The 5 best voice cloning products (2022)

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Voice cloning is a staple in audio production, education, entertainment, and business. Here are our top five best voice cloning products in 2022.

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The 5 best voice cloning products (2022) 

There was a time when voice cloning was only a dream, but that has changed with the advent of technology like text to speech apps and AI voice generators, which are now available to everybody with an internet connection. Not only are voice cloning tools and speech generators readily available, but they’re also easy to use and quite sophisticated and customizable, allowing users to generate human-like voices in whatever format and make use of them for their content creation, e-learning projects, and work.

Here are our top five picks for the best voice cloning products in 2022.

What is voice cloning?

First off, we have to explain what voice cloning even is. In short, voice cloning refers to the process of using artificial intelligence (AI) for voice synthesis. In other words, special software is used to analyze different voices and then replicate them.

When it comes to the ethics behind AI technology and voice generator tools, there’s certainly a lot to be said about the topic. However, we’re here to focus on the pros of voice cloning and its various uses in the classroom, office, call centers, podcast recording studios, etc.

There’s also content creation, which has become the main source of income for many now full-time online content creators. Text to speech software can help video makers, freelance dubbing enthusiasts, and audiobook voice actors revolutionize the way they approach their work. With modern, high-quality synthetic voices, we can save a lot of time and effort in the studio, making sure our end products are satisfactory every single time.

Further, voice cloning tech can assist those with impaired speech and disabilities to restore their voices and communicate with others without fear and difficulty, which was not possible with the more primitive speech synthesis solutions.

The 5 best voice cloning products for 2022

Since voice cloning is such a vast market, there are tons of unique voice changers and voice cloning apps out there. Some of the more high-quality ones, like Speechify, rely on sophisticated machine learning to generate realistic voices in various different languages, allowing for varied personal use. Further, advanced deep learning allows Speechify to dish out generated voices with a lot of customizable parameters, including tone and pitch, so your voice recordings will never lack nuance.

Without further ado, though, let’s get on to our list of the top five voice cloning apps:


Since we started with Speechify, and since it’s our top pick, we’ll let it take the first spot as the voice cloning app with the most natural-sounding voices. 

Speechify is a versatile app, so it can be used for everything from AI voiceover work to video game development for text to speech voices. It works on all major platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux, and it lets you convert audio files in WAV and MP3 formats. If you’re not a fan of downloading apps, Speechify is also a Chrome extension, so you can make use of it even on the go.

Most importantly, Speechify is user-friendly, lets you make custom voices and voice skins, and supports dozens of languages besides just English. As for the pricing, there is both a free version and a premium version, so you can try it out for free before deciding if it’s worth it. As for the premium plan, it will cost you $139/year, which is the most bang for your buck you can get when it comes to voice cloning tools.


Second up, we’ve got and its “AI-enabled, real people’s voices.” Indeed, the voices provided by Murf will make you feel like you’ll never have to hire professional voice actors ever again. They’re pleasant to listen to, and the app lets you alter everything from pitch to speech rates as well as dictate where the emphasis will fall, making Murf a sophisticated piece of speech technology. And not to mention that it lets you upload your own voice and fine-tune if you don’t want to rely on computer-generated ones!

Murf offers a free plan, but if you hate being limited in terms of downloads and features, you’ll have to spend anywhere between $13 and $167 a month. is another powerful voice cloning solution that’s been around for years. The hundreds of voice options that it offers are undoubtedly its strongest feature. You can choose from male and female voices, alter the pronunciation, and fine-tune the speech style within minutes thanks to the app’s intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

You can try for free on Windows and Mac, but the premium plans will set you back anywhere from $14.25 to $74.25 a month, depending on your needs and budget.


Resemble.AI is a powerful tool that, according to the company’s website itself, can supercharge your voice editing in real time with its APIs. That’s fantastic for everyone looking to make some high-quality video content and use TTS to their advantage. Resemble also lets you blend human and synthetic voices, ensuring some pretty cool results. 

Resemble offers a basic plan that will cost you $0.006 per second as well as a premium, enterprise plan that you’ll have to contact the company for.


Finally, we’ve got, a next-generation, real-time voice editing tool designed mostly for e-learning. Lovo prides itself on its unique selection of lifelike, high-quality voices as well as great APIs and SSML tech that can rival that of Amazon Polly. It also supports thirty-three different languages, which is fantastic if you’re making content for a foreign language classroom.

You can try Lovo for free, or you can get the full version that will cost you up to $99 a month if you go for the most premium plan.

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