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Lucas Davenport books in order

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Do you want to read the Lucas Davenport books in order? Read on to discover their chronological order.

Lucas Davenport books in order

The Lucas Davenport series (also known as the Prey series) is comprised of 32 books written by the Pulitzer Prize winner John Sandford (John Roswell Camp), who was born in Cedar Rapids. The main character of the books is the lead investigator in the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and the series follows the cases he’s working on.

Here we’ll discuss all books from the Lucas Davenport series in chronological order.

The complete list of Lucas Davenport books in order

Here’s a list of the Amazon best-selling series, the Lucas Davenport books, also called the Prey books or the Prey novels. Keep in mind that you should read all John Sandford books in order.

Rules of Prey

In this book, we’re introduced to Lucas Davenport. The case he’s working on involves a serial killer lawyer who plans his every move carefully to avoid detection.

Shadow Prey

Davenport is hunting down a killer who commits his crimes with an Indian ceremonial knife. However, he soon realizes that he’s not looking for just one killer.

Eyes of Prey

Davenport investigates the death of Stephanie Bekker. Her husband, a pathologist, is believed to be involved in her death.

Silent Prey

After Bekker escapes the courthouse where his trial is held and hides somewhere in New York, Davenport is called in to help find him.

Winter Prey

Davenport leaves the police force and retreats to his cabin. One day, a deputy visits him and asks for help solving a gruesome crime.

Night Prey

Davenport has rejoined the Minneapolis police department as a deputy chief to help with high-profile cases. He starts investigating the murder of Harriet Wannemaker with the help of Meagan Connell, a state investigator.

Mind Prey

Davenport investigates the kidnapping involving the Manette family and makes shocking discoveries.

Sudden Prey

Two female bank robbers are killed by policemen in a shootout. We soon learn that the women were the wife and sister of a convicted felon hungry for revenge.

Secret Prey

At first glance, this looks like a classic, easy-to-solve murder mystery. However, Davenport knows it’s not that easy and senses something much bigger than a single murder.

Certain Prey

Davenport deals with Clara Rinker, the best hit-woman in the business.

Easy Prey

Davenport investigates the death of a high-profile model with one of his own men as the suspect.

Chosen Prey

Davenport tries to catch a serial killer and reunites with his ex-fiancée Weather Karkinnen.

Mortal Prey

After a hitman kills her boyfriend, Clara Rinker has to disappear and track down the killer. Davenport is sent to track her down.

Naked Prey

A black man and a white woman are found naked, hanging from a tree in the dark of the moon. Davenport tries to solve the puzzle and find the culprit.

Hidden Prey

Davenport is called to work on a murder case. The victim is a Russian who has government connections.

Broken Prey

Davenport investigates murders that remind of the “Big Three,” a trio of inmates locked up in the Minnesota Security Hospital.

Invisible Prey

Two elderly women are killed in what appears to be a random robbery. Davenport fears these murders weren’t so random.

Phantom Prey

After the disappearance of a student and the discovery of two students slashed to death, Davenport is set to find a modern-day Jack the Ripper.

Wicked Prey

A petty thief and pimp from Davenport’s past reappear, seeking revenge.

Storm Prey

After a pharmacy robbery gone wrong, three men run into Davenport’s wife while fleeing the scene. Did she see enough to identify them?

Buried Prey

Two bodies are found under an old house. Davenport remembers the case and gets a chance to work on a case that’s haunted him for years.

Stolen Prey

After an entire family has been murdered, Davenport is called to solve the case.

Silken Prey

Something nasty has been found on the state senator’s computer, and Davenport finds himself involved in a world of politics and scandals.

Field of Prey

Over 15 bodies are found in a corn farm in a small town in Minnesota, and the killer is still out there.

Rhymes with Prey: Lincoln Rhyme vs. Lucas Davenport

In this short story, Davenport teams up with Rhyme and Amelia Sachs to investigate the murders of four women.

Gathering Prey

Letty, Davenport’s adopted daughter, convinces him to investigate the disappearance of a man.

Extreme Prey

Davenport is asked to be a part of the campaign staff for his friend, the governor. He soon learns that someone’s out there to kill him.

Golden Prey

Davenport is working for the U.S. Marshals Service and takes on a case that quickly gets out of control.

Twisted Prey

Davenport crosses paths with Taryn Grant once again.

Neon Prey

Davenport is on the hunt for a serial killer who has been operating for years without getting caught.

Masked Prey

Davenport investigates an alarming blog filled with pictures of the children of Washington politicians.

Ocean Prey

Davenport partners up with Virgil Flowers to investigate the murders of three members of the Coast Guard.

Righteous Prey

Davenport and Virgil Flowers investigate the Five, a group of killers that targets the worst of society and helps their victims.

Additional works

If you like John Stanford’s work, you should also read The Investigator (starring Letty Davenport), the Kidd series, The Singular Menace trilogy, the Virgil Flowers series, Saturn Run, The Night Crew, Dead Watch, etc.

The Kidd series has four parts: The Fool’s Run, The Empress File, The Devil’s Code, and The Hanged Man’s Song.

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