speechify users are able to translate content in real time, as they browse the web or navigate their smartphones, using Speechify’s digital text-to-speech reader. 

    Another drawback that affects the speed of usability is that Talkie is limited to one standard playback speed. In contrast, Speechify offers users the option of listening at any speed, which greatly reduced time needed for studying, reading emails, scrolling social media, navigating web pages, catching up on news articles. Speechify users get more done in less time. 

    When weighing the two text-to-speech options, users will want to consider versatility of the user interface. Like Speechify users, Talkie users can playback, pause, and resume saved audio files. But, only Speechify users can sync content on multiple devices so they never have to lose their spot when switching from the Ipad to the Kindle or from the Kindle to the computer. Talkie does not currently have a Chrome plugin available. 

    Speechify also has more functionality for school-age and college-age learners who want to use interactive tools for studying. Speechify has a speaking time calculator that students will find handy when planning how long each assignment will take to complete.  In addition, Speechify’s highlighting, notetaking, and importing tools are useful for digesting information, reading comprehension, and remembering important details within the content. Users can also playback pause, resume, and listen to content at any speed, allowing even users with learning disabilities to improve their information processing skills. Talkie only has the option of playback, pause, resume, and share with friends. However, Talkie users can also translate digital files from one language to another using the apps built-in translating service.  

    Despite the obvious advantages Speechify has over Talkie, the OCR-exclusive app does have a few pros. For example, Talkie’s OCR tech and translation service works online only, but previously “read” and translated images can be accessed offline and saved for later playback. Speechify users need to have WiFi to take advantage of all of the apps sophisticated features. 

    If users are looking for a language translation service, Talkie software boasts over 30 foreign languages and a built-in language translation service. Speechify also offers high quality foreign language voices, but only for texts which are written in that language. 

    Speechify summary

    A thorough comparison of Speechify and Talkie shows that Speechify is the clear winner for all types of audio consumers. Whether you’re searching for a tts app for work, school, or leisure, Speechify’s voice aloud reader has more advantages in speed, versatility, functionality, and high-quality voices that are attractive to beginners and experienced listeners as well. Users will enjoy the ability to listen to text read in multiple different languages on their iphone or within services in their Microsoft account, google drive. 

    In addition, users can browse the Help section in the app or plug-in to find written tutorials for a variety of troubleshooting issues. 

    Is Speechify worth the money? Speechify is the best text reader on the market for all of the reasons outlined above. For an affordable yearly payment, users can study faster, upload files from Google drive, listen to Google docs or an audio file while performing daily tasks, and navigate web pages more easily (even with disabilities such as dyslexia, vision impairment, and ADHD).  

    It’s a game changer for anyone who is not a natural reader or has difficulty reading for any length of time. 

    Talkie summary

    For ESL learners, Talkie might have the slight advantage as a translation service alone. But students will find limitations to the lack of Chrome extension to be a frustrating inconvenience. ESL users may want to search instead: What is the best speech-to-text app?

    Although the app is free for ios and Android, users may find the ads and in App purchases to be inconvenient as well. 

    Another major inconvenience is that Talkie’s voice aloud software is dependent on OCR alone. Users must upload photos one at a time and play them back in 1x speed. 

    Speechify details

    What is the best text-to-speech app for Android? Speechify is a TTS natural sounding reader that integrates with Chrome, Safari, iOS, and Android devices. Users can download and sync the program across multiple devices for stop and go listening anywhere anytime. 

    It was created specifically with beginners, audio processors, and disabilities in mind using high quality, natural sounding voices in a variety of accents and languages so that any listener can feel comfortable and confident when using the interactive text-to-speech app. 

    The in-app help section provides listeners with written tutorials which can, of course, be translated from text to speech for convenience. 

    Users can upload documents from google drive, listen to ebooks purchased on Amazon, or have the voice aloud reader translate any webpage to speech at the touch of a button.

    Once users listen to text aloud using the Speechfiy app or plug-in, they will never go back to ordinary reading again.  

    Talkie details

    Talkie is a free app available for download on iOS and android devices. It uses OCR technology to convert digital human language character images into voice. 

    Although it’s free, users have in-app purchasing and ads that may disrupt their text aloud voice dream mid sentence.

    Despite the benefit of a foreign language translator, Talkie has obvious disadvantages for listeners who prefer to consume a lot of content in a short amount of time. Users can listen back only in 1x speed and must take one photo at a time to change their text into talk. 

    Speechify videos

    Along with the self-guided text-based tutorials, Speechify offers video tutorials with high quality voiceovers to teach listeners how to use different functions in the app. 

    Speechify’s website is also a great source for videos that explain how the speech software works. 

    Talkie videos

    The Talkie App has no videos available for beginners and first time listeners. If users have a question or need help with the app, they may submit a support ticket.

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    What is better than Speechify?

    Compared to apps and programs like Read Aloud, TextAloud, NaturalReader, ReadAloud, and eSpeak, Speechify comes out on top. 

    What is the best narrator app?

    Speechify is the only app with Gwyneth Paltrow’s expert voiceover skils available in the voice changer tool. The variety of voices and accents in Speechify is unmatched. 

    What is the most realistic text-to-speech app?

    Speechify has an unbeatable library of realistic, natural sounding voices. 

    What is the most realistic text-to-speech engine?

    Speechify is multifunctional, easy-to-use, and convenient for realistic daily usage. The natural sounding voices are incredibly reastistic and enhance user experience. 

    What is the best voice for text-to-speech?

    The best voice for text-to-speech is the one that speaks directly to you. Speechify makes finding a relatable voice, accent, and language easy and fun.  

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