What is Murf.ai Studio? (and reviews)

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Curious to discover what Murf.ai Studio is and reviews of this AI voice and text to speech app? Read our full Murf.ai review here.

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What is Murf.ai Studio? (and reviews)

Using voice-generating software has become something of a no-brainer these days, regardless of what type of content you’re creating. Be it YouTube videos, education courses, or even business marketing, AI voice apps (sometimes known as text to speech or TTS apps) are a great content creation option to have.

One of the more popular apps on the market is Murf.ai Studio, known as Murf or Murf Studio. This is a real-time text to speech tool that can provide you with various AI narrators for your audio projects.

Here, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of the app in this Murf.ai review to see if it’s worth your time.

What is Murf.ai Studio?

Before we go into any specifics, we need to explain what Murf is. Namely, this is an artificial intelligence voice generator, which also goes around by the name of text to speech software. It can save you time by providing studio-quality IVR for various content, and it’s rather versatile.

This online tool comes into play when creating videos, using e-learning courses, and assisting people with reading difficulties or learning disabilities. When it comes to its versatility, you can use it in several ways, and it also offers a couple of different SaaS subscription plans.

Murf has a free version, but it’s rather handicapped. It only allows 10 minutes of text transcription or voice generation. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for most users, but this demo can be useful to see first-hand whether this AI voice generator is for you.

For creating hours of voice generation, there are three subscription plans to choose from. They all differ in pricing and the number of features and go by the names of Basic plan, Pro plan, and Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan offers the most features, but it’s also the most expensive of the three.

What people say about using Murf.ai Studio

The general consensus on Murf is that it’s a relatively good app. Most users enjoy using it, and you can find their reviews all over the internet. However, to save you time, we’ve gathered the most important user notes right here.

Those who praise Murf say so because they enjoy its lifelike AI voices. One user especially likes how there are African American AI voiceovers, both male and female, and young and senior. They also enjoy the voice changer option.

Other users enjoy how you can fiddle with each AI narrator further beyond what the Murf team has already designed. You can change their pitch, adjust reading speed, and all other details to get a custom voice just for you.

On the more negative side, there are some issues that users have noted. Namely, some options lack ease of use, and an average user won’t be able to understand them properly. Moreover, the external links to guides sometimes don’t work.

Examples of projects you can create with Murf.ai Studio

As we’ve highlighted, text to speech technology has many use cases. As such, a piece of software like Murf can be used for various projects. Let’s see what most people use the app for and whether it’s any good at those purposes.

Overcoming reading difficulties

Like all text to speech apps out there, Murf is a fine solution for anyone with dyslexia, ADHD, or vision impairment. With it, you can listen to any digital text instead of trying to read it. It will also highlight the words being read so that you can follow along.

Video presentations

Be it a text-based explainer video or podcast, content creators can create unique-sounding voiceovers. This means that you don’t have to waste time on voice recording or hiring a freelance voice actor to do a home recording. Murf’s AI narrators will do the job instead.

Personal audiobooks

Many use Murf to author audiobooks. By copying and pasting the text from their PDF file or any other digital book format into the app, they get to listen to it while on the go or doing chores around the house.


Similarly to the previous example, students all over the globe transcribe their digital textbooks into audio files for better material comprehension. They also use it to speed up their studying process, as it’s proven that listening is a better way of retaining information than reading.

Speechify versus Murf.ai Studio—who is the clear winner?

Now that we’ve covered what Murf is and how you can use it, let’s see how it compares to other text to speech options on the market. For now, we’ll be comparing it to Speechify—a high-quality TTS app that’s taking the world by storm.

Speechify offers over 30 realistic voices in 15 different languages. It allows you to increase the reading speed up to 900 wpm and is capable of turning photos of text into audio thanks to its advanced OCR feature. All that with 24/7 customer support.

Speechify is also available on all relevant platforms and devices. You can use it on iOS or Android mobile or phone systems, or as an app on Mac and Windows computers. It’s also possible to use it as an add-on for Google Chrome or Safari web browsers.

Both Murf and Speechify are great text to speech apps, but the latter seems slightly more convenient. Besides Speechify’s natural-sounding voices, there are no several pricing plans to get confused with. You pay for one and all features are available from the get-go, or you can use the free version for more limited access of Speechify’s still great TTS features.

On a further note, Speechify’s availability on more platforms gives it more value for money. You can use your account both on your iPhone and your Microsoft Windows PC, or any other combination of devices and platforms—as well as both online and offline.

While Murf.ai Studio is a solid app, it may not suit your needs or budget, whereas Speechify likely will. You can try Speechify for free today.


Is Lovo Studio free?

Yes, Lovo has a free plan. However, its API doesn’t offer the same features as its two premium plans do. You can try the two premium plans on a free trial, but it will eventually end, and you’ll have to subscribe for further use.

What languages does Murf support?

Murf’s AI human voices support 20 different languages. Some of them include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Turkish, and Indonesian.

Is Murf.ai Studio safe?

Yes, Murf is a safe piece of software. It doesn’t have any connections with malware, and it keeps its users’ data safe and away from third parties.

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