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Fiverr voice over actor alternative

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What's the best Fiverr voice over actor alternative? Read on and discover a few excellent alternatives.

You're working on a project in your video editing tool. The animations are good, but you need high-quality, podcast-like voice overs to optimize the content. Fiverr might be your go-to platform for voice over talent, but are there any other options?

This article will cover the best Fiverr alternatives.

Fiverr and voice acting - What you need to know

Fiverr is the largest platform for selling and buying digital services. The users rely on this optimized transactional platform to purchase and sell Gigs, which is Fiverr's term for digital services. Once you create your Gigs, you can choose your starting price.

If you're a seller, you can take this functionality to the next level with Gig Packages. They feature several price ranges for tailored, highly valuable Gigs. Look them up, and you'll be more likely to find voice acting services suitable for your project.

When looking for the right talent for a recording, your online casting should be comprehensive. Unlike newbies, experienced professionals have thousands of five-star reviews indicating good voice over capabilities.

You can also check out their portfolios. Many Fiverr artists have recorded for major companies in their home studios, including Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Disney. 

As for the pricing on this freelance platform, the artists usually charge you by the number of words requested. For instance, you may need to pay $10 for the first 100-150 words and $5 each for 50-75 words afterward. You usually pay extra if you want speedy delivery (under 24 hours).

Another great tip for selecting your talent is to ask the right questions. Like professional casting directors on casting sites, you want to assess whether the actor is suitable for your project. Test their vocal range and emotion by asking for voice over demo reels.

Also, find out what kind of equipment they use. If they don't have state-of-the-art tools, they might not be able to deliver good content for your tutorials, video games, and other voice over projects.

The Fiverr alternatives for voice overs

There are ways to improve your chances of finding talented voice actors on Fiverr. That said, you might want to try a few other platforms for your voice over job.


Bodalgo is a similar website to Fiverr. It invites full-time and freelance voice actors for corporate movies, commercials, and other content. They offer competitive pricing to attract more clients, meaning you can get a great deal on this platform.

If you specialize in multilingual content, Bodalgo is an excellent choice. Their voice actors speak over 80 languages to help polish your voice work for worldwide audiences.


Next time you use your search engine to find websites with voice over talent, Voices may appear at the top of your list. It has a rich pool of more than two million professionals in over 160 countries. The marketplace has an intuitive interface, allowing you to book services with ease.

Another great thing about Voices is that service providers use cutting-edge equipment. They're passionate about their careers as much as you are about your project, so expect first-rate results.

Do it yourself

Apart from working with professionals, you can also add voice overs to your content (e.g., YouTube videos) through DIY recordings. Nail these four elements if you take this route:

  1. Audio volume and clarity – Your recordings shouldn't be too loud or too quiet. The audio should be clear without any background noise.
  2. Pacing – Make sure not to talk too slowly or too fast. Otherwise, your audience might not understand you.
  3. Vocal inflection and tone – These two aspects dictate your ability to speak naturally. Use your audience’s language to make your recording more immersive.
  4. Pronunciation – You need to pronounce words correctly without over-enunciating them. Therefore, avoid mumbling and other common problems.

The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm unlocks the door to voice over professionals who shoot for TV and radio commercials across the globe. They specialize in many types of content, including training and e-learning videos. You can even partner with experienced people who have narrated thousands of audiobooks.

Creators of different kinds of audio and video content have relied on Voice123 since 2003. The platform has connected them with countless professionals to help complete over 250,000 projects.

Once you find a potential match, review their profile and check out their voice over work samples. If everything looks good, negotiate the price and pay directly from the platform.

Voicebunny/Bunny Studio

If fast delivery is your priority, Bunny Studio is a great pick. The voice artists can narrate audiobooks, advertisements, and other media with robust equipment and send it within 12 hours.

Speechify Voiceover

Speechify Voice Over Studio is a polished AI voice over generator. You type in or copy the text, and the app uses natural-sounding voices to narrate your content. It's also easy to use due to its straightforward interface.

You'll especially enjoy the natural-sounding voices. There are more than 200 speeches to choose from, and each is barely distinguishable from human voices.

On top of that, you can customize your recordings with an array of options. The app lets you change the volume, pitch, and speed. You can even download your audio and use it for commercial purposes.

Try Speechify Voiceover for free

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Is Fiverr a good way to start voice acting?

Fiverr can be a great starting point for voice actors since professionals from many industries need voice over talent.

What is the best website for voice over artists?

Most voice over artists use Fiverr due to its intuitive buying and selling features.

What's another word for voice actor?

Voice actors are also known as voice artists.

What is the best way to do voice acting?

Voice acting requires the professional to use the right tone, inflection, accent, and other key aspects to produce a realistic recording.

How do I become a voice actor?

You can become a voice actor by mastering the skill and buying high-quality recording equipment.

Is Upwork like Fiverr?

Upwork is similar to Fiverr, as it connects you with thousands of freelancers.

What skillset does a voice actor need to have?

A voice actor must have a wide vocal range, emotional adaptability, and a good command of the target language.

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