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Voice over acting guide

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Learn all about the world of voice over acting with our comprehensive guide. Learn the tips and tricks to excel in the industry.

Voice over acting guide

Voice over acting is the art of using your voice to bring life to characters, narrations, commercials, and other audio productions. It is a vital part of the entertainment industry, and without voice over actors, many productions would lack personality and depth. In fact, with dedication, practice, and a great voice, you can carve out a successful voice over acting career. So let’s dive into what it takes to get into voice over acting.

Voice acting vs. voice over acting

Voice acting and voice over acting are terms that are often used interchangeably, but there are differences between the two. Voice acting is a broader term that encompasses all types of vocal performances, including voice overs. Voice over acting specifically refers to the act of recording a voice-only performance for a project.

Everything you need to know about voice over acting

Voice over acting is a highly specialized and challenging form of acting that requires a unique set of skills and technical know-how. If you're interested in pursuing a career in voice over acting, there are many things you need to know to get started, so here’s an overview of how to become a voice actor and kick start your voice acting career.

Do I need voice over training or a degree?

While some people may assume that reading lines into a microphone is easy, the truth is that voice over actors need to be able to convey emotion, create believable characters, and tell compelling stories using only their voice. That being said, there are no strict educational requirements for becoming a voice over actor. However, some training can help you to develop the skills you need to succeed. Training can come in the form of workshops, acting classes, voice coaches or online courses that focus on voice over acting, acting, or vocal technique. A degree in communications, broadcasting, or a related field can also help you to acquire the skills you need to succeed.

Required equipment for voice acting

To start voice over acting, you will need a few pieces of equipment, including a computer or laptop, a microphone, headphones, and recording software. The quality of your equipment will impact the quality of your voice recordings, so it is important to invest in quality gear. A sound-treated recording studio or recording booth is also essential to ensure that you produce high-quality audio.

The voice over demo reel

Creating a voice over demo reel is essential for showcasing your talent to clients and agents. A demo reel is a compilation of your best voice over work, used to showcase your range and ability to potential clients. A demo reel is essential in getting started in the voice over industry. If you don't have any experience, you can still make a demo reel by recording samples of your voice over work from home or working with a coach to develop your voice over skills.

What you should include in your demo reel’

Before deciding what to include in your voice over demo reel, determine what type of voice over work you’ll be applying to and what career path you wish to take. For example, do you want to do character voices for television shows or serious radio ads? This will determine what type of pieces you should include in your demo reel.

Types of voice over acting

There are many types of voice over work, including dubbing, e-learning, documentaries, podcasts, video games, and voicing animated characters in animated movies. Successful voice actors need to have a broad skill set and be able to adapt to different projects and types of voice over work.

How to make high quality voice overs

To achieve professional recording quality, it's important to have the right recording equipment and studio setup. A home studio with microphones, mixing boards, and other technical equipment is essential to for recording voice overs and producing high-quality audio recordings. Technical skills are also important, as you need to know how to use this equipment to achieve the desired sound quality. You can gain these skills by watching tutorial videos on YouTube by other professional voice actors or taking a class.

The top online casting platforms to find voice over acting work

Online casting platforms are a great way to find voice over acting work. Here are the top five platforms that you can use to find voice over jobs:

  1. - A platform that connects voice actors with clients in need of voice over services.
  2. - A marketplace that offers a variety of voice over opportunities, including commercials, audiobooks, and animation.
  3. - A global marketplace for voice over artists and clients.
  4. - A job board that lists voice over opportunities in addition to other acting roles.
  5. - A platform that connects voice actors with publishers and authors in need of audiobook narration.

Another way to find voice acting jobs and connect with industry professionals is through talent agencies and casting calls with casting directors. Social media can also be a valuable tool for networking and marketing yourself as a voice over actor.

Speechify Voice Over Studio

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How do you get into voice over acting?

To get into voice over acting, one typically needs to build a strong voice over demo reel and gain experience in the field through classes, workshops, and auditions.

How much do voice over actors make?

Voice over actor salaries can vary widely based on factors such as experience, location, and type of work, but some may make anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per job.

What are some famous voice over actors?

Some famous voice over actors include James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Nancy Cartwright, Tom Hanks, and Tara Strong.

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