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Speechify vs TextMagic

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything

you read – faster.

Sir Richard Branson

Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

Speechify is a text-to-speech app that converts text to audio, so users can hear content rather than reading it. TextMagic is software that businesses use to send bulk SMS text messages for marketing purposes and to maintain client relationships.

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Speechify VS TextMagic

Speechify and TextMagic are both tools that can help businesses save time and accomplish work easily and quickly. Ultimately, both of these apps serve unique needs to move companies closer to achieving their individual business goals. While they are both beneficial technologies, they do aim to fulfill distinctly different needs. 

As you take a closer look, you can see that these two softwares have essentially different functions. Speechify is a text-to-speech app that converts text to audio, so users can hear content rather than reading it. TextMagic is software that businesses use to send bulk SMS text messages for marketing purposes and to maintain client relationships. 

Though these apps seem different on the surface, they can both streamline otherwise time-intensive work. In fact, they can actually work quite well together. A robust text to speech tool like Speechify can save you time when using a bulk messaging software like TextMagic. Let’s take a closer look at these apps to notice some similarities in how they serve users, as well as some of the critical differences.

What are the differences between Speechify and TextMagic?

In more recent years, several kinds of apps, software, and automations have been developed to support businesses. While you might be familiar with popular business services from places like Amazon or Google Cloud, other more specialized technologies serve various business needs. These services might support enterprises as they perform marketing tasks, manage workflow, and maintain relationships with customers. Speechify and TextMagic can both help companies achieve these goals while saving people time. But as we compare these two popular softwares, we’ll find some obvious contrasts. 

Previously, many business-related tasks had to be performed in ways that weren’t efficient with people’s time and energy. TextMagic solves that problem by managing and automating the SMS text messaging process. There are all kinds of reasons businesses need to send mass texts. Whether it’s for marketing campaigns or sending appointment reminders, TextMagic takes some of the work out of this process. Users upload databases of contacts then set up standard messaging templates. As texts are needed, they are quickly sent out to groups or individuals with just a few clicks.

Speechify, on the other hand, is a powerful text to speech tool for both professionals and individuals. With this app, users can easily convert text from documents, web browsers, e-books, and more, into speech. Text to speech software helps people save time by making it possible to listen to anything they’d like, whenever they want. Speechify is easy to use and can instantly turn text into speech in the user’s preferred voice. You can personalize this app to your needs with several different adjustable settings. Many businesses also find TTS apps incredibly useful for producing marketing content.

Speechify summary

Speechify is a mobile and desktop app that uses AI to read various texts aloud. It works well on every popular platform – you can use it on macOS, Microsoft Windows, iPhone iOS, iPad, and Android devices, and with a Google Chrome extension. It’s easy to find in the App Store and Google Play. Once you’ve installed the app or extension, Speechify’s powerful text to speech API can add read-aloud functionality to just about any site or app. You can utilize it across a variety of different platforms and text formats. PDFs, text files, epubs, and even scanned documents are easily converted into audio. Speechify also integrates with the programs you’re already using, like Google Docs and Office. You can even use it to read social media posts!

Both businesses and individuals can benefit from text to speech with Speechify. It’s an ideal accessibility solution for those with vision disabilities or learning differences like dyslexia. Honestly, anyone who wants to make the most of their time, multi-task, or incorporate audio elements into their learning can benefit from using a TTS app. Not to mention, being able to hear emails, messages, and content can give people freedom from having to be at their desks or in front of a device to review text-based material.

Businesses can utilize TTS tools to generate voiceover content for marketing purposes. Making a custom brand voice to record audio files for websites, brand videos, podcast voice overs, or marketing materials is a fantastic way to use Speechify. Text to speech options can be quicker and more cost-effective than the process of hiring a voice actor. 

Speechify has many features that have helped it become the #1 text to speech reader. Users can customize voice pitch, tone, and accent and vary reading speed. This is especially helpful in finding a preferable reading voice and pace, whatever your ideal needs may be. Hearing text converted to audio can allow people to take their reading with them wherever they go, increase focus on the content, and help them retain more information.

Both free and premium versions of Speechify are available. The free app allows users to choose from 10 speaking voices and a wide variety of features. The premium version costs $139 per year and allows for even more customization. In this version, users can choose from over 30 voices, instant translation into more than 20 languages, and advanced controls.

