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Productivity hacks for proofreaders

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If you are a freelance writer or proofreader, you probably spend a tremendous amount of time proofreading. It is a key part of being a blogger who specializes in freelance writing, but the reality is that proofreading can be a slow and arduous task. It is very easy to get bogged down, which means that you aren’t nearly as productive as you should be. Take a look at a few key productivity tips for proofreaders, and get the most out of the time you spend proofing and editing. 

Stay organized and track everything  

One of the top writing tips for your workspace that both beginners and advanced writers should follow is that you need to stay organized. Ensure that you track everything. Know how much time you spend writing, and know how much time you spend editing. A good copywriter has a solid workflow and knows how much time they spend on various tasks. If you are organized, you can prevent yourself from losing track of time.

Employ the use of technology 

Speaking of time, you need to use technology to help you. You should have a grammar tool that you can use to spell-check your work and identify comma splices. You should also use a time tracker that can help you keep track of the hours and take breaks to avoid burnout. There are even technological tools that can help you manage individual projects and prevent your work from getting lost or shuffled. If you know where all of your documents are, it will be easier to stay on track.

Manage workflow 

You should manage your workflow well if you want to be a successful full-time proofreader. You might want to use a web blocker that can prevent social media and notifications from getting you off-track. You might also want to have a daily calendar with time stamps that allow you to stay on track during the day.

In addition, if you want to streamline your workflow, you need to find a way to proofread more quickly. That is where a text-to-speech reader can be helpful.

Proofreading using text-to-speech (TTS) reader  

If you are reading a first draft for the first time on Microsoft Word, it is very easy to overlook mistakes that are present in the work. That is because you are seeing what you intended to write, not what is actually there. While there might be templates that you need to follow, you won’t catch individual letters or word choice mistakes if they aren’t highlighted by the grammar checker.

On the other hand, if you use a TTS program to help you, the program will speak the words to you. That way, you will catch sentences that don’t sound right. Then, you can go back, take a look at the sentences, and correct whatever the mistakes might have been. A TTS reader can also speak faster than you can read, which can help you get through your proofreading faster, expediting your workday. For all of these reasons, you need to find a TTS program that can help you, but you also need to use the best TTS program on the market. That is Speechify.


Without a doubt, the best TTS program available today is Speechify. This is a program that is very easy to use. It has a short learning curve, and it comes with numerous features that are easy to learn.

Workflow features

There are several key features from Speechify to note. They include:

  • Of course, one of the best features is the high-quality, HD voices. You can hear the voices clearly from across the room, and you can customize the voice to meet your needs. You can change the reading speed, volume, pitch, tone, and more. That way, you can find the voice that is most productive. You can hear the grammar and syntax mistakes instead of having to read them yourself.
  • Another standout feature is the ability to highlight the text as it is read to you. You can follow along with the program and mark areas that you need to go back and address. This is a key productivity tool that all proofreaders need to use.
  • Speechify is even a program that can handle multiple languages. If you need to listen to something in English, Spanish, French, or another language, Speechify can handle it. You can even translate between languages if you want to.

The best part is that Speechify is a free program! There are premium features, but you can take advantage of a free trial of the premium features before you decide if you want to pay for the whole thing. Let Speechify increase your proofreading.


Some of the most common questions people ask about proofreading and TTS include:

How can you improve your proofreading abilities?

Make sure that you let the document sit before reading it the next day. That way, you read what is actually there instead of what you intended to write. You also need to use a TTS reader to help you expedite the process while including any grammar or syntax mistakes you might have made. You should also get another pair of eyes to read your work. 

What is the difference between proofreading and editing? 

Regardless of whether proofreading is a side hustle or a full-time job, there is a difference between proofing and editing. Editing is focused more on looking at clarity, word choice, and tone. Proofreading is more about catching grammar mistakes, spelling issues, and problems with punctuation.

What are some of the errors you can find when proofreading?

There are a lot of errors you might catch. They include errors in parallelism, spelling issues, and punctuation mistakes. Make sure that you read carefully and do not overlook any common issues that could make your work look unprofessional.

What is the best way to proofread for grammar mistakes? 

The best way to proofreading for grammar mistakes is to use a TTS program that can read to you and overcome writer’s block. That way, you can hear the words coming at you instead of having to read all of them for yourself. This will make it easier to not overlook anything.

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