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Free narration tools can be useful for video editors, teachers, or any other content creators. Learn the benefits of narration tools here!

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Free narration tools 

If you ever wanted to create a narration for a piece of content you made, there are plenty of different apps, such as a free voice generator, that you can check out. These apps are also known as text-to-speech (TTS) programs, and they can create instant narrations for you in many voices and languages.

These are excellent products that will make this conversion as simple as possible, and they are quite easy to use.

What is narration?

There are two definitions of narration. The first is that narration is the process of adding a commentary to the existing story. This type of narration is a popular form of storytelling, and it can give a nice introduction to readers, listeners, viewers of content. Narration can also simply refer to any text that is read out loud in speech—regardless of if it is telling a story or not.

Of course, there are no rules to narration. Anyone can narrate a story or a video script, but the most important thing is to have clear and accurate pronunciation. As a narrator, which is the person narrating a story or reading text out loud, clarity and accuracy of your speech directly impacts your listeners’ understanding.

If you make a YouTube video, for example, and you want someone to tell a story while the scenes are developing on the screen, the most popular option is to hire a voice actor. After all, they know how to effectively deliver the piece with their voice, and it will sound amazing.

However, this is not the only option. You can also use narration tools to significantly simplify the narration process. These tools will also lower the cost since you won’t need to hire a professional voice actor to create a voiceover for your video or audio content. 

The different types of narration tools

There are many different types of narration tools, and you will need to know which version is the best for you. The question here is what you are trying to achieve with the help of a narration or text-to-speech app and how to utilize these apps.

Some versions allow you to add comments to existing content with ease and provide narration in textual form. Some apps can even produce speech from screenshots and for video editors. This way, you can add comments to nearly anything in just a couple of clicks. 

But the most popular and most effective form of narration is through text-to-speech software. As the name suggests, these apps are able to synthesize voice in real-time based on the written text. As a result, all you need to do is type the narration, and a program will read it out loud for you.

In the past couple of years, many well-known brands (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Polly, NaturalReader, and many others) have dabbled in the world of text-to-speech. They made their own products, and these apps can sound quite realistic. In fact, some of these programs are so good that the difference between the AI-generated voices and real human voices is barely noticeable. 

Using TTS software will allow you to easily convert any type of text file into audio, and you can choose different languages, speeds, accents, and so much more. Some programs are able to export audio, and they support popular file formats like WAV and MP3 files.


There are so many different voice generators you can find on the market, and those without any prior experience might be lost in the vast amount of TTS tools to choose from. Instead of wondering which app to try out, why not go for the best one right away?

Speechify is the best of the best when it comes to text-to-speech apps and voice generators. While originally designed to assist learners that have learning disabilities like dyslexia, anyone can use Speechify to improve their daily lives. The API supports numerous languages, custom voices, and accents—and there are endless functionalities and ways to customize the entire experience. You can quickly learn how to use Speechify through its many easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

What is even more important is that the app is easy to use. Furthermore, it supports various text formats, which isn’t something you often encounter with TTS apps.

A perfect example of how versatile the app is is OCR, or optical character recognition. You can use OR to turn any type of physical text into an audio file. All you need to do is take a photo of the page, and the app will be able to read it to you.

When you combine all of this with high-quality natural-sounding voices Speechify offers, it is more than obvious why Speechify is a go-to app for anyone in need of text-to-speech software for narration or any other purposes. Speechify is a great tool for e-learning, increasing productivity, efficiency, and time-saving.

The best part? Speechify is completely free! The free version comes with many incredible text-to-speech features, and Speechify Premium offers even more advanced functionalities for users in need of more options at an affordable price. You can use Speechify on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or even as an online tool in your web browser.

Text-to-speech software and realistic voiceovers

As technology improves, it affects every sphere of our lives, and text-to-speech voice overs have come quite far. Even just a few years ago, it was more than obvious when a program was reading text out loud in an artificial-sounding voice.

But today, these AI voices are so realistic that they are almost indistinguishable from real human voices. Speechify is a perfect example of how good synthesized voices can be, and there are plenty of different options when it comes to settings and customization.

Speechify supports fourteen different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.), various speeds of reading, and even the ability to choose between several accents. While there are other apps that offer similar features, they aren’t as versatile or as accurate as Speechify.

Above all, Speechify is designed for users. Whether you are a developer who wants to add a text-to-speech tool to your website, a video editor looking to add narration to your scripted videos, or want to create an audiobook, there are several options you can check out—including Speechify. The most important thing to understand is your goal.

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of narration tools

Text-to-speech apps and narration tools have improved exponentially over the past few years, and it’s not always easy to find out how to get the most out of them. Here are a couple of tricks you can use to get the best possible results out of your TTS app.

The most important thing is punctuation and grammar. When you add text to the software, you need to proofread it. This is the only way to ensure the program doesn’t get confused when reading your text out loud. So before you run the program, ensure that everything written is correct. This includes punctuation, spelling, grammar, and even your phrasing.

This is especially important if you plan on using OCR to snap a picture of your text. Maybe there’s something on the paper when you take a picture. Maybe you included parts of the text you don’t need. Whatever the answer may be, it is crucial for you to double-check everything before starting the app.

If you are a developer, you need to ensure your web page has alt-text and that each piece of content is flawless. This will make a world of difference when using the app.


How can I convert text to audio for free?

The simplest way to convert text to audio is to use TTS software. There are many different choices on the market, but not all of them are free. The best text-to-speech API you can find is Speechify, and there are several different plans you can check out. 

If you want to use the app for free, you can easily download it on your smartphone (both iOS and Android) or as an extension for your browser. Speechify also has a premium plan with additional high-quality voices, and the difference is worth the price.

Is there a free program that converts text to speech?

If you are interested in turning your physical or digital text into podcasts or audiobooks, the simplest solution is to use the best free text-to-speech apps available. These are able to combine speech synthesis with AI, machine learning, and deep learning. 

Chrome extensions work great for online content, and you can download an app that will turn any type of text into speech. Speechify offers a free version for personal use, and you can download the app on App Store or Google Play.

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