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What is Book Riot?

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Find out what Book Riot is and why all book lovers should visit the website more often.

What is Book Riot?

Your love of books and audiobooks could be enhanced if you interacted with like-minded individuals. Even if you’re a quiet reader, engaging with book clubs or literary communities is a great way of learning more about your favorite hobby. This is where Book Riot comes in. The popular website is a typical hangout for authors, readers, audiobook and Amazon lovers, publishers, and other individuals with connections to the industry or a passion for the written word.

What you need to know about

At its core, Book Riot is an independent editorial book site. It caters to a wide range of readers and audiobook lovers and publishes a ton of content, from podcasts to newsletters and more. But this brief description doesn’t do Book Riot justice. The editorial website has a massive community. It encourages collaboration regarding book discussions and publishing trends and empowers readers and authors from all communities. Book Riot emphasizes diversity in its staff, community members, and book discussions. This ongoing mission to give a voice to the underrepresented makes Book Riot one of the most important editorial sites, not just in North America but worldwide.

What you’ll find on Book Riot

Book Riot offers various types of content to its community members.

Audiobook reviews and recommendations

People interact with the written word in many ways, and audiobooks are a big part of the literary industry. More and more people use audiobooks instead of physically reading books. By all accounts, audiobooks are second in popularity after paperback novels. To many, audiobooks killed the e-book industry as they offered a faster and more immersive way of engaging with stories. That’s why Book Riot covers audiobooks in great detail. Naturally, you can always find audiobook recommendations on social media. Alternatively, you could read a brief description on Goodreads to find your next purchase. But Book Riot constantly reviews audiobooks on storytelling and production value and makes recommendations in various categories. It’s a great way to grow your playlist with new releases and discover some hidden gems.

A detailed book blog

The Book Riot book blog is a rich resource of book reviews and recommendations. The articles tackle standalone novels, book series, and various categories like fiction, fantasy, mystery, non-fiction, etc. You can find honest and detailed book reviews to determine what to buy or rent next. In addition, you can read about new releases or industry rumors. The blog even occasionally posts quizzes to test the reader’s memory or understanding of a particular topic. It’s a fun place to hang out and get a few book ideas.

The Book Riot Podcast

For even more content, Book Riot produces a podcast. The talk show discusses various topics, from new book releases to industry trends and other hot literary news. Users can stay up-to-date on their favorite authors and series and learn more valuable information. And unlike similar shows, Book Riot’s podcast isn’t about literary gossip. It covers crucial social justice topics, discusses minorities, LGBTQ representation in the industry, etc. The Riot New Media Group’s mission of inclusivity is heavily emphasized in the podcast episodes and should appeal to voracious readers and book lovers.

Tailored book recommendations

Book Riot has got you covered if you ever wanted your personal book nerd to point you in the right direction. Its Tailored Book Recommendations service offers subscribers a type of concierge service for book lovers. You can get pointers and recommendations on everything, from hardcover novels to audiobooks.

The Book Riot shop

Book Riot is also a retailer. It’s not a traditional bookshop, but it has an interesting product selection that book lovers may enjoy. The Book Riot shop has puzzles, accessories for reading rooms, journals, and various other items. Again, each item has reviews, recommendations, or both for you to determine the best purchase for your needs.

Read reviews, then enjoy audiobooks on Speechify Audiobooks

All things considered, Book Riot provides an invaluable service to readers from all over the world. Whether you want to find good book deals, a book review, or get tips on how to improve your reading life, Book Riot has a wealth of knowledge. But how can you use Book Riot as an audiobook lover? Check out the community reviews and discussions on new releases, popular series, and titles or authors unfamiliar to you. Use the platform to form ideas and discover new literary talent. Once you find a book you think you’d enjoy, check out Speechify Audiobooks. The new audiobook service has some of the best book deals around. If you want to read harder or go through more titles while going about your busy life, Speechify Audiobooks is for you. You can browse over 70,000 titles, find many free audiobooks, and cover every category, from indie books to New York Times Bestsellers. Sign up for Speechify Audiobooks today and get your first premium audiobook for free.


Who runs Book Riot?

Jeff O’Neal is the co-founder and current CEO of Book Riot. He’s a passionate reader who enjoys contributing to the community and keeping the brand aligned with its mission of fighting social injustice in the literary industry.

Is Book Riot free?

Book Riot is a free-to-use website. However, it also offers some subscription services for people who want more frequent updates and help with their book recommendations.

How do you get on Book Riot?

You can browse most of the content on Book Riot without creating an account. That said, you can also subscribe and choose a membership plan to unlock a few perks. You may also write for Book Riot, as the platform is always searching for new editorial contributors who share the same passion and mission.

What kind of books does Book Riot have?

Book Riot doesn’t have books but may recommend titles for you to read or experience in an audiobook format. It may also have affiliate links for bookstores or audiobook subscription services.

What are the books that Book Riot reviews?

Book Riot offers recommendations and reviews of tons of genres, from non-fiction to fantasy to classics to sci-fi and everything in between.

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