TextMagic summary

TextMagic is a text message marketing software that businesses can use to automate the process of bulk texting clients and prospects. Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral part of any business. SMS texting offers a vital way to maintain a direct line of communication with prospects. However, sending text messages manually can be a time-consuming process. It can also be inconsistent to rely on people to maintain relationships over text. Services like TextMagic allow you to send texts from online software, which makes it easier to maintain relationships by making the mass texting process much more straightforward. SMS texting is a valuable tool for businesses, allowing them to stay in touch with contacts at a low cost and with a high delivery rate. 

Many businesses are already sending SMS messages to help their marketing efforts. It’s an ideal way to improve the customer experience. With software like TextMagic, you can send notifications, appointment reminders, and alerts to clients, so they never forget an important date or meeting with your company. Mass texting services are also often used for sending marketing campaigns, like promotional content or time-sensitive offers.

TextMagic is easy to use, affordable and has plenty of integrations available. You can get the software for PC & Mac and download Apple iPhone iOS and Android apps. The ability to manage mass texts from computers and mobile devices ensures businesses never miss out on important campaigns, whether at their desks or on the go. TextMagic also comes with some convenient features to streamline marketing efforts. It’s possible to convert emails you’ve already written to text messages for SMS campaigns. Segmentation allows users to decide who will receive each message based on their current position in the sales funnel. 

TextMagic offers a fully-featured free trial, so you can see if it fits your needs. After that, you’ll have to pay for the software and texts. Pricing is determined in packages based on the number of texts you send. 

Speechify details

When you use Speechify, you have the confidence of using a top-rated technology that’s one of the most full-featured text to speech apps available. To get started and see if it’s the right fit for you, try out the free version of the app. A premium option is also available and allows for more customization and functionality.

Speechify Premium has several features that make it stand out from the competition. First, it’s an incredibly user-friendly app. It’s an easy process to make adjustments to the speaking voice to fit your specific needs. You have your choice of over 30 different AI voices, all with natural-sounding speech synthesis that mimics natural human inflection. The voice, tone, pitch, and speed are customizable to your preferences. A totally adjustable reading speed means you’re not limited to listening to text in real time. You can listen to texts as quickly as you can understand them. Because of this, it’s an excellent tool for e-learning that increases comprehension and information retention.

And, with the premium version, you’re not limited to hearing TTS in English! Speechify supports dozens of languages. Translating text to speech in your chosen language is an instant process. This can support better language learning by allowing you to practice hearing another language spoken out loud. It can also aid in communication and comprehension. No matter the original language of the text you’ve received, you can hear it in your native language or a language you’d like to practice.

Speechify can convert any printed text to speech – not just electronic text that’s already on your device. You really do have the potential to transform text to speech from almost anything, anywhere. Users can convert scanned text or a photo of a page into speech that the app will read to them. Within the app, you can also use advanced note-taking and highlighting tools to highlight text as you read and make your own notes as you listen.

Business owners can also use Speechify alongside texting software like TextMagic to make the process of sending mass SMS texts even easier. Text-based marketing campaigns can be a time-intensive process. Setting up SaaS software templates, surveys, and opt-ins often requires a lot of reading. Text to speech can help you save time and make this process simpler. Speechify can take information from almost any application or text file and convert it to speech for you. You can change the reading speed to get through work more quickly. This can save you time while managing marketing campaigns in TextMagic.

TextMagic details

With TextMagic, you can send texts online to prospects and customers. It’s a tool that allows users to quickly send bulk text messages that suit your company’s needs. Some of the most common reasons businesses use automated texts are for appointment reminders, alerts, and notifications to clients or employees. It’s also a useful way to send mass texts for marketing purposes.

TextMagic makes it possible for businesses to schedule text messages to be sent at a time that’s convenient for the sender or the recipient. Uploading a list of mobile numbers for a text list is a streamlined process for users and only takes a few moments. You can also sort contacts into different groups and lists, so they will only receive the texts that are most relevant to them. 

TextMagic saves users time in a number of ways. First, custom mail merge fields allow users to send thousands of personalized texts in moments. If a subscriber wants to stop receiving messages, simple automation allows them to opt out instantly at any time. Two-way SMS chat enables convenient remote communication with anyone receiving your texts. TextMagic has the ability to integrate with common CRM  and business automation apps via Zapier Integrations to help businesses manage prospects efficiently.  

