How much do dyslexia assessments cost?

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Dyslexia assessments can help identify the root cause of the common learning disability and can help determine a path forward. Learn more about the cost.

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Is your child experiencing dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, or other speech-language, problem-solving or reading disorders?

One of the most in-demand diagnostic tools is the dyslexia assessment. The goal of any assessment should be to provide the most precise diagnosis possible and to discover the root of the problem.

Disorders such as auditory and/or visual processing issues, attention deficit (ADHD/ADD), speech and language impairment, Intellectual Disability, social and emotional factors, and others can manifest as reading difficulties. An individual dyslexia test may miss signs of a math disorder, which can similarly affect reading handwriting.

Institutional testing can help identify the root causes of a learning disability and thus direct treatment and assistance in the most effective manner.

How much do dyslexia assessments cost?

The price of a dyslexia evaluation and proper diagnostic assessment could range from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the number of sessions required to conclude. If grants or government aid are available, they should be sought out rather than wasted. Try asking around at your school first.

In most places, you’ll need a written report to prove your child or student’s special education eligibility.

Factors affecting dyslexia assessments cost

Although the exact price will vary depending on your location and the type of assessment you require, it will undoubtedly be relatively high.

But what factors into the cost of dyslexia testing? In most cases, it is a triad of expenses, including services pricing, materials, varying professional levels (neuropsychologist vs psychologist), insurance coverage, where you live, level of test detail, etc.

Public school dyslexia testing

Have you noticed your child’s learning abilities decreasing? Are they experiencing learning difficulties and characteristics of dyslexia? It may be time for educational testing.

However, do remember that dyslexia testing policies and procedures in schools vary by country and state.

In recent years, many US states have passed legislation requiring dyslexia screening in schools. While these state statutes cannot lessen the protections provided by federal law, they can establish new rights and protections for the student and new responsibilities for the school or district.

More than 90% of students with disabilities attend regular public schools and are therefore eligible for special services.

A diagnosis of dyslexia cannot be made with certainty using a single test. Instead, a series of reading tests, along with observations from parents and teachers, are taken into account.

Dyslexia testing involves four components within the appointed educational assessment:

  • phonological awareness
  • decoding
  • reading fluency and comprehension
  • rapid automatic naming

Professionals such as a special education teacher, speech and language pathologist, educational psychologist, and/or school psychologist can provide direct one-on-one instruction and remediation outside of the regular classroom for those with significant reading problems. Nonetheless, more inclusive practices are recommended if they can be implemented, where students receive support and accommodations within the typical classroom setting.

Students with learning differences will typically need to modify their learning materials.

If you disagree with the school’s test results, consider alternative testing. In such a case, you have the right to ask the school district to pay for a private evaluation.

Private schools have policies to send students experiencing learning difficulties or dyslexia association to public schools for a comprehensive evaluation at no cost to parents. Parents are allowed to ask for a referral from the child’s teacher if they notice the child showing signs of dyslexia, struggles with reading comprehension or other impairments.

Private dyslexia evaluation

If, for instance, a student is having difficulties paying attention in class, the school evaluation will help determine whether or not the student requires special education services. Even so, a private evaluator can tell you if the kid has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Due to financial constraints, the school can only recommend services already within their purview. A private evaluator, however, is unrestrained. They focus on the child’s individual needs, not just those necessary to thrive academically.

That’s why lots of parents want a second opinion. Schools use nonspecific language, which can lead to dyslexic children going years without knowing whether they have dyslexia or another disorder.

Once children are diagnosed with a disorder, they can attribute their slow reading speed to it rather than their lack of intelligence; this can help with their self-esteem and make them less likely to feel shame.

Just before you pull out your credit card, there’s one more thing to consider. The school has to look over test results from other places, but it doesn’t have to accept them. It’s best to check with the school in advance to see what kinds of tests they require and how they feel about incorporating outside results into a profile of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Online dyslexia testing

Online testing is one of the most reliable and inexpensive ways to determine dyslexia. If you must take an exam online, only use secure servers.

You or a loved one can take advantage of these private and confidential online screening assessments to get an overview of learning strengths and weaknesses and an indication of the severity of symptoms.

Answers are kept private, and you won’t have to reveal any identifying information to finish this test.

When taking an online test, you can expect to have multiple pages of questions to answer. The more questions you answer, the better, but feel free to ignore or leave blank any that don’t apply.

Once you’ve finished answering the questions, the results should appear on the screen or in your inbox.

Helpful dyslexia resources

The team at Speechify understands the need for quality resources.

We are here to empower communities to serve learners with impairments and challenges like visual, auditory and oral. We accomplish this by offering our A-game text-to-speech software and suggesting helpful resources.

Our suggestions:

American Psychological Association

More than 133,000 researchers, educators, therapists, consultants, and students make up the American Psychological Association (APA), making it the largest scientific and professional organization in psychology in the United States. It’s an excellent resource for finding local psychologists.

Learning Disability Association of America

The Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) aims to create an environment where people with learning disabilities are respected and given the resources they need to make decisions about their own lives. They do this through assistance, education, and advocacy.

The Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) maintains that the prevalence of these disorders can be mitigated via concerted efforts at prevention. They support studies that aim to determine what factors contribute to the development of learning disorders and promote the distribution of research results that may help bring that number down.

Go to the official LDA website for resources that may help you find low-cost evaluations and tutoring.


You can take a free dyslexia assessment exam and connect with a qualified specialist in your region with the help of Speechify. Only Speechify bypasses the typical “get to know you” questionnaire with its first screen. Instead, it connects you with a nearby specialist so that you can undergo a series of diagnostic procedures.

Additionally, you may use Speechify to convert printed books into audiobooks for a more immersive listening experience. You can import books from Audible.

If the psychoeducational testing results in your child being diagnosed with dyslexia or some other impairment, do know that they are entitled to an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and special education services with a trained professional.

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