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Voice overs for product demos

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Want to know more about voice overs for product demos? Read on to discover their most important elements and how to script them.

Product demos are an important part of marketing, but creating them isn’t simple. One of the key elements that can make demos more appealing and enhance their