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Ultimate guide to NaturalReader and reviews

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Check out our ultimate guide to NaturalReader and reviews that will help you decide if this text to speech app is right for you, or if you need an alternative.

Table of Contents

Ultimate guide to NaturalReader

There’s no shortage of text to speech apps online. Some you can download, others work directly in browsers—but not all of them are equal in terms of functionality.

NaturalReader is a name that pops up a lot in the TTS field. For that reason, it’s great to learn more about it to see if it’s worth your consideration. After all, you can’t spend all your time studying from audiobooks available on Amazon.


NaturalReader is a text to speech (TTS) platform with personal and commercial products. Despite its many applications, personal use software gets the most attention. This category contains two essential products:

  • Personal Online

  • Personal Software

Personal Online

NaturalReader Personal Online is the cloud-based version of the software. You can use it in almost any browser after creating an account.

Students, dyslexic readers, working professionals, and anyone learning a foreign language can use the Personal Online version on the go by adding the Chrome extension. But what can users do with it online?

The interface supports conversions of multiple file formats, including:

  • PDF

  • TXT

  • Doc and Docx

  • PPT and PPTx

  • ODS

  • ODT

  • Epub files without DRM protection

In addition, users can even narrate their emails, Google Docs, and other online materials through the NaturalReader Chrome extension.

Furthermore, the OCR technology enables image reading from JPEG and PNG documents. Therefore, users can get audio support for printed books and learning materials.

Personal Online supports 16 languages and offers over 100 voices in high-quality audio. Users with dyslexia can enjoy a dyslexia-friendly font. The reading aid font should help people follow the narration and can have significant applications in foreign language studies.

Additionally, the app allows users to bookmark entire sections for selective listening and studying.

One of NaturalReader’s standout features is the Pronunciation Editor, which helps users correct mistakes in the AI-generated narration. It can also teach the software new words, which is helpful when dealing with many abbreviations and shorthand text.

Personal Online pricing

There are three membership plans to choose from on the NaturalReader platform.

The first tier is a free membership. It includes the Chrome extension and over 100 voices, access to the pronunciation editor, and support for most text files. But the free membership limits users to 20 minutes daily of Premium Voices dictation.

For $9.99 per month, members can upgrade to the premium subscription plan. It has everything included in the first membership tier and adds unlimited access to premium voice. In addition, the app unlocks its OCR technology for reading scanned images and PDFs.

MP3 text to speech conversions are also available and are limited to 1 million characters monthly.

Personal Online Plus is the most expensive plan at $19 per month. It allows members to convert written text into audiobooks with Plus Voices at up to 500,000 characters daily. Note that the voice library is slightly higher than that featured in the premium subscription.

NaturalReader Personal Software

The NaturalReader Personal Software is the second main product sold on the platform. It’s the desktop version of the web app. The downloadable text to speech software caters to the personal and professional needs of Windows and Mac users.

Its design lets it read aloud Microsoft Word documents, web pages, PDF files, emails, plain text, epub, and other text file formats.

Aside from being a downloadable version of the main app, Personal Software comes with a different price plan. Instead of subscribing, members make a one-time payment and receive a lifetime license to use a specific software version.

Personal Software pricing

The Personal Software version is available for free and has unlimited use of free voices but only 20 minutes daily of premium voices. The editor works without restrictions, and users can convert multiple text files.

The Personal version contains two natural voices and the MP3 conversion feature on top of everything else included in the free plan for $99.50.

A one-time payment of $129.50 buys the Professional desktop software with two extra natural voices added to the features of the previous version.

Lastly, users can make a one-time payment of $199.50 for the Ultimate package and gain exclusive access to six natural voices, all possible features, and an OCR processing capacity of 5,000 images per year.

Reviews of NaturalReader

As is the case with many TTS apps, NaturalReader has mixed online reviews. Those concerning the software’s functionality are generally positive.

However, many members and free users note the lackluster customer service, mainly the lack of telephone customer service.

Other users report issues with missing files, failed subscription upgrades, and problems with the iPhone, iPad and MacOS versions of the software. In some cases, NaturalReader appears to be inconsistent when reading text and switching between voices.

Better alternative: Speechify

You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. If NaturalReader isn’t a good fit, Speechify can pick up the slack.

Speechify is the best text to speech app with support for Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows devices, and browsers. It has the capability to read aloud a wide range of webpages and other text files or convert them into audio files for download.

The high-quality voiceover helps learners study new languages, read complex educational materials, enjoy their favorite books, and multitask even on mobile devices with a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

The natural-sounding voices are great for going through Kindle books or following highlighted text for people with dyslexia.

Users also appreciate the ability to bookmark content in the text to speech app and its offline functionality. You can access your epub, HTML, Microsoft Word, or TXT content in a WAV format or other downloadable audio files.

The app allows complete playback speed control and utilizes human-like voices so users can progress at their most comfortable pace.

Next steps with Speechify

Do you want to study easier and faster or learn a new language? Perhaps you want to catch up on your novels but don’t have enough time to read or find reading a challenge to dyslexia. Whatever the reason for choosing audio over text, Speechify can meet your needs.

All you need to do is to create an account and either use the free version or give the free trial of the premium version a chance on your favorite device or web browser. Once you know how it works, upgrading to a plan that unlocks all features and voices takes seconds.

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