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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Productivity on June 23, 2022
We reviewed the best tex-to-speech apps from the quality of the app, the voices, and the number of languages and accents available. Read before you try!

    If you’re looking for transcription, dictation, or text-to-speech apps, you’ll probably see there are plenty of options available. Regardless if you’re an Android, Chrome, Microsoft Windows, or Apple iOS user, there are apps for you. But which ones are truly the best text to speech apps out there?

    Finding a text-to-speech (TTS) tool that has the functionality you‘re looking for when you want to convert text to audio in various voices, accents, and languages can be tricky. If you need help finding the best free text-to-speech app, we‘ve researched a list of the top five options.

    Benefits of using text-to-speech technology

    Text-to-speech apps offer a myriad of benefits, transforming the way we consume and create content. These apps are invaluable for audiobook enthusiasts, as they allow any written text to be instantly transformed into spoken words, making reading accessible on the go. The integration of AI tools, AI voice generators, and artificial intelligence has brought forth a new era of digital communication. Content creators can utilize generated voices and avatars to bring their ideas to life, enhancing engagement across social media platforms, YouTube videos, and beyond. With advancements in deep learning, these apps deliver high-quality, realistic voices that captivate audiences. From individuals with impairments to those seeking realistic voiceovers for video editing, text-to-speech apps cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re exploring EPUB files, utilizing free plans, or employing edge technology, the text-to-speech feature is a powerful tool that brings text to life, making content accessible, engaging, and immersive.

    What are the best text-to-speech software apps?

    Speech synthesis and speech technology have come a long way in the last few years. Now, text-to-speech software can easily be used by almost anyone to convert text files into audio featuring natural-sounding voices. With so much text-to-voice software available, it can be tough to find the best apps with the best features.

    Criteria for rating text-to-speech apps

    With so many AI Voice text-to-speech options out there, we used the following criteria to rank and compare the five best text-to-speech apps available:

    • Features: The program must have customizable, high-quality features and tools available. There are programs that support different languages, including English and Spanish, along with different voices. Having a wide range of languages and voices available provides more for its users.
    • Quality of voices: A custom generator that outputs lifelike voices can also help you produce more human, natural-sounding speech. This can make it easier for you to convert text into audio files that you can easily understand.
    • Reading speed: When the written text is read aloud by the text-to-speech app, the reading speed is important. Playback should be fast enough to hold your attention, but slow enough that you don’t get overwhelmed.
    • Subscription: We considered whether the text-to-speech app has a free version, whether there is a paid version that offers a free trial, and what the total cost of the package is.
    • Availability: The text-to-voice reader should work well on a wide variety of devices. This includes having a Safari or Chrome extension available, having a mobile app available, and working across Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Android devices.
    • Customer support: If you have issues when using the text-to-speech app, what’s the customer support experience like? The better the customer support team is, the better the app itself usually is. If there are tutorials, those can also be helpful.

    1. Speechify


    If you are looking for an exceptional text-to-speech app that can handle multiple text formats, then you need to try Speechify. From articles to web pages, TXT to PDF files, Speechify’s text-to-speech app, and browser extension simplifies converting text to audio. Speechify comes with a wide variety of customizable features and provides you with the best HD voices possible.

    In addition, Speechify provides instant translation, supporting more than 60 languages (with a list that continues to grow). It provides access to HD voices made with the best AI Voice technology in the industry.

    Speechify‘s text-to-speech software is ideal and was created, for people who struggle with dyslexia. If you have language disabilities or reading challenges, or you’re ready to explore high-quality TTS solutions, consider trying Speechify for free!

    2. Amazon Polly

    Amazon Polly

    If you’re looking for speech functionality that can help you create beautiful, human-sounding speech, you might want to consider Amazon Polly. You can use this tool to create applications that can backup your speech-enabled products. It has an exceptional API that can help you develop natural speed, provides access to natural-sounding voices, and allows you to store and redistribute speech easily, with the ability to stream in real-time. It’s also one of the most affordable options available.

    Amazon Polly is geared more toward enterprise over personal use, but the text-to-speech functionality provides a lot of value to users who explore the tool for personal projects.

    3. Google Text to Speech

    If you’re looking for a tool that works well for both personal and commercial use, consider Google Text to Speech dictation. This is a great option because it’s free, accessible on Google Docs, and works well with web pages, podcasts, and numerous other online content and tools.

    There is also a free version of the premium option available in the Google Play store— Google Cloud text-to-speech. The features include the ability to create a custom voice, over 90 WaveNet voices, text and SSML support, and vocal tuning. The toolbar is easy to use, you can synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice, and it’s a great high-quality tool for e-learning.

    Google Text to Speech works better for enterprise use, but like Amazon Polly, its features and functionality make it an attractive option for personal use as well.

    4. Notevibes


    If you need a tool that can help you with broadcasts, television, and IVR voiceover applications, Notevibes could be the best option. This tool has many use cases, and it offers a free version via a free trial. You can convert and save your text as MP3 or wav file formats, and you can access dozens of natural voices. It’s ideal for commercial applications and has a wide variety of uses across multiple industries.

    5. NaturalReader

    Natural Reader

    If you need a tool with superior OCR technology, then NaturalReader might be the right option for you. One of the major benefits of this text-to-speech tool is that it’s completely free. Whether you have PDF or Docx files, you can load your documents directly into the library, manage the files across multiple formats, and even convert or publish them through HTML applications.

    There are premium features available, but you can play around with the free version as much as you want before making a decision. If you want to use the premium version, there’s a seven-day free trial available.


    Best for: A wide range of uses, including personal, commercial, and enterprise

    Features: HD voices, 60+ different languages, top OCR technology, no speed limit

    Price: Three-day free trial, $139 per year after; features in-app purchases


    Best for: Personal use

    Features: OCR, built-in web browser extension, user-friendly interface

    Price: Seven-day free trial, with premium starting at $49; features in-app purchases


    Best for: Commercial use

    Features: Voice generator, read-aloud functionality, 47 voices

    Price: Free version available, premium starts at $9 per month

    Google Text to Speech

    Best for: Collaborative purposes

    Features: Custom voice, WaveNet tuning, TXT and SSML support

    Price: 90-day free trial, starts at $4 per one million characters

    Amazon Polly

    Best for: Mobile apps

    Features: Natural voices, real-time streaming, customizable speech output

    Price: Five million characters for free, then $4 per one million characters


    What is the most realistic text-to-speech voice?

    The most realistic text-to-speech voices are the HD voices from Speechify, which are considered better than most others’ HD voices, including those from Balabolka. The HD voices from Speechify are among the best in the industry, with multiple voices available and support for multiple languages.

    What is the most used text-to-speech app?

    While Google has been popular for a long time, other apps are quickly rising in popularity. Speechify is one of these, with a #1 rating in the App Store.

    What is the best text-to-speech app for web use?

    The TTS web browser extension from Speechify provides you with access to a wide variety of features with an intuitive user interface. Add the Chrome extension to your bookmarks for simpler text conversion moving forward — it doesn’t get much easier than that.

    What is the best text-to-speech app for Android?

    Not every text-to-speech app is available on Android devices, but one of the best ones is Speechify, a versatile option compatible with multiple operating systems, including Apple’s iOS.

    What is the best text-to-speech app for iPhone?

    Not all the TTS apps are available for Apple’s iPhone. Luckily, Speechify is compatible, and one of the most versatile options when it comes to tools that convert text.

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