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Best productivity apps for students

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Procrastination and poor time management plague many students. If you have the same issues, you need a high-quality productivity app to break your slump. Here are the best solutions.

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Best productivity apps for students

Procrastination and poor time management plague many students. These problems can affect motivation and lead to lower grades.

If you have the same issues, you need a high-quality productivity app to break your slump. This article will list six of the best solutions.


iOS users normally rely on Apple Notes, but if you need a more robust to-do-list app, GoodNotes might be your best option. It allows you to scan, organize, and mark up real-world documents.

One of the most impressive features of this note-taking app is that it lets you manage files in an intuitive interface. You can sort your documents and retrieve them within seconds, making these productivity tools perfect for streamlining project management.

You can also make flashcards to quiz yourself when revising various subjects. There are even numerous pen colors to color code and organize your thoughts more coherently than standard yellow highlighters.

GoodNotes is on the more expensive side, but you’ll be able to access the app on any Apple device after buying it once.


Quizlet is another productivity-enhancing tool for Android and macOS users. It replicates the classroom setting, with many features for creating study notes and materials with graphs, diagrams, and pictures. These visuals let you improvise and adjust your learning experience.

Quizlet is just as versatile as Trello, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Todoist, and other renowned platforms. The app is perfect for studying an array of subjects, including biology, physics, science, and history.

Like Cold Turkey, it offers a streamlined way of presenting and exploring ideas. Quizlet is the perfect solution if you’re tired of old-fashioned platforms that aren’t suitable for modern student life.

The main reason you should consider Quizlet is its multitasking nature. You can take notes while checking out other content in simple spreadsheets and templates, enabling you to do homework faster.

Moreover, you can learn complex concepts in less time and create custom-made study sets based on your subjects and schedule. There are also learning games to make the experience more interactive and inspirational, so you no longer slack.


Like Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Kaizala, Evernote is a powerful note-taking platform with a wide range of features to help optimize your learning. Apart from the standard functionality of digital notebooks, Evernote enables you to retrieve text from pictures, scan documents, and make detailed to-do lists.

Furthermore, you can save PDFs and web articles for annotation inside notes. You can also modify real-time notifications, whether you use the Mac, PC, Chrome, or any other version.

The Android and iPhone versions might be even better than their PC counterpart. They let you search, create, and edit notes for study sessions directly from Ok Google or Siri.


Whether you’re making headway on a large project or crossing small items off your to-do list or calendar app, conventional productivity apps might not do the trick. This is especially true if you’re a gamer and want to incorporate a rewards system into your app.

In this respect, Habitica won’t let you down. This simple platform turns note-taking into your favorite role-playing game. As you complete habits, you level up your character and unlock new gear.

For extra motivation, make sure to team up with other users to fight in-app bosses together. But be careful – failing to complete a habit or two will make the entire party suffer. This means there’s skin in the game, motivating you to stay on track, even if you don’t feel like studying.


There are many apps based on the Pomodoro approach to productivity. This method requires you to work in 25-minute intervals separated by five-minute breaks. Here’s how this technique can be beneficial:

  • Improving focus – By choosing one assignment and writing it down, you’ll only concentrate on one group project.

  • Cutting down distraction – You’ll be less tempted to check emails and social media before your scheduled break.

  • Greater accountability – Starting your timer encourages you to stop being lazy and start working.

One of the best Pomodoro apps is Pomodor. The free version lets you focus on your tasks without switching to other apps, social media, games, and distractions.

Pomodor stands out from other Pomodoro apps for several reasons. It allows you to customize the length of breaks, work periods, and the number of Pomodoro sessions before taking a longer break.

This deviates slightly from the standard Pomodoro workflow, but it’s effective as you can adapt the app to your specific schedule. Best of all, customizing the routine is simple due to Pomodor’s intuitive interface that optimizes task management.

On top of that, this free app lets you track your progress on certain days. There are also labels for your task lists that help you categorize everything properly.


When discussing ways to boost productivity, text to speech apps usually come up.

For instance, Speechify is a fully functional text to speech platform that can dramatically increase your productivity. It not only converts text into speech but speech into text.

The software lets you import books from different sources, such as Audible. Once you upload your content, the system reads it aloud in natural-sounding voices.

Scanning books is another useful feature. Speechify enables college students to scan the pages of a hard copy book and command the AI to read them out loud.

In addition, you can turn anything into an audiobook with Speechify and improve your study time. Whether you’re using Google Drive, PDFs, Dropbox, or web pages, you can convert materials to audiobooks and listen to them whenever you want.

Speechify also allows you to multitask seamlessly. This is particularly important if you want to listen to complex subjects that require your undivided attention.

With Speechify, you can listen to this content on the go. The AI-generated voices are clear and customizable. They’re also compatible with Bluetooth, so you can study with your headphones on.

If you want to take a closer look at Speechify, check out the website, sign up and utilize the productivity-optimizing tools.

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