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Productivity hacks for librarians

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Working in a library is a dream come true for avid readers. Learn how you can optimize your productivity with hacks and tools like text-to-speech programs!

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Working in a public library is a dream come true for anyone who loves literature and working with the public. That being said, this industry does see burnout. It’s hard on the eyes, and it can be exhausting to work in the library system.

That’s where productivity hacks can become so helpful. Productivity hacks help you avoid procrastination, burnout, and frustration with your work-life balance by helping you complete your work in less time. Read on to learn more time-management skills and information on how you can start multitasking to get more done today.

Productivity hacks for librarians

Productivity is a hot topic in the librarian community. There are many authors who have covered tips and tricks for getting more done without risking burnout, too.

For example, in the book, “Productivity for Librarians: How to get more done in less time,” Samantha Hines provides a resource guide on how to stay motivated, find a balance between work and life, and stick with systems that help librarians get more done.

In “Productivity Hacks: 500+ Easy Ways to Accomplish More at Work— That Actually Work!” by Emily Price, she discusses simple tips, like using technology features to avoid distractions from notifications to finding a healthy work-life balance, to help librarians avoid burnout and get more done while at work.

Many productivity tips can help you from your morning routine to the end of your busy workday. Kick things into overdrive with these helpful tips.

Set realistic goals for the day and week

First, set realistic goals. The ability to get as much done as you need to get done does rely on you having goals that you can actually achieve. Many people use base goals and set up reach goals that they try to get done if they can achieve all the others on time or early.

Delegate tasks whenever possible 

Delegating tasks helps you get more done by recognizing what you need to get done versus what someone else could help you with. Delegation doesn’t necessarily have to involve another person, either. AI and automation technology are making it easier to automate daily tasks, so you can focus on more important items that require a human touch.

Use technology to your advantage

Technology can give you an amazing advantage when trying to get things done. Put together a playlist of your favorite podcasts or audiobooks, so you can listen to something you enjoy while working. This keeps you in a more positive headspace and may even encourage you to work faster.

WiFi is available at libraries all over the country, so consider downloading tools to help keep you off social media (unless you need it for work) and focused on the task at hand. From Pomodoro timers to automation tools, there are plenty of types of tech that can help you get more done at work.

Proofreading using a TTS reader

As a part of your job, you may need to proofread documents or articles for errors. That can cause significant eye strain and fatigue, especially if you’re working on a piece for hours a day.

While supplements and eye drops can help, one of the pieces of technology that you may want to try is using a text-to-speech (TTS) reader. By listening to the content, you’re more likely to hear errors that you can correct, and you can give your eyes a break.

As a disclaimer, you probably won’t be able to completely avoid working on the computer or handling manual proofreading edits, but the TTS reader can move things along more quickly regardless of the formats that your work comes in.


Speechify, a powerful text-to-speech (TTS) program, offers many convenient workflow features that can help you boost your productivity on the job. Listening to TTS is just one of the helpful shortcuts that will help you avoid burnout and handle more tasks while you’re on the clock.

Why is Speechify so helpful?

Workflow features

  1. You can hear the grammatical errors and syntax without having to re-read the content on your own.
  2. You can get a second review of a document without needing a second person. Let the TTS reader go back over the edits or document you need to review and listen for errors.
  3. TTS technology lets you rest your eyes and improve multitasking. Listen to an enjoyable audiobook or have Speechify read you a book that you need to review. It will save you time, since you can listen while focusing on other tasks.
  4. Enhance your ability to learn on the go. Study new library technologies or listen to important content from industry professionals using Speechify, so you can get more done while you’re on your way to work, taking lunch, or putting books back on the shelves.

With so many benefits, Speechify should be on your wish list

Emily Price, Samantha Hines, and similar authors agree that productivity improves with the right hacks. Save yourself from burnout by considering Speechify as the go-to TTS as a tool in your workplace.

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