Text to speech: Baidu

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Let’s explore which text to speech software offers the most attractive possibilities when used with Baidu.

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Text to speech: Baidu

Baidu has made significant advances in artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used across its internet services. Baidu text to speech offers a smooth reading experience for various purposes. However, Baidu AI isn’t the only software that can work with its many services.

Let’s explore which TTS software offers the most attractive possibilities when used with Baidu.

What is Baidu?

Baidu is a Chinese giant specializing in artificial intelligence and internet-related services. Currently, Baidu offers over 50 search and community-related services, including:

  • Baidu Search engine, the second largest search engine in the world

  • Baidu Maps, a mapping service application and technology

  • Baidu Baike, a collaborative online encyclopedia

  • Baidu Wangpan, a cloud storage service

  • Baidu Tieba, an online forum

Baidu has also invested in deep learning research and aims to integrate new technologies into its apps and products. Its most ambitious project is called DeepVoice, a real-time speech synthesis algorithm. So far, there have been three systems, including:

  • Deep Voice 1

  • Deep Voice 2

  • Deep Voice 3

The latest iteration of DeepVoice can create new human-like sounds in real-time, significantly faster than its biggest competitor – WaveNet from Google’s DeepMind.

Speechify can work with Baidu

Regardless of your Baidu service, you can benefit immensely from combining it with Speechify text to speech software.

Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, Speechify can read digital content from the Baidu encyclopedia or forum in a human-like voice.

Furthermore, using Speechify with the Baidu Search engine can help you optimize your search results and receive an optimal answer as fast as possible.

Advantages of using Speechify to improve your search

Speechify’s text to speech program can be an invaluable search engine tool. Speechify can read Baidu search results back to you in a natural-sounding voice, allowing you to choose the best one to match your query.

Since you can adjust the speed, you can go through the search results faster than you would when reading. In addition, Speechify TTS allows you to multitask. This is especially handy for students and working professionals researching since you can continue writing or reading other material while Speechify reads aloud your search results.

Once you hear something you like, you can shift your attention to the software and open the desired result. From there, Speechify can continue reading the entire web page while you tie in the results with your other research.

Speechify works in multiple languages

Speechify can read texts in multiple languages and accents. In addition, each language has different speakers, allowing you to choose the one best suited for your listening needs.

Regardless of the Speechify version, you can change the language by tapping the icon resembling a little human.

Currently, the most popular language choices include:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Chinese

  • French

  • Portuguese

How to use Speechify

The Speechify text to speech software is available across multiple platforms. Depending on your needs, you can use:

  • A Google Chrome extension

  • A Mac app

  • An iPhone or iPad app

  • An Android app

Regardless of your choice, you can start using Speechify in three simple steps:

  1. Download the preferred version of Speechify.

  2. Follow the on-screen tutorial to customize your TTS experience.

  3. Choose the desired voice based on the available audio samples.

After setting up Speechify, you can choose to:

Speechify also offers an API that can be integrated into any website and let users listen to the content with just one click.

Make sure to download the browser extension

Speechify offers the leading browser extension for Google Chrome. This handy extension allows you to read almost anything you see in Chrome, including Google Docs. You can use it to read emails and lengthy documents and optimize your search results.

With the Speechify extension, every document becomes a podcast you can listen to on the go, so download it today.

After downloading the Speechify browser extension, you can:

  • Link your Speechify account with your Apple or Gmail ID

  • Add webpages to your library

  • Select which portions of the web page you want to listen to

  • Change the voice and the reading speed

  • Listen to audio in a different language

Get started with TTS for Baidu today

If you’d like to start using TTS for Baidu to boost your productivity or prevent eye fatigue from reading too much, you can download Speechify for free today.


What is Baidu TTS?

Baidu TTS is a system for turning text into speech.

What is Deep Voice 3?

Deep voice 3 is a fully-convolutional neural text to speech system. It matches the latest neural speech synthesis systems in terms of naturalness. However, Deep Voice 3 trains ten times faster.

What is neural TTS?

Neural TTS is an AI-powered text to speech system that allows you to create synthetic speech that can be barely discerned from the real thing.

What is the difference between neural TTS and Deep Voice 3?

Deep Voice 3 is a neural TTS system that can synthesize speech much faster than traditional neural text to speech.

What is text to speech Baidu?

Text to Speech Baidu is a speech technology that uses deep learning techniques to convert any form of text into sound.

How does neural TTS work?

Neural TTS consists of a neural network and a vocoder. The former converts a sequence of phonemes into spectrograms, a visual representation of the signal strength. Then, the latter takes those spectrograms and converts them into speech waveforms.

What are the benefits of using Baidu TTS?

Baidu TTS can be used online and offline. Both versions provide a stable and smooth natural speech synthesis experience that can be used for reading purposes and intelligent hardware.

What is the difference between Deep Voice 3 and Baidu TTS?

Deep Voice 3 is the latest text to speech model published within the Deep Voice project by Baidu Research.

How does Deep Voice 3 work?

Deep Voice 3 consists of three components:

  • An encoder that converts text into an internal learned representation

  • A decoder that decodes the internal representation and turns it into an audio representation

  • A converter that predicts the final vocoder parameters

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