Text to speech for pastors

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Text to speech makes pastors’ jobs easier by allowing a pastor to delegate some of the tasks to artificial intelligence. Here are some examples.

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Text to speech for pastors

Pastors play a crucial role in the church. They are responsible for delivering God’s word to their congregations. However, their job also requires them to talk a lot. Text to speech (TTS) technology can help take some pressure off the pastor when it comes to delivering a service or reading.

What is text to speech?

Text to speech (TTS) is a combination of artificial intelligence and assistive technology that reads a text document out loud. This feature is available through various programs on the web. It works as a separate app available in app stores, browser extension, or desktop software.

It takes three clicks of a button for the TTS to work:

  • Copying the text

  • Pasting the text into the program

  • Playing the text as an audio file

Different TTS software has different features. Some platforms can only read digital text, while others support image scans and printed text formats.

How can pastors use text to speech?

Here’s an overview of how text to speech can be beneficial for pastors and churches.

Creating a voiceover for video sermons

Text to speech is a great tool for creating voiceovers. Use it to add a voiceover to a video sermon to share across the internet.

Helping church members read difficult Bible texts

Church members, first-time guests, and others often struggle reading the Bible. With TTS, they can listen to any section they want on the go. This gives them additional time to think about the message and makes them more productive during worship services.

Delivering a church service if the pastor isn’t available

Natural-sounding text to speech readers can even deliver a church service in case the pastor can’t make it on time. The same goes for online Bible readings, Bible studies, and similar events for God’s people.

Additional reading tool for the church community

Bible study requires a lot of reading time. However, not all believers have perfect vision. Learners with reading difficulties like dyslexia or poor vision can benefit from a text to speech software on so many levels.

First, it helps them read the Bible and other sacred texts. It also makes them more productive because they can spend less time trying to decode and more time learning and assimilating.

Helping visually-impaired pastors read

Pastors with sight issues can have a hard time reading text, whether digital or printed.

Whether you have trouble reading a phone number, phone notifications, SMS text messages, or a customer support query online, a text to speech tool can help.

Text to speech apps to try

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is Amazon’s artificial intelligence tool that offers text to speech functionality. The API makes it easy to integrate speech synthesis into articles, documents, web pages, and other media.

This software is easy to use. Simply send the text through the API and you’ll receive the audio stream on your app. Polly has its own API but is also available as the AWS Management Console feature.


Play.ht is a great software for AI voice generation for podcasters. However, it’s also commonly used by non-podcast-related users. This software has more than 600 AI-backed voices in more than 60 languages.

The platform comes with a steeper learning curve compared to other programs, but it’s well worth it. Play.ht also comes with pricing plans only. You pay for the number of words you generate each month.


Murf is a super realistic text to speech reader with over 120 voices in 20 languages. Murf helps create voiceovers for various uses, including presentations, e-learning material, and other media.

The platform includes a comprehensive set of tools that are easy to access and manipulate. Popular features include Grammar Assistant, Voice Editing, and Time Syncing.

The downside is that there is no free version. You can choose between Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans to enjoy the benefits.


NaturalReader is among the best cloud-based TTS software. It has a wide file support and it’s most suitable for personal use. This AI tool can convert Word documents, PDF files, articles, or web pages into natural-sounding human-like speech in seconds.

Thanks to cloud architecture, you can access your recordings from any device. The same goes for uploading documents.

The app supports 56 voices in nine languages, as well as the following file formats: TXT, PDF, ODT, JPG, PNG, EPUB, and many others.


Speechify is a free text to speech tool that combines artificial intelligence and OCR technology to provide a smooth text conversion experience. Use any device – iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows, and create audio files, audio recordings, narrations, or podcasts with two clicks of a button.

The best thing about Speechify is that it’s completely free. The premium version does come with additional benefits like natural-sounding voices, note-taking tools, and more playback settings. However, you’re unlikely to get a better service free of charge elsewhere.

Users can use the mobile app and the desktop version and sync their content across devices. This makes any workflow much smoother since you don’t have to re-load or transform the same text multiple times.

Speechify – Try the powerful text to speech app for free

Text to speech tools play an important role in streamlining modern-day workflows. Non-profits, corporations, and church leaders can equally benefit from it. Thanks to its robust capabilities, TTS finds a place in every church.

Free software like Speechify makes the transition to TTS technology easy, accessible, and fun. You can learn more about the software or try it for free starting today. Visit the official website for more details.


What is a good church welcome speech?

“Welcome to all as we celebrate the glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ” is a good example of a church welcome speech.

How do you honor a pastor?

Four ways to honor a pastor are by supporting them, defending them, recognizing them, and loving them.

What is a good pastor’s prayer?

“May You, the God of peace, equip our pastor(s) with everything good for doing Your will, and may You work in them what is pleasing to You, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Heb. 13:20-21)

What are some examples of pastor jokes?

A pastor was in the middle of his sermon when he noticed a man had fallen asleep with his head on his wife’s shoulder. Wake up your husband,” Pastor Riley snapped. The wife smiled and replied, You put him to sleep. You wake him up.”

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