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Text-to-speech realistic voice free & text-to-speech real human voice apps are great options if you prefer audiobooks or need a powerful accessibility tool.

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Text-to-speech realistic voice (free) & text-to-speech real human voice with Speechify

Text-to-speech apps have improved a lot in the past couple of years, and there are incredible options you can find on the market such as Speechify. The app offers natural-sounding voices, and it is able to turn any text into an speech in real-time. 

AI-powered text-to-voice generation

There are numerous apps used to convert text into an AI-generated voice. These apps are known as TTS or text-to-speech tools, and they synthesize realistic speech using machine learning, SSML, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning with recordings of a human voice. Speechify is no different!

The results of this AI-powered technology can be incredible for voice generation. There are a couple of apps that can sound as if a real voice actor was reading the text to you. Today, speech synthesis apps are important for accessibility, and they are available across all devices. 

Many companies have been working on speech technology, from Microsoft to Amazon. They are focused on improving customer experience and increasing accessibility for all users. Some of these are free text-to-speech apps, while others are included in paid packages. 

Experience Speechify

Speechify is one of the best text-to-speech software you can find on the market. You can use it on iOS, macOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and anything else you can imagine. It also works as a Chrome extension, and the app is incredible.

It allows you to easily convert any type of text into an audio file, and it is a natural-sounding text-to-speech app. At the same time, it offers numerous features to further customize it, further improving your user experience. The AI that powers Speechify produces incredibly lifelike, real human voices from any text you give it. You can even get it to speak in multiple languages, in a male or female voice, or even at a slower or faster reading speed.

Speechify also offers different subscription plans with various pricings, and you can create an account to sync different devices to track your progress. Among the use cases are content creators making YouTube videos, and those looking for improved accessibility. But you don’t need to pay to use Speechify! The program has a free version, which includes many of its realistic voice TTS features.

Many AI voices

When it comes to customization, Speechify offers plenty of different voices. You can choose both male and female voices and even pick different accents. For example, you can pick a British male voice as the narrator, or go for the English female instead. 

If you want to get things even further, Speechify offers celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow as a speech voice option, which is currently in the Beta version. Using a famous actress such as Gwyneth Paltrow will make the entire experience even more realistic and entertaining.

Most importantly, the quality is exceptional. The voices feel quite natural regardless of the voice you pick. 

14 languages

In addition to customizing voices, you can also choose between fourteen different languages. Of course, the most common and the most popular language for the API is English, but there are other options, as well. 

You can use text-to-speech for Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese (which comes in both male and female versions), Dutch (also in two versions), Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, German, Hebrew, Italian, and Russian

For those that plan on using English only, there are still options to make custom voices. You can choose between British, American, and Australian, and you can also explore different genders and ages for your voice readers. 

Trusted by over 20 million users

Speechify has been a go-to text-to-speech app for many users for quite some time. It’s easy to use thanks to the intuitive user interface, and it works on any device—including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. There are also web browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. These are just some of the many reasons why so many people adore Speechify. 

You can easily see by reviews what the highlights of the app are, as well as why it is so popular.

“Very helpful for working students like me! I just wish I found out about it sooner! Gave me more time finishing up my tasks. I can just listen to this at work!”

“I love this app because it saves me a lot of time. I have it installed on my phone and on my laptop. Whenever I want to read web articles and pdfs, I just used the app even when I am on the go. I can even select the voice of my fave celebrity, Gwyneth Paltrow. How cool is that!”

You won’t find any other app that allows you to sync it with your accoun, and track progress between different apps. Of course, the quality of voices will leave you speechless. It’s a great TTS tool for those with reading difficulties, for e-learning, and for entertainment. 

A powerful text-to-audio app

Speechify is a powerful tool that allows you to convert any type of text into wav or mp3 files. You can convert your audio in just a couple of seconds! What’s great is that the app works for PDFs, epub, and other text file formats, which you can use it both in your browser and Google Docs. 

The options are almost limitless. One of many things that set Speechify apart from other apps is that it has a built-in OCR feature. For those unaware, OCR stands for optical character recognition, and it can be quite useful. 

OCR functionality allows you to take a photo of a document, and the API will convert it into speech. You can snap the photo and the app will do the rest. Of course, if you don’t plan on using the mobile app, you can still use the desktop one without issues. 

Speechify is also available as an extension for browsers, and you can use it for any type of web page or textual content. Listen to your audio anywhere in extremely high-quality—no matter whether you’re using AirPods or a Bluetooth speaker!

Speech styles

The advanced AI used in Speechify understands the dynamic of the language and this makes a world of difference when it comes to text-to-speech voices. Based on the voiceover of your choice, you will get a different feel for the text. The AI voice can sound serious or casual based on the style, which will improve immersion even further. 

All of these tiny details make the app sound so lifelike with its high quality voices. At the same time, the app gives you additional settings to adjust the speech rate, and it will allow you to save so much time by speeding it up or help you understand better by slowing it down.

Voice inflections

Voice inflections might seem natural to many people, but these nuances are what make us easily spot artificial voices. But what would happen if the AI voice was able to read properly? To pay attention to pronunciation? To punctuation?

Thankfully, you can get a realistic AI voice like the one you will find on Speechify. The reading will be different if the sentence ends with a question mark or when the AI reaches a comma or a full stop. Advanced AI technology is able to produce realistic voices in an instant!

As long as you write properly, the app will be able to pick up all the little details and present them to you as a speech output without any problems. 

How to get started with Speechify

The first thing for you to do is find the appropriate version of Speechify for your device and needs. There’s nothing to worry about since Speechify is available on all platforms. Once you download the app or install it to your computer, you can either go through settings and customization or jump straight into using it. 

Both methods are great. Once you have everything set up, you can start the app or browser extension and use it to convert the written text into speech. You can use Speechify with headphones or with speakers, and the app will be able to create an speech in no time. 

So, the only thing left for you to do is enjoy the soothing voice of your choice and relax. Get started today!

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