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ReadMe is a popular TTS extension, but there are many alternatives to ReadMe text to speech. Speechify and several others are among the best.

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Alternatives to ReadMe

Today many people worldwide use text to speech (TTS) browser extensions like ReadMe for various purposes. Some need them to help overcome conditions like learning disabilities or dyslexia. People with visual impairments rely on text to speech to read web pages, social media, docs, txt, EPUBs, PDF files, and much more.

But ReadMe is not the only TTS solution available to users. You can find many high-quality text to speech services with add-on extensions that can read text on your screen. Here we’ll explore five excellent alternatives to ReadMe text to speech software.

What is ReadMe text to speech software?

ReadMe is a text to speech web browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. You can use ReadMe on Windows and macOS operating systems if you install one of the two web browsers. Note that if you’re a Firefox user, ReadMe is not available yet.

So, what can you do with the ReadMe text to speech extension?

This Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extension reads aloud any text on your screen, including articles, websites, and documents. ReadMe is available in 51 languages and has many natural voices as narrators.

Like many screen readers, ReadMe offers automatic playback and volume and speech rate settings. ReadMe is pretty easy to use and is one reason why the Edge and Chrome extensions are quite popular.

However, this text to speech reader has some limitations, including not being widely available to everyone. That’s why we want to explore some alternatives to the ReadMe text to speech extension.

The ReadMe alternatives

If people don’t like browser extensions, they might opt for open source APIs for their text to speech service of choice.

But while that’s an excellent option for some, others don’t have the required skills to integrate these TTS packages into their computers and mobile devices. That’s why those looking for similar solutions to ReadMe should explore the following TTS platforms.

Natural Reader

NaturalReader is undoubtedly one of the more popular TTS options. You can download the proprietary software to your desktop computer and customize it for personal use. However, NaturalReader is available as an online text to speech reader, which requires a stable internet connection.

The online version is more convenient for users who need a replacement for the ReadMe TTS extension. A free version is available, but you will have access to more voice options if you choose one of the subscription plans. Natural Reader software for which you pay the license only once is available for Windows and macOS computers.

Capti Voice

If you’re dyslexic or have a vision impairment, Capti is a text to speech voice reader worth considering. It has a broad range of products and services, including special higher education programs.

Choose the best subscription plan or rely on pay-per-use services. You can use Capti online using the dedicated Chrome extension. However, this TTS app is also available for iOS devices.

The Android mobile app is still unavailable, but that could change in the future. You can integrate Capti Voice Narrator, the dedicated with OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, and many other services.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a text to speech service that turns any digital text into human-sounding speech, and it offers dozens of different voices in many languages.

You can use it in English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and more languages. One of Amazon Polly’s best features is that it allows unlimited replays of the produced speech without additional charge.

This platform lets users create audio files in different formats and store them on a cloud-based service. You have complete customization control based on pay-as-you-go pricing.


Are you looking for a reliable text to speech add-on for Microsoft Word? Perhaps the WordTalk plugin is a suitable solution. It effortlessly reads aloud the spoken version of any document and highlights the spoken words.

You can adjust the reading speed and select one of many reading voices available. Keep in mind, though, that WordTalk is only available for Windows operating systems and only for Windows 2007 and upwards. Finally, WordTalk is entirely free, and you can download and set it up in a matter of minutes.


Many of the alternatives to the ReadMe text to speech extension contain excellent services. However, none of them are nearly as comprehensive as what Speechify offers. Users looking for a complete package TTS solution will find it among Speechify’s versatile product line.

You can download the Speechify iOS or Android app or use the service directly online on both Windows and Mac computers. Furthermore, Speechify has a dedicated Chrome browser extension that’s easy to install and use. Users can choose from 30+ natural-sounding voices and pick one of 15+ languages available on the platform.

The voices are very customizable, the platform is easy to use, and there are many more incredible TTS features such as text highlighting and optical character recognition (OCR).

Try Speechify for free today

Speechify’s text to speech app is impressive and constantly improving. The platform offers subscription-based plans, but a free version is also available. The good news is that you can try Speechify Premium for free today.

The Speechify browser extension installs within minutes and allows you to hear the selected text in different voices and reading speeds. The entire toolbar is intuitive and allows you to organize your work efficiently. We think you’ll find it a worthy text to speech alternative to ReadMe.


What are the benefits of using Text to Speech?

You can use text to speech technology to manage learning and vision disabilities, boost productivity, or practice a new language. Many children rely on TTS as it helps them learn how to read.

What is the difference between ReadMe and Read Aloud text to speech?

Both are browser extensions available for Chrome and offer similar services. The main difference is that Read Aloud is available for Firefox and not Microsoft Edge, while the opposite is true for ReadMe.

What are some other ways to have text read aloud?

Most TTS platforms allow you to either select text or right-click to hear the text read aloud. You can also upload an entire document and listen to it. Finally, many screen readers, like Speechify, allow you to take a picture of a physical book or document and upload it.

What is the purpose of ReadMe Text to Speech?

You can use ReadMe to transform any eBook read any web page, email, PDF file, and more. It’s designed to assist anyone who wants a little more convenience or help with reading digital text.

What are the different ways that you can use to read a document?

If you integrate OneDrive or Dropbox with a TTS service like Speechify, reading documents becomes an easy process. But you can also use a Microsoft Word plugin to hear the written text.

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