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Using text-to-speech on Discord is quite easy, and it can significantly improve your entire experience. Here's everything you need to know about TTS on Discord!

Table of Contents

Text-to-speech on Discord

Using text-to-speech software is rather popular, and it greatly improves accessibility. If you’ve wanted to use TTS on on the communication app Discord, you should know that it includes a version of this feature. 

However, the built-in TTS app on Discord might be too limiting for some people, and they would like a different way to convert text messages into speech. Fortunately, there are a couple of different options you can check out.

Maximizing your Discord app

Discord is one of the most popular platforms for gamers, and it allows users and content creators to make a community around the same goals and ideals. But at the same time, Discord can be too complex for some users. 

There are so many different options and settings, and it is not always easy to understand what is happening in the app. So, you might need a couple of tricks to maximize the experience.

One of the first things you should do is organize channels, especially if you are a member of multiple groups. This is very important for Discord server owners. Everything needs to be sorted into proper categories if you want to avoid disorganized chaos.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to use Discord bots. They are more than helpful to greet new members, post announcements, share important updates, and more. If you are a user, you’d want to connect to other apps like Steam or Twitch, since they can be more than useful for your experience. 

Finally, be sure to explore shortcuts and various settings that will make everything a bit simpler. 

Accessibility for people on Discord

In the past couple of years, many companies started focusing on improving accessibility, and the same thing applies to Discord. Last year, Discord added a new tab dedicated to accessibility, which includes plenty of different options you can check out. 

Just click on the gear icon in the bottom-left corner, and it will open a new window with the settings menu. 

This doesn’t mean that these speech options weren’t available before, but they are now much easier to find with the dedicated tab. Within this section, you will be able to customize saturation and contrast and even use text-to-speech tools, which are more than useful. 

After all, Discord is designed for people to discuss various topics, and it can be overwhelming trying to read everything, especially if you skipped a couple of days. Instead of reading each individual message one by one, you can use the simpler method of listening to messages while you do something else vita text-to-speech.

TTS apps allow playback by converting text into audio and letting your device read it to you. They can save you time, and you can put on headphones and multitask while going over the messages in Discord. 

If you like the idea of being able to listen to messages instead of reading them, there are a couple of different methods you can use. 

TTS command on Discord app

The first thing you should know is that Discord has a native text-to-speech software integrated into the app. Once you open the user settings and click on accessibility, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the settings for this tool.

You can choose whether text-to-speech is turned on or off and choose speech rate. Another thing you will notice is that you can enable the app by using the /tts command. If you type in this command followed by your message, it will automatically turn text into voice. 

Essentially, Discord allows you to send voice messages, but instead of recording them by yourself, the speech bot will read them aloud after you type them—or after others type messages to you.

You can also choose to enable text-to-speech on the current selected channel or on the entire website. You can further configure app settings and permissions within the same menu. 

Now, as you can see, the main problem here is that the message affects other users. If they enable the text-to-speech feature, they will also hear your messages. Finally, you can get the voice to read all TTS notifications to you. 

What happens if you want to go back and read older messages? You wouldn’t be able to use this tool, since it only supports the /tts command and text-to-speech notifications for new messages. So, the only option is to use some of the other tools available online.


Regardless of the device you are using, you can turn on text-to-speech software. You can find TTS apps for Windows, iPhones, Mac, and Android. These tools are useful for more than just Discord, too!

Instead of worrying about Discord and whether you will bother other users, you can enable text-to-speech on just your device. There are a few different ways to achieve this. If you are using Discord on your phone or tablet, both Android and iOS have TTS features. 

Furthermore, for those that use the app on their laptops or desktops, you should know that native TTS tools are available with Microsoft Windows (Narrator) and macOS (VoiceOver). But to simplify things even further, you can download a TTS tool that will work on any imaginable device.

This way, you won’t need to go through different notification settings and adjustments since the app will work on everything and not only on Discord. This means that you can use text-to-speech on social media, emails, web pages, documents, or anything else that includes text. 


The best text-to-speech app you can find at the moment is Speechify. You can use it on any device, and the process is quite simple. When it comes to Discord, one of the simplest ways to use Speechify is through the browser extension. 

What is great about Speechify is that it supports various languages and accents, and the voice is so realistic that it sounds like a real human voice. With this, you will feel as if someone was reading messages on your Discord in real-time. 

Speechify works on various devices, operating systems, and it’s easy to use. So, how do you use it?

How to use Speechify on Discord

Since Speechify is available on all possible devices, the way you will use it will mostly depend on the device you use. The simplest way to start the app is through a browser extension, which is available on Chrome and Safari. 

Once you download and install the extension, all you need to do is enable it. It’s as simple as that! Within the app, you will get a chance to select the voice you like, speed, language, accent, and so much more. Each of these settings will further enhance your experience.

Of course, another great benefit of using Speechify is that you can also create an account, and use the same profile across multiple devices. If you plan on using this TTS tool to listen to audiobooks, the app will save progress.

In the case of Discord, this means you can use Speechify to read your messages out loud on both PC and mobile. Additionally, the mobile app includes OCR which allows you to take a photo of any text, and the app will be able to read it for you. 

After you’ve finished customizing the voice, the app will be ready for use. For Discord, all you will need to do is highlight the text, and start the app. 


Is TTS removed from Discord?

No. Discord still offers text-to-speech, but the location of the settings is in a different place. Before, TTS was located in Settings and Notifications. But Discord added the Accessibility menu within Settings, which means that you will have an easier time finding it. 

You will still use the same /tts command to turn on text-to-speech. The Discord TTS is turned on by default and should work without any issues.

For higher-quality TTS on Discord than its native feature, we recommend Speechify.

Is voice text on Discord the same as tts?

TTS the command on Discord that allows you to enable the TTS messages. Once you use this command, the message you send will be read by the app. At the same time, you can send traditional voice messages where you will record your own voice. 

So, these two can be the same, but they are not always. Voice or speech messages can be both text-to-speech and recorded ones, and it is up to you to choose which one you like more. 

How do you do text-to-speech on Discord mobile?

Using text-to-speech commands on your mobile device follows the same idea. You will open Discord, type /tts, followed by space, and the message of your choice. For example, you would type “/tts Hello” and the tts bot will greet people in the current channel. 

You can also download an app like Speechify if you want to use a text-to-speech tool on the entire website. The app works on both mobile devices(iOS and Android app), as a desktop app, and you can install it as an extension.

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