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Why you should listen to audiobooks

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Books are great. But reading isn't. Heres why you should listen to audiobooks using Speechify and be more productive than ever before

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Books are great. But reading isn’t. Heres why you should listen to audiobooks using Speechify and be more productive than ever before.

Books are amazing. They contain information on a wide variety of topics and you can learn from experts in each field in just a few hours. 

? When you are reading biographies, you learn all the lessons from a person’s biggest mistakes and successes in life. 

? When you are reading a fiction book, you are teleported into a magical world where every turn of a page has something exciting in store for you. 

? When you read a self-help book, you learn snippets of advice that you can apply to your own life and solve problems.

However, reading books is not perfect.

You can’t read while working out at the gym, running or even walking. Books are thick and heavy which do not make them portable leading to you bringing a few books at a time.

This is where listening to Audiobooks comes in. 

You can listen to any text using Speechify which is the #1 Text-to-Speech Reading Application that can turn any text into an audiobook.

You can import any text into Speechify whether it is a passage from a physical book, word document, google docs document, email, message or article on the web. You can create an audiobook and listen to it. 

? It uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology to scan, translate and speak text to you in a natural human voice.

When listening to Audiobooks, you are not limited to the constraints of reading. You can walk to classes, work out at the gym or even do a backflip while listening to a book. 

?️‍♂️? Multitasking has never been easier

You can also speed listen with Speechify’s Automatic Speed Ramping feature which increases your listening speed by a few words per minute (wpm) every 500 to 1000 words . This means that you can train yourself to listen faster without noticing any difference.

? The average reader reads at about 200 WPM. 

? Most Speechify users start by listening at around 200WPM and within 3 to 4 months they are able to listen anywhere from 400 to 600WPN. 

This means that they can consume the same amount of information in just half or a third of the time the average reader takes.

With Speechify, you can also improve comprehension and double your retention as you can read the text while listening at the same time as Speechify highlights the text that is currently being spoken in a blue highlight like this.

?? Double the Input, ?? Double the Retention, ⌛️ Half the Time

? Use Speechify’s text-to-speech software to turn anything into an audiobook and be 3 times more productive today.

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