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Paddington Bear book reviewed

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Want to read a Paddington Bear book review? Read our guide to one of the world’s most popular bears.

Paddington Bear book reviewed

Paddington Bear is a popular children’s literature character created by Michael Bond. Born in Newbury, England, in 1926, he started writing in 1945 and eventually sold his first short story to London Opinion magazine. This experience made him realize that he wanted to be a writer.

The idea for Paddington came to him while he was working as a television cameraman for the BBC. He bought a toy bear on Christmas Eve, 1956, as a present for his wife. Since they lived near Paddington Station, Michael named the bear Paddington. He then wrote a few stories featuring the bear for fun without any intention of publishing them.

After only 10 days, Michael wrote an entire book about the bear. Although he wasn’t planning on writing it specifically for children, he integrated the things he enjoyed reading about when he was younger into the book.

Michael sent the book to his agent, who forwarded it to several publishers. William Collins & Sons (now HarperCollins) eventually agreed to publish the book and commissioned an illustrator, Peggy Fortnum. Other illustrators would also work on the books, including R. W. Alley.

The first book, A Bear Called Paddington, was published on 13th October 1958. After the initial success, Michael Bond went on to write a whole book series. By 1965, he was able to quit his job at the BBC and become a full-time writer.

The series has 15 books. Here we’ll review the first one - the Amazon bestseller, A Bear Called Paddington.

What is A Bear Called Paddington about?

As mentioned, A Bear Called Paddington is the first of 15 Paddington stories. It features a chapter-based format, and each of the eight chapters tells a different story about Paddington.

In the first chapter, Mr. and Mrs. Brown meet Paddington at a railway station. The bear is wearing a hat and a tag that says, “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” Paddington explained that his Aunt Lucy sent him from Darkest Peru because she had to go to the Home for Retired Bears. The Brown family decides to take the bear home.

The next chapter introduces Mrs. Bird, the Browns’ housekeeper, who thinks Paddington needs a bath. Not long after, Judy and her brother need to go to the bear’s rescue.

The following chapters describe Paddington going shopping, encountering escalators, repainting an important picture, and visiting the theater. Every chapter is filled with interesting adventures and mishaps that give young readers a good chuckle.

Paddington quickly transforms from an abandoned bear at a train station to a member of the Brown family.

Our review of A Bear Called Paddington

If you’re looking for a humorous, heartwarming chapter book about a gentle bear to read to your child, this is it. Since A Bear Called Paddington is the first part of the series, it’s the perfect book to start the adventure.

Unlike many other authors, Bond gets straight to the point. He provides some information about the bear and then describes how the Browns met Paddington at the train station and took him home.

The adventures begin on the very first night when Paddington attempts to take a bath and nearly floods the house. After this, it’s adventure after adventure filled with humor.

Bond’s writing is incredibly smooth and flows well. The reader doesn’t get bored reading the book because the language that Bond uses keeps the focus. Plus, the book features illustrations that follow Paddington’s adventures.

Although Paddington isn’t a troublesome bear, he always manages to get into trouble. Fortunately, the Browns know he isn’t doing it on purpose. They are represented as kind, helpful, patient, and forgiving, and they know that Paddington always means best.

A Bear Called Paddington is a classic children’s book loved by millions. While it’s intended for a younger audience, it’s perfectly suitable for people of all ages. If you’re looking for a quick and enjoyable read that will warm your heart and remind you of childhood, A Bear Called Paddington is a great option.

Although the book’s original publication date was more than 60 years ago, it’s still popular today.

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What age is appropriate for reading Paddington Bear?

Many people say that Paddington is suitable for all ages, but the books are most appropriate for children above the age of six.

What grade level are the Paddington books?

The Paddington books are third-grade level.

What is the moral of Paddington Bear?

The Paddington books teach young children and adults about humility. The bear is never malicious, and even if he does something wrong, he apologizes.

Why is Paddington Bear so special?

With his suitcase, love for marmalade, humor, and wit, Paddington Bear is one of the most famous bears in the world, along with Winnie the Pooh.

How many Paddington Bear books are there?

There are 15 Paddington Bear books in the series.

Is there a Paddington Bear film?

Yes. In fact, there are two Paddington Bear movies. The first was released in 2014, and the second in 2017.

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