Our review of Epic Books will help you better understand how this service works and whether it can be your go-to reading resource for kids.

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A review of Epic books

Epic books is a leading retailer of children’s books. Most educational institutions in America rely on this platform to engage and educate young learners. If you have elementary school and younger kids, they can leverage the platform for after-school use as well.

This article shares everything you need to know about the kids’ books from Epic.

What is the Epic! book service?

Epic! (or Epic) is an online book service for children aged 2-12. The platform has more than 35,000 books available for reading on the internet, mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets.

The books are available in numerous languages (Spanish, English, Chinese, French, and more). Numerous bilingual books help young learners and educators make foreign language learning a breeze.

You can search for titles by genre, recommended age, or subject. Some publications also come with audio versions or read-to-me adaptations that highlight the text as it’s being read.

Parents can track the progress their children make, the number of pages and books they read, and more. Kids can enjoy the platform on their favorite devices and earn badges or rewards based on their performance.

Educators and teachers can create a curated list of books for kids to access. The same goes for follow-up material such as quizzes.

The website doesn’t host any inappropriate content. However, you can find literature for younger kids that may include violent themes. For example, novels about epic battles like the Battle of Troy or historic events can include battle scenes.

The benefits of Epic books

Epic mainly focuses on elementary school students. However, it offers plenty of books for all reading levels from kindergarten to the 5th grade. If your child is in the 6th or higher grades, they have likely outgrown the platform.

Below is an overview of the features and benefits of Epic.

Huge library

Epic’s best-selling point is its enormous digital libraries. The platform has more than 35,000 titles available for instant use. You can use read-to-me books to teach early reading skills to pre-readers. Illustrated works are appropriate for all reading levels, while older kids can enjoy chapter books.

All books on Epic are age appropriate. Children can choose between fiction and non-fiction works.

Easy site navigation

Using Epic is as simple as it gets. Kids can search the library to find books suitable for their levels with a few clicks of a button. Numerous search filters help them narrow down their options.

If your goal is to work on reading comprehension, you can filter books that have end-of-book quizzes for reading assessment. Filters also include relevance, grade level, and more. You can also look for books in a different format (audiobooks, books, read-to-me books, etc).

Book collections

Children can easily make book collections with Epic. If your kid loves dinosaurs, they can work their book collection around that topic. They can add relevant books to their library and have easy access to them whenever they log in.

A personalized experience makes Epic more accessible and helps satisfy your children’s curiosity about their interests.

Universal compatibility

Kids who use Epic along with classroom learning can transition from one tool to another in an instant. Most academic reading programs are compatible with Epic. You can search for books recommended by the teacher for the student’s reading level.

Both Lexile and Accelerated Reader (AR) programs are compatible with Epic.

Multiple profile support

Epic has high-quality book offers for all kindergarten and elementary school kids. If you have multiple children, you can create up to four different profiles for the same price.

Every child can have their own fully customized library suitable for their reading level. This feature alleviates the need for kids to share profiles or go through each other’s reading lists and collections.

Access to learning videos

Books aren’t the only asset of the Epic library. The video tab stores hundreds of fun educational videos for your children to explore. Video resources include Smithsonian, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Animal Wonders, Harper Collins, and other similar sources.

Available to all kids

Children and families across the world can use the Epic digital library. The platform has millions of registered users which proves its wide reach on the national level. Although many learners use the platform at school, they can easily enjoy their favorite content at home too.

Epic is especially suitable for children who:

  • Are bored with reading—The world is full of distractions. Children have shorter attention spans and need more authentic, captivating platforms to keep them focused.

  • Don’t want to read—If your child is a reluctant reader, Epic may be the platform for them. Most of the time, children won’t even feel they read in a standard way. They can tap, swipe, and click through the site to have a more engaging time.

  • Love reading—Epic is naturally a great place for children who love to explore different types of books. Thousands of books give avid readers more than enough content to read from the comfort of their homes.

Despite the numerous benefits, Epic isn’t an ideal platform for all children. Kids who love traditional books won’t find Epic a fun place for reading. In this case, signing them up with a local library would be a much better choice.

Also, children who can’t use tablets or technology will have a difficult time using Epic.

Pros of Epic include:

  • More than 35,000 books in a virtual library

  • Support for up to four different profiles

  • Affordable price

  • Epic-exclusive books, graphic novels, and videos

Which titles can you find on Epic?

Listed below are categories of books on Epic, grouped by reading age as well as genre.

5 and under

  • How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

  • The Bad Seed

  • Jabari Jumps

  • Planet Kindergarten

  • Goodnight Moon

  • Astronaut Training

  • Monkey with a Tool Belt

Ages 6-8

  • The Dot

  • How to Catch a Unicorn

  • LEGO

  • National Geographic Sharks

  • The Great Ice Age

  • Puppy Place

Ages 9-12

  • Big Nate

  • Everything Robotics

  • Big Nate from the Top

  • Laser Moose

  • Goosebumps

  • I’ll Keep You Close


  • Captain Underpants

  • I Survived

  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit

  • Giraffes Can’t Dance

  • The Magic School Bus

Award Winners

  • Watercress

  • The Last Cuentista

  • This Is Not My Hat

  • Unspeakable

  • Garvey’s Choice


  • Guinness World Records

  • Honeybee

  • National Geographic Kids

  • Science Fair Success

Cats and Dogs

  • Baby Dogs

  • Grumpy Cat

  • Pete the Cat

  • Pug


  • Eye Spy

  • June Almeida Virus Detective

  • Ada Twist, Scientist

  • Spi-ku

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Is Epic books still free?

No, the Epic reading platform now comes with a subscription.

Are Epic books worth it?

Yes, Epic subscribers can expect a high-quality experience both during and outside of school hours.

Is Epic books free for parents?

Parents can enjoy 30-day free access before committing to the subscription.

Is Epic books an app?

Epic books, picture books, and audiobooks are available in the form of an app, but there is also a desktop version.

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