A trial of TextMagic is available where you can try out a free text campaign. After that, you’ll pay for each batch of text messages. The exact amount you pay varies based on the volume of texts you send.

Speechify videos

Speechify’s videos and screenshots will give you an excellent idea of what a great app it is. It’s a highly versatile app, and you can use Speechify to control every aspect of your text to speech experience. You can see precisely how easy it is to listen to anything you’d like at the speed that’s right for you. This makes it easier to supercharge your learning experience, read books in a fraction of the time, or just review information on your own schedule.

Being able to speed listen isn’t the only benefit of Speechify. As part of the premium version, users get the option to listen in additional languages with instant translation. This means the app is a wonderful choice for anyone learning or wanting to practice a new language. Speechify’s powerful productivity tools have made it the leading text to speech app. 

TextMagic videos

When you view the TextMagic videos, you’ll get quick tutorials and a comprehensive overview of their main product offerings. You’ll find out the main ways to use the product for your business. With their web and desktop apps and email capability, they make it easier to schedule automated text messages. The option to respond to customers on SMS chat reassures people they’re not just talking to a bot. The app is especially handy for sending alerts and reminders, order confirmations, and SMS marketing campaigns. Businesses also have the capability to text with clients who respond to their texts, manage different contact groups, and send text messages via email. TextMagic also offers robust integration options for existing websites and CRM systems.


Is there something better than Speechify?

Simply put, no! If you really want the best text-to-speech technology on the market, then Speechify is for you! With so many options for customization and an easy-to-understand user interface, it’s easy to find the voice that will fit your needs. It’s no coincidence that we have outstanding ratings and rave reviews!

Is Speechify worth the money?

Yes! Speechify is definitely worth the money. It’s one of the best text to speech apps you can find. The natural-sounding voices, interactive settings, and multiple language options are unparalleled. While the free version is a great place to start, the premium plan has robust features for the most personalized experience. It’s a great way to listen to text the way you want and streamline your workflow.

How much does Speechify cost per month?

Speechify Limited is free to use. Speechify Premium costs $139 per year, which comes out to just $11.58 each month! With this subscription, you’ll have access to even more custom settings. Plus, you can scan and listen to any printed text. Premium also provides over 30 high-quality AI voices in more than 20 different languages, 5x faster speeds than Limited, advanced skipping and importing ability, and powerful note-taking and highlighting tools.  

Is Speechify completely free?

The Speechify mobile app is entirely free to download and allows for unlimited reading with playback controls. If you’d like access to high-quality voices, the power to capture and convert text from photos to speech, and ability to send synced audiobooks to your phone, then the premium plan is the better choice! 

What app is better than Speechify?

There’s simply no better app for text to speech than Speechify! As the #1 text to speech reader, it offers superb personalization for users’ needs.

What is the best text to speech engine?

Speechify is the best app on the market if you want to convert text to speech. The powerful API, flexible settings, and natural reader voices give users the optimal experience.

What are the pros of Speechify?

Speechify is incredibly versatile, customizable, and practical! Users have a wealth of options to customize their ideal reading voice and speed. With Speechify, you can convert almost any text to speech that you can listen to, however, whenever, and wherever you’d like. Additionally, the Speechify team is easy to reach if you need additional customer support.

What is the difference between Speechify and TextMagic?

Speechify is a mobile and desktop app that uses AI to read various texts aloud. TextMagic is a text message marketing software that businesses can use to automate the process of texting clients and prospects.

What is the TextMagic app?

TextMagic is software that businesses use to send mass texts to clients and prospects. With software like TextMagic, you can send client notifications, appointment reminders, and alerts. You can also use bulk texts for marketing campaigns, promotional content, or time-sensitive offers.

What are some advantages of Speechify?

Speechify has advantages for businesses and individuals. For those with vision disabilities or learning differences, it can be an important accessibility tool. But anyone who wants to maximize time, multi-task, or learn more quickly can benefit from text to speech!

Speechify can also be used by businesses to create voice content for web pages and videos. Plus, the option to hear work-related text rather than having to read it can be helpful to anyone working in the business world!

Who should use Speechify?

Anyone can use Speechify! It’s an excellent tool for turning anything you might usually read into something you can listen to. There are so many possibilities – you can use it to read books, save time, learn, or streamline your business.

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