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Let’s look at the pros and cons of a Motorola phone and how you can use text to speech (TTS) to get the most out of your device.

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Text to speech Motorola

Motorola is an American consumer electronics manufacturer specializing in wireless communication systems. Although the company has a diversified product portfolio, many consumers know Motorola for its phones. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a Motorola phone and how you can use text to speech (TTS) to get the most out of your device.

Motorola phones – The pros and cons

While Motorola phones aren’t the most popular among smartphone users, they have significant advantages over competitor devices.

  • Affordability – Motorola is a budget-friendly manufacturer compared to Samsung, Huawei, and Apple and still offers enough entry-level to midrange devices in terms of performance.

  • Stock Android OS – Unlike some manufacturers that customize their Android OS, Motorola uses a Stock Android OS. This means there’s little to no customization for the operating system. It’s as clean as it gets, leaves more untapped resources, and offers more accessibility.

  • Access to many third-party apps – If you want a TTS reader, chances are you can use whatever app you want on a Motorola smartphone. The clean OS guarantees better compatibility with third-party mobile software than customized Android versions.

Motorola phones have drawbacks, too, although none of them are performance-based deal breakers.

  • Clunky designs – Few people would choose Motorola over Samsung, Apple, or even Google Pixel for its aesthetics.

  • No flagship offerings – Despite proving their expertise in designing solid midrange options, Motorola hasn’t brought to market any flagship phones to compete with other premium offerings.

  • Declining brand value – Many factors have affected Motorola and contributed to its declining brand value and market share. Regardless of the overall good product quality, it isn’t a hit with many consumers.

How to activate basic text to speech on Motorola phones

TTS software is just a few taps away with Android-powered smartphones on almost every Motorola phone. In fact, Motorola comes with a built-in text to speech feature.

Here’s what you need to know about Motorola Voice Readouts.

The Voice Readouts feature is similar to TalkBack, a typical TTS reader on other Android devices.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.

  • Navigate to the “Accessibility” tab.

  • Tap the settings icon.

  • Tap “Voice Readouts.”

The Voice Readouts functionality enables Motorola users to read aloud menu icons, widgets, text and dialer information, notifications, text messages, and other on-screen elements.

However, you may need to install voice data packages on some Motorola phones to access more languages and narrator voices.

Much like, TalkBack, Voice Readouts is rudimentary in terms of performance and realism. Fortunately, the stock Android OS enables you to download superior text to speech output apps.

The voice readout alternatives

If you want some alternatives, the following apps make your Motorola mobile phone experience more accessible.

Google text to speech

Google Text to Speech is one of the most commonly used TTS apps for Android devices and desktop computers. In addition to standard text to speech applications, the software comes with speech recognition technology to allow voice typing.

However, its voice input feature outclasses the text to speech output that lacks realism.


Pocket is a friendly alternative, especially when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. The app allows you to save online articles and read them later with or without voiceover.

It has a straightforward user interface and gives great article suggestions across many categories from reputable online publications. However, it isn’t the most flexible TTS reader and lacks some customization features that other TTS readers offer, like text highlighting.

Talk Free

The Talk Free app can import text from documents and online sources and read it aloud using computer-generated voices. It also allows users to download narrations in a WAV file format.

However, it’s not the best screen reader because it can’t distinguish between digital text and other elements such as links, buttons, and icons featured on websites.

Narrator’s Voice

Narrator’s Voice is a popular app for Android phones. It can convert digital text files into mp3 and mp4 files and enables quick sharing on social media websites. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages and offers a few different male and female voices.

Like Google Text to Speech, the preferred engine’s TTS software, Narrator’s Voice has voice to text support. However, its standout feature is the selection of modulated voices that can make for some cool and funny voiceovers.

However, not everyone appreciates the abundance of pop-up ads they can’t avoid without a premium subscription.


Speechify is a TTS reader that does it all, whether you use it on iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows. The app is available on almost all platforms and offers the same functionality regardless of your device.

When used as a literacy support tool, it can help you read documents, social media posts, e-mails, and articles while following along with text highlighting. Speechify also has natural-sounding AI-generated voices speaking various languages.

You can select your preferred speech rate, read the home screen aloud to navigate your phone, study, or listen to the latest LinkedIn articles while driving to work. Even better, one license is enough if you want to change devices between your Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and Moto G Power.

Try Speechify for free on your Motorola phone

If you want a stellar text to speech narration and a smoother experience, Speechify could be the app you need. The Android-specific app is resource-friendly and flexible; you can personalize it however you see fit.

As a bonus, you can benefit from digital text extraction from image files and scanned documents to read aloud even more content on your Motorola phone.

Try Speechify today and give your Motorola phone the functionality it lacks by default.


How do I do a voice text?

You can touch the microphone icon in the text entry field in the Moto messaging app. This will enable the phone to turn your speech into text.

What languages does text to speech Motorola support?

Motorola’s Voice Readouts supports the same languages as Android TalkBack. You can download any of the 35 supported languages from the speech settings menu.

How can I change the voice on my Motorola?

You can change voices on Motorola phones from the “Voice Input & Output” tab in the “Settings” menu.

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