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Ultimate guide to Murf.AI and reviews

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Looking for a way to create natural-sounding voices from text? Read our complete Murf.AI review, and discover another great text to speech alternative.

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Ultimate guide to Murf AI & reviews for 2022

If you want to create high-quality voiceovers, there are many text to speech (TTS) generators available. Murf.AI is among the most popular options, and for good reason. This capable AI voice generator is packed with a number of useful features.

However, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Keep reading to determine if Murf.AI is a fitting solution to your text to speech needs.

What is Murf.AI?

Murf.AI is text to speech software that lets users generate audio files from written content. It comes with a rich library of voices and additional functions like voice cloning and changing.

The platform also helps users create different types of content involving voiceovers such as videos, ads, and podcasts. As such, it’s suitable for a wide variety of audiences and purposes.

Who is this for?

Murf.AI has a versatile target audience. It’s a good option for educators looking to create e-learning videos and tutorials. Content creators also use it for YouTube videos, explainer videos, and other audio and video content.

Businesses can also benefit greatly from Murf Studio’s AI voiceovers. Instead of hiring a freelancer voice actor, they can generate custom voices for various needs like ads or presentations.

Finally, you can create a full-fledged audiobook using the tool. Thanks to Murf.AI’s human-like voices, you’ll get an enjoyable listening experience.

Features of Murf.AI—What’s included, and what can you do?

Murf Studio is a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) voice generator. Various tools are available to create realistic voices for a monthly subscription.

Here are some features of Murf Ai:

  • More than 120 different voices

  • Voice Changer

  • Voiceover sync options

  • Over 20 different languages

  • Text-based audio editor

  • Grammar assistant

The pros

  • Variety of speech voices—Murf.AI offers male and female voices of varying tones, pitches, and accents.

  • Voice changes—On top of generating a voice, you can change the speed, tone, and other qualities.

  • Precise synchronization—You can accurately time your voiceovers within Murf Studio.

  • Google Slides integration—Murf.AI can connect to Google Slides to let you create a presentation with text to speech audio without leaving the platform.

The cons

  • Restricted free plan—You only get 10 minutes of free voice generation before you’ll have to pay to use it more.

  • Limited video editing—Many users have complained about the video editor missing important features.

Murf.AI pricing

Murf.AI offers a free plan, though you don’t get much from it. You get access to all voices, but there’s a 10-minute limit on transcription and voice generation. You also can’t download any of your generated voices.

To unlock more features, you can subscribe to one of the following plans:

  • Basic plan—24h of voice generation per year; 60+ voices; $13/month

  • Pro plan—96h of voice generation per year; 120+ voices; $26/month

  • Enterprise plan—unlimited voice generation; custom voices; $167/month

You’ll get unlimited downloads, commercial use rights, and customer support with any paid plan. Note that the above prices apply if you subscribe annually.

Get Murf at the best price possible

As mentioned above, you won’t get many features from Murf.AI’s free plan. You’ll have to subscribe to one of the paid plans to unlock all the video and voice editing features. While they’re not expensive, it’s essential to know whether you’ll use all those features. If you think you will need to use more features, the Pro plan offers the best value for money.

Murf.AI reviews

So, what do Murfi.AI’s users have to say about the program? We scoured the internet for reviews on Murf.AI, and here’s what we found.

Overall, users tend to like the quality of Murf.AI’s voices and that the platform is relatively easy to use. However, other users are disappointed in Murf.AI’s tedious user interface, lack of voice and video editing features, few voice customization options, sometimes inaccurate AI voices, and costly pricing structure.

A better option: Speechify

If you’re not sure whether Murf.AI is for you, there are various other text to speech tools you can try. Speechify is the best Murf.AI alternative. It generates natural-sounding speech from any text so that you can listen to written content.

But there’s even more to Speechify than it’s incredibly lifelike voices. You can use Speechify on all your devices, whether that’s Android or iOS for mobile as well as Windows or Mac for your desktop. There are even web browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefeox. With the premium version, you can seamlessly switch between your devices and pick right back up right where you left off.

Beyond multi-device support, Speechify also offers many great TTS features. These features include the ability to listen up to 5x reading speed or slow the speed down, over a dozen languages (including English, Italian, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and more), many customizable voice options, and OCR capabilities. OCR, or optical character recognition, lets you take a picture of any text and upload it to Speechify, which will be able to read the text out loud.

Murf AI: Conclusion — Is it worth it?

Murf.AI offers high-quality voice generation, but you can only take full advantage if you subscribe. Otherwise, its features are limited, so it’s not the best text to speech platform.

That’s why we recommend Speechify as a better alternative. You can get studio-quality voices in no time with even greater customization features. Whether you need it for PDFs, books, or other uses, the app’s intelligent speech synthesis will yield great results.

The best part? Speechify comes in both completely free and very affordable premium versions, both of which include high-quality TTS features to suit your every need.


Is Murf.AI free?

Murf.AI offers a free plan, but you’ll only get some features and limited generation time.

Where is Murf.AI located?

Murf.AI’s headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How do you use Murf studio?

You can use Murf.AI via the web app, which encompasses all the platform’s tools.

Is there a program that converts text to audio?

There are many TTS programs on the market, including Murf.AI and Speechify.

What is the difference between Murf.AI and other AI?

Murf.AI is a specialized AI program that focuses on voice generation.

How long does it take to learn Murf.AI?

Most of Murf.AI’s features are straightforward, but it might take beginners a little time to learn them.

What is the file size of Murf?

Murf.AI is a web app, so no downloads are required.

How much does Murf.AI cost?

Paid Murf.AI plans start at $13/month and can cost up to $167/month.

What is the difference between Murf.AI and other voice recognition software?

Murf.AI doesn’t just offer voice recognition. It’s a voice generator and also a voice changer.

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