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Best alternatives to CereProc

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CereProc is a popular text-to-speech software but depending on your exact needs, budget and preferences, it might not be your top choice. Learn about other top alternatives.

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Founded in 2005, CereProc is a Scottish company that offers high-quality text-to-speech (TTS) software to both business users and individuals. There is a lot to like about CereProc including its natural-sounding voices, its innovative voice cloning features, and the CereProc API that lets developers build text-to-speech functionality into their web pages and apps. 

Depending on your exact needs, budget, and preferences, though, may or may not be the best text-to-speech software for you. In order to help you choose the speech technology that is best suited for your needs, let’s take a closer look at what CereProc has to offer before discussing some of the top speech synthesis alternatives on the market today. 

What is CereProc?

CereProc is a TTS reader and AI voice generator that offers dozens of synthetic voices to choose from. For commercial users, CereProc can be used to create high-quality speech output for voiceover content without the need to hire a professional voice actor. For individual users, CereProc can be used to convert any digital text into natural-sounding audio, allowing you to listen to blog posts and digital documents in the same way that you would listen to audiobooks or podcasts. 

Along with listening to text in real-time, CereProc enables users to save their voiceover content as a downloadable audio file. So long as you purchase the commercial version of the voices that you choose, you will retain full ownership of any audio file you produce and will be able to use it for commercial purposes. 

One of the most impressive features of CereProc is the quality of its voices. As an AI voice generator, CereProc is able to produce speech voice that sounds just like a real human narrator. Voice cloning is another noteworthy feature that CereProc offers, allowing users to create computer versions of their own voices. CereProc also offers a voice creation service that enables users to create their own custom voices. 

Pricing for CereProc depends on the voices that you choose. Each different voice must be purchased separately, with voices for personal use costing £25.99 and voices for commercial use costing £299.99. CereProc’s voice cloning and custom digital voice creation services cost additional fees as well. CereProc can be downloaded to any Mac or Windows PC and also comes available as an app for iOS and Android devices. 

API for Business

Along with enabling business owners to create high-quality voiceover content, CereProc also offers an API that developers can use to build text-to-speech functionality into any website or app. If you would like to give your users the ability to listen to text on the web pages or apps that you build, utilizing the CereProc API is a great option to consider. 

Personal Use 

While CereProc is primarily marketed toward business users, the software is a good choice for individual users as well. With the CereProc app, you can listen to text from your iPhone, iPad, or Andriod device, and CereProc’s natural-sounding AI voices are sure to provide a pleasant listening experience. Best of all, these voices are much more affordable when purchased for personal use compared to their commercial versions. 

Alternative #1: Speechify 

Speechify is a text-to-speech tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to produce TTS voices that sound indistinguishable from real human voices. With Speechify Premium, you will have 30+ of these high-quality AI voices to choose from across 20+ different languages, including UK and US English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Speechify Limited, meanwhile, is a forever-free version of the software that offers ten English voices and basic features. 

Along with plenty of excellent AI voices that perfectly replicate the nuance of a real human voice, Speechify offers a host of other innovative and convenient features. For one, Speechify Premium allows you to adjust your listening speed up to 5X standard playback, enabling you to speed through your reading material as fast as you can comprehend it. Speechify Premium also offers advanced highlighting and note-taking features that let you take notes and highlight text using voice commands. Lastly, Speechify Premium allows users to scan printed documents so that even written text can be read aloud. 

Speechify Premium costs $139 per year while Speechify Limited is free to download and use. Speechify also offers a free trial of Speechify Premium that allows users to try out the software without having to enter their credit card information. 

Speechify for businesses 

Speechify makes it easy and affordable to create high-quality voiceover content for a broad range of commercial applications, including voiceovers for ads and explainer videos, voice content for video games, and much more. With Speechify Premium, users are able to save the audio that they create as either an MP3 or WAV file then use that audio in any way that they like. Speechify also offers a powerful API that can be used to build text-to-speech functionality into your own web pages and apps. 

Speechify for personal use 

For individual users, Speechify can be used to synthesize digital text from a wide variety of files and formats, including web pages, PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, TXT files, and more. Whether it’s turning e-books into audiobooks, listening to product descriptions on Amazon, or listening to an important document through your car radio on the drive to work, Speechify has a wide range of applications for personal users. Best of all, Speechify’s natural-sounding voices ensure a listening experience that is enjoyable and immersive.    

Alternative #2: Notevibes 

Another app that is marketed primarily toward business users, Notevibes is a vocalizer that offers 225+ AI voices that can be used to create high-quality voiceover content. By far the most impressive feature of Notevibes, though, is the app’s Advanced Voice Editor. With Notevibes, users are able to edit every aspect of the audio that they produce, including its speed, pitch, emphasis, volume, and pauses. This makes Notevibes a great choice for businesses that are especially particular about how their audio sounds. 

If you plan to use Notevibes for commercial purposes, though, you’ll need to be prepared to shell out quite a bit of money. For personal use, Notevibes costs a reasonable $96 per year. To retain ownership of the audio files you create so they can be used for commercial purposes, though, you will need to pay either $1080 per year for the Notevibes Commercial Pack or $4,000 per year for the Notevibes Corporate Pack. 

If the ability to customize your audio with powerful editing features is enough of a priority for your business to justify this pricing then Notevibes is a great app to consider. For individual users and business users who don’t need all of these extra features, though, there are more affordable and user-friendly options available. 

Alternative #3: DragonNaturallySpeaking 

DragonNaturallySpeaking is not a text-to-speech tool. Instead, it is a transcription tool that performs the exact opposite process. With DragonNaturallySpeaking, users are able to speak aloud into a microphone and have their words automatically transcribed into digital text. This makes the software a helpful tool for students, writers, and anyone else who would rather write by speaking than typing it out themselves. 

Pricing for DragonNaturallySpeaking depends on the exact version of the software that you purchase. For personal use, DragonNaturallySpeaking costs a one-time payment of $500. To get the best results, you may also need to purchase a Nuance PowerMic III, which costs an additional $424. 

Voice recognition programs 

Voice Recognition Programs such as DragonNaturallySpeaking are popular tools for many professionals who are required to do a lot of typing. When paired with text-to-speech technology such as Speechify, these tools can enable you to both listen to text and write your own completely hands-free, making it much easier to multitask while you work. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q: What is the most realistic TTS? 

A: If you are looking for TTS software that offers the most realistic sounding voices, Speechify is your best bet. With 30+ AI voices to choose from, Speechify makes it easy to find a voice that you enjoy. And by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Speechify produces voices that sound indistinguishable from real human narrators. 

Q: How much is Cepstral? 

A: Cepstral is another popular text-to-speech tool that offers high-quality synthetic voices for both personal and commercial use. Like CereProc, Cepstral charges users for each individual voice that they purchase, with Cepstral voices costing $29.99 each. 

Q: What are the benefits of text-to-speech? 

A: Text-to-speech software offers numerous benefits to businesses and individual users alike. For individual users, TTS readers can be used to enable multitasking while listening, to help prevent eye fatigue, and to turn reading into a more enjoyable and immersive experience. For businesses, text-to-speech software enables companies to create professional voiceover content for a fraction of the time and money required when working with voice actors. 

Q: What is the best text-to-speech device? 

A: The best TTS tool for you will depend on your exact needs and preferences. Some of the top text-to-speech tools available on the market today include tools such as: 

  • CereProc
  • Speechify
  • Notevibes 
  • Murf
  • NaturalReader
  • Ivona 
  • iSpeech
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