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Free text-to-speech free websites and programs

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There are many free text readers available that can help you convert text to speech online. Learn more about some of the top options below!

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If you are looking for text-to-free speech websites that can handle different types of audio files, there are plenty of options available. Speech tools have grown significantly during the past few years, and lots of people are looking for text to speech online. If you want to get started with TTS websites, take a look at some of the key points below.


How to get started with text-to-speech free website 

To get started with a text-to-speech (TTS) free website that can help you with your voiceover, there are a few steps to follow. They include:

  • Consider the browsers with which the website is compatible.
  • Find a website that can handle text the same length as yours.
  • Identify a website with solid voices and customizable options.
  • Consider your language, such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, or others.
  • Think about the price of the website. Some are free only up to a point, so you need clarity on the pricing.

So, before you can dive into the weeds, you need to know what a text reader is and how to find the right option.

TTS reader

A TTS reader is a program that will take written text and convert it into speech for you. This online tool that become popular because it is can help get through books and web pages faster with access to a high-quality voice. 

There are already numerous podcasts and YouTube videos that have explored the benefits of this program, and some TTS readers even let you download MP3 of the file when you are done to save it for later.

Many free online text readers offer a drag and drop interface, which can help you make the process even easier. If you have text you want to listen to, simply drop it in the box, press play, and let the program do the work for you.

At the same time, if you are looking for the best text-to-speech reader, then you need to use Speechify. Speechify has quickly positioned itself as the top text-to-speech software on the market. With the best speech synthesis markup language (SSML) available, this is the program you need to use if you want to convert your text to audio for free.

Convert text to audio for free 

Speechify could not be easier to use. All you need to do is visit the website to access the free text reader. You can take your text, drop it into the box, and let the program play for you. 

The free version already has a lot of features, but once you fall in love with Speechify, you should consider upgrading to the premium version. That way, you get access to all the features of the program. Some of the top benefits of this program include:

  • You can customize the voice to meet your needs. You can change the voice, pitch, tone, and more to make the voice sound exactly as you want it.
  • You can change the reading speed to get through the file even faster, helping you save time.
  • When you can listen to the file instead of reading it, you can multitask. You might do your laundry, cook dinner, or even drive a car as you listen to your file.

All of the voices are crystal clear, allowing you to hear them from across the room. This is also a tool that is available on variety of platforms. In addition to accessing Speechify using a web browser, you can also use the tool on a mobile app!

eLearning features 

If you are a learner, there are a lot of other great features you can access as well. For example, you can use this tool to highlight text as it goes across the screen. This is great for learning new words and expanding your vocabulary. 

Text-to-speech is particularly helpful for people who might have learning disabilities, as it helps them maintain a grasp of the concepts as they listen and read at the same time.

With the premium level of Speechify, you even get access to instant translation options. This includes everything from English and Spanish to Turkish and Danish! There are dozens of languages from which to choose, so you can truly take advantage of all the features.

Finally, the premium version even gives you access to more voices from which to choose. You can truly narrow down the voices options and find the perfect one for your file. For all of these reasons, check about all of the features of Speechify, and put the program to work for you, You will quickly see why Speechify is the best TTS reader on the market today.


Some of the most common questions people ask about find a free website to help them convert text into speech include:

What is the best free text-to-speech website?

If you are looking for the best free text-to-speech website, you need to use Speechify. This is ap program that is easy to use. You simply need to paste the text into the website and watch the API go to work. You get a clear, natural voice to help you turn written text into a natural-sounding voice.

How do I turn on text-to-speech for free?

Speechify is the top text-to-speech program for turning text into spoken speech. There are free and subscription plans available, and it is available on numerous platforms. Examples include Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and even as a Google Chrome extension. You can use Speechify on just about any program or platform you would like.

What is text to speech?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that helps you turn written text into spoken speech. It is helpful for people who want to save time by multitasking, rest their eyes by listening for a change of pace, and even for people with disabilities, such as dyslexia, who might have a hard time reading. That has made Speechify the best TTS program on the market today!

Is Google text-to-speech free?

On google, the TTS feature is based on the characters you send to the service. You will be charged if you exceed the limit. For better pricing transparency, use Speechify instead. There is a free and premium version available, and the premium version is worth it! Consider taking a look for yourself today!

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