Voice over generator for Google Slides

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Voice over generator for Google Slides lets you add engaging, fun, and animating voice audio files to your presentation to make it stand out. Here is how.

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Voice over generator for Google Slides

Google Slides presentations are full of beautiful templates and other useful functionalities. If you chose this app to make high-quality content, you couldn’t have made a better choice.

However, adding a voice recording to your slides can make them more effective than the standard slide presentation. You can use a voice over in various scenarios to engage your audience and make your content stand out.

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is an easy-to-use online presentation app, much like Microsoft’s PowerPoint. It lets users create beautiful multiple-format presentations and share them with others.

Anyone with a Google account can use this tool for free. You can add, format, and edit images, videos, and text in Slides.

Google Slides can be shared as files or folders. Much like with any other Google shared doc, you can choose who has access to the file and who can edit or comment. You can export your Google Slide with a voice over as a video file and upload it on YouTube or any platform you need.

Why add a voice over to Google Slides?

Voice over is an audio version of a text. It can be added to any presentation, including Google Slides, using computer-generated voice.

The benefits of adding voice over to Google Slides include the following:

More engaging presentations

Images, charts, and tables have their purpose, but they aren’t as engaging as a voice recording to explain or narrate the information on the slide.

When you add a voice to your slideshow, you make it more lifelike and engaging. The content captures the audience’s attention and they can follow your presentation more easily.

You can choose whether the audio stops during slide change and make the whole experience more customized.

Professional-looking Slides

Adding a voice over to slide shows can help you maintain high standards. It’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to professionalism. The right amount of images, graphs, and animations in combination with a voice over can help you sell a product or share your ideas like no other content piece.

Easier comprehension

When you add an audio version of the written text to the presentation, you ease the comprehension process for some individuals. Slow readers can easily follow the slides without feeling left behind.

Makes the material inclusive

Voice over doesn’t only help slow readers. People with learning and reading disabilities can follow the presentation or lecture without feeling overwhelmed about decoding the written content.

People with conditions like dyslexia or ADHD can significantly benefit from voice overs in presentations.

Wide range of use cases

There are numerous use cases for voice overs, aside from Google Slides:

  • E-learning material – Whether creating an online course, step-by-step guide, or tutorial video on YouTube, you can use voice overs to add emotion to your content.

  • Web pages – Voice overs make web pages more accessible and interactive by inserting an audio version for people with visual impairments.

  • Business explainers – Explaining a new project or idea to stakeholders becomes more engaging when the presentation is followed by a voice over.

  • Combined with background music – A voice over is a great content add-on for creating mindful videos, recipe videos, and more.

  • Gaming – Voice and music are two essential parts that make a game attractive and exciting. The game maker uses a voice over to add elements of speech in a game and ensure it comes at the right time.

  • For creating podcasts – With a few simple clicks, you can create a high-quality podcast just by having the written script in front of you.

Speechify – The voice over generator that creates audio recordings

Speechify is a text to speech app that creates high-quality audio files from any text document. The program uses AI voices, speech synthesis, OCR technology, and other tools to create lifelike voice recordings.

You can use Speechify to bring any text to life, including Google Drive files and Docs, Chrome and other web pages, Microsoft Word files, and text in any other format. Speechify works great on all devices, including mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, and even as a browser extension.

Speechify’s online voice over generator app goes over the text and creates an alternative version in an audio format. You can then download this file and add it to your Google Slide or any other presentation. Click on “MP3” from the top right corner of the screen to save the audio file on your computer and you’re good to go.

After downloading, you can upload the file to Slides in two simple steps. In the “Insert” section from the top of the screen, select “Audio” and pick the downloaded file from your computer.

You can also use your own voice recording tool or software to manipulate the voice recording however you like.

Try Speechify for free

A Speechify subscription offers numerous features. A text to speech functionality, in combination with a robust voice generator and affordable pricing, gives you a comprehensive package. Reading, recording speeches, and adding high-quality voice over audio files to presentations has become much easier. Simply write a script, input it into the program and turn any text to speech. It’s that simple and you can download the audio files in multiple format options, including WAV and MP3.

Download the app from the Google Play or App Store or Speechify’s official website and start recording voice overs today by trying Speechif’y’s voice over generator for free.


Can you do a voice over for Google Slides?

Yes, you can add a voice over to any slide. Hit the “Insert” option from the toolbar, then “Audio,” and pick an audio file from your computer or record audio you want to add to your smartphone.

What is the best way to do a voice over for Google Slides?

You can make third-party computer-generated voice overs with apps like Murf, Audacity, or Speechify. Alternatively, you can hire a real voice actor to record the voice over for you.

How do I make the voice over louder?

Use the volume buttons on your device to increase the volume of your voice over. Make sure the computer-generated voice you choose for your voice over is clear and loud enough in the first place.

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