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Alternatives to Speech Central

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Looking for a text-to-speech reader? If you've heard about Speech Central, take a look at some of the best alternative TTS readers you should consider.

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Alternatives to Speech Central

If you are looking for a TTS reader that can read aloud to you, you have probably heard about Speech Central. This is a program that has sold more than 20,000 licenses and has exceptional ratings. It has even been nominated as one of the best iOS apps for Apple users. This text-to-speech software program is also relatively easy to use. All you need to do is tap on the Speech Central icon and hit “listen now.” At the same time, you might be looking for some Speech Central alternatives. You might be looking for a high-quality program that has a better API for your mobile device, or you might be interested in a program that can work on Microsoft Word and Windows or Android. Take a look at some of the best alternatives you should consider below.

Simple TTS Reader

If you are looking for a very straightforward program that can read out loud to you, then you should consider going with Simple TTS Reader. This is a very small program that can read files that are copied to your clipboard. All you need to do is highlight the text, copy it to the clipboard, and it will be read out loud to you. Simple TTS Readder does not come with its own speech engine, so you need to have another one available. Therefore, it doesn’t come with all the features you need, but it is one of the easiest programs to use.

Read Aloud

If you are looking for a free program that is also open-source, you should consider going with Read Aloud. Many people enjoy this program because it is easy to use. There is even a helpful Chrome extension you can install. All you need to do is click text from your screen and ask the program to read it to you. You can also adjust the speed, pitch, and language settings. You have a tremendous amount of control over the quality of the voice, which is why it is one of the top alternatives.


If you are looking for a professional text-to-speech service, you should consider NaturalReader. This is a program that has both free and paid features. It works well for Mac and Windows products, and it is available online for Google Chrome. All you need to do is select the text, highlight it, and it will be converted into spoken words. If you want to access all of the features NaturalReader offers, you do need to pay, but it is relatively expensive when compared to some of the other options on this list. You can also download files and save them as MP3 audio clippings for later use.


If you are looking for a text-to-speech software program that works well on Windows devices, you should consider TextAloud. This is a program that was developed by, and it also provides support for Windows Hello. While it does not work on Mac devices, TextAloud can also be installed as a plug-in for Microsoft Word, making it great for those who use Microsoft Word regularly. The voices are decent quality, the user interface is relatively straightforward, and there are plenty of shortcuts you can use to make the program faster.


The next alternative you may want to consider is called Balabolka. This is a straightforward text-to-speech program that is available for Windows and Android. It works well on mobile devices, and it has both free and paid features. It can handle numerous file types, including WAV, MP3, MP4, and WMA. Even though some people don’t like the way the voices sound, it is very easy to use, and you can take it on the go with you because mobile app options are available.

Kurzweil 3000

Even though Kurzweil 3000 program is not free, it has become quite popular, particularly among people with reading and language barriers. Many people who are trying to learn English as a second language use this program. It is available for Mac and Windows. All you need to do is highlight the text you want to be read out loud to you, and the program will handle the rest. It is not the easiest program to use, and it is not the cheapest option, but it has a variety of features that can make reading easier.


Ultimately, if you really need the best alternative text-to-speech program, you need to go with Speechify. This is a comprehensive text-to-speech software program that is available for just about any platform. It has also become incredibly popular because it is so easy to use. Some of the top reasons why you should consider going with this program include:

  • It is available in more than 60 languages.
    All of the voices are human-sounding, natural voices that are very easy to understand.
    Many customizable options are available when you are crafting the voice to meet your needs.
    The program is updated regularly, taking all feedback into consideration to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Furthermore, Speechify is an exceptional program for people with disabilities. If you have a visual impairment, or if you have a learning disability (such as dyslexia), this program can read all of your files out loud to you. This also makes it easier for you to multitask. You can let the program play while you are driving from place to place or working around the house. Therefore, it is clear that Speechify is the best alternative if you are looking for text-to-speech software.

People also ask

If you are looking for a program that can convert plain text and audiobooks into natural-sounding voices, there are several common questions people have. They include:

Is there anything better than Speechify?

No, there is nothing better than Speechify, but if you are looking for one, you may want to consider Read Aloud, which is a free, open-source program. There are a few other options you may want to consider, such as TextAloud, NaturalReader, and eSpeak.

Is Speech Central free?

Yes, the program is free, but it is not completely free. You can download it for Android and iOS devices, and all of the features are unlocked; however, there are limits on those features unless you pay for it.

What is the Speech Central App?

The app is designed to help people with certain visual impairments and reading disabilities, such as dyslexia. You can use the program to handle multiple document formats, including PDF, docx, and PowerPoint files.

How do I use Speech Central?

It is relatively simple to use this voice synthesis app with text audio files. You simply need to click on one of the shortcuts to start listening to the file. You can also add files and headlines to a storage bank and listen to them later.

Which text-to-speech app is best?

If you are looking for the best text-to-speech app, you should consider Speechify. You can use your web browser to find this app easily. It is suitable for just about every platform, including MacOS, Linux, and Windows. You can even use it on your iPad. It can handle dozens of languages (including English, Spanish, French, and others), has natural-sounding plugins, and can read to you in real-time.

What is the best read out loud app?

The best read out loud app is Speechify. It comes with a natural voiceover feature that works well for your audio files. As one of the top read out loud mobile apps, you can create a playlist of all of your favorite txt files and listen to your favorite books and files while cleaning, driving, or working around the house.

Is there any other app as good as Speechify?

You may have heard about Speechify on Apple Podcasts. While nothing is as good as Speechify, you can consider Voice Aloud Reader or Voice Dream Reader. You might even be able to find some plugin options on Amazon.

What is the best speech app for iPhone?

If you are flipping through HTML web pages trying to find the best text-to-speech app for iPhone, you should go with Speechify. This is a program that has gotten incredibly popular because it has numerous features, it is very easy to use, and the voices are HD. You do not have to worry about struggling to understand them, and they come with countless customizable options to make it easy for you to listen to your favorite files.

What are some alternatives to speech central?

There are several alternatives to Speech Central you should consider. You have probably heard of Read Aloud (which has a Chrome extension plugin) and Balabolka—but the best alternative is Speechify. Speechify can handle so many languages and file types that it is the best program available if you are looking for text-to-speech capabilities.

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