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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Productivity on June 27, 2022
Writing an academic paper and defending your statements is easier when you’re using the best college thesis research tools.

    Have you started planning your college thesis? The writing process might be the easiest part. Researching your thesis or identifying a good topic are often bigger challenges.

    But with proper guidance and the right tools, nothing can stop you.

    How to write the best college thesis

    There are four steps to creating an excellent college thesis. Each one brings its own challenges but carries a lot of weight in the final product.

    • Topic selection – This creative task requires students to find a subject and develop an informative title.
    • Literature review – A college thesis must offer something new. Therefore, it’s essential to become familiar with the literature on the subject during the research process.
    • Data collection – The more data you have, the easier it is to dispute a claim or defend your thesis statements. You should research questions you may have to answer and find the data to back up your point of view.
    • Conclusions – Every thesis must have a clear and concise summary based on your findings and offer suggestions others can use to follow up on your work.

    Whichever way you look at it, thesis writing projects are a lot of work. Fortunately, it’s easier to access information these days.

    Different college thesis research tools

    College thesis online research tools come in many forms, each with a well-defined scope. And you will need more than a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to put a thesis together.

    For example, text to speech readers are essential for improving language comprehension, writing skills, and even mastering new languages, such as Bengali.

    Likewise, TTS readers can help students with learning difficulties approach complex subjects and research projects.

    Text to speech readers

    If you need a TTS reader, Speechify is an accurate online tool with multiple applications. Traditionally, students learn by reading documents, articles, and from what they hear in class. However, going through full-text content takes time.

    Speechify uses text to speech technology to process complex texts in various formats and narrate them correctly in human-like voices. It supports multiple languages and dialects, thus making it easier for students to follow along.

    But one of the best things about a TTS reader like Speechify is its compatibility with mobile devices. Speechify is available on iOS and Android devices, meaning students can listen to their literature and research papers at any time, online and offline – even while performing other activities.

    You don’t have to stay glued to your Mac or Windows PC to work on your paper. And listening instead of reading on one screen and taking notes on another should make it harder to commit plagiarism.

    Google Scholar

    Everyone is familiar with Google Search. It’s the world’s leading search engine for all types of content. But much of what you can find with a Google query can have commercial purposes or come from non-scholarly sources.

    Google Scholar addresses the issue by focusing its searches strictly on academic research papers. The information is more accurate, detailed, and methodologies come with academic level explanations.

    It’s a tool required to find niche topics and see how a college thesis template should look, where to add headings, etc.

    Academic Search Premier

    The Academic Search Premier database covers multiple disciplines and has numerous peer-reviewed journals. It’s a go-to source of information for students and researchers worldwide, containing journals and articles in various languages.

    While not a free resource, Academic Search Premier often publishes preprint publications and contains much modern and archive footage from the Associated Press. Likewise, it has a high-quality subject indexing system that makes finding the information you need easier.

    JSTOR or ProQuest

    Going straight to a trusted database is also a reliable way of conducting research. JSTOR is an open-source tool and an academic research database with a vast archive of print and digital journal articles.

    ProQuest is an academic research platform with more content variety, including journals, books, dissertations, historical newspapers, podcasts, and video files.

    These research tools can help you find what you need for data collection, analysis, and defending your thesis. Both JSTOR and ProQuest earned respect in academic circles for their archives and search indexes.

    However, JSTOR is a more popular brand with complete journal collections emphasizing preservation. ProQuest is best suited to students who want content variety and alternative ways of obtaining information.

    Google Books

    Launched in 2004, Google Books is a separate part of the Google Search Engine. Like Google Scholar, Google Books narrows its search parameters to published books. It’s a great research tool to use when you want to find quotations or specific strings of text.

    The search results include books available in Google’s library of over 25 million works. Again, it’s a quick way to find research materials and browse entire books rather quickly.

    Use Speechify to read documents online

    Many research materials used in academic research and to create a college thesis are in written format. Some have poor formatting and may need adjustments and printing to make them more legible.

    But this is where Speechify comes in. It can take any text and convert it into an audio file. Research papers can become speech. 

    Besides, you can configure Speechify to read select portions. It can be a great advantage when you only want citations and references or when revising your work.

    Speechify can assist during the research process and with writing in real-time, so that you can defend your statements with relevant references and a proper citation style.

    Give Speechify a try to see the improvements it can make in your research endeavors even through its free version.


    Which software is best for research paper writing?

    The methodology of writing a research paper requires writing tools like plagiarism checkers, word processors, grammar checkers, spell checkers, proofreading plugins, and sometimes an Excel spreadsheet to create a mind map or use for reference management.

    What is a helpful tool to organize academic research?

    Scrivener is a reliable content structuring tool that simplifies writing and editing long-format documents like research papers and theses.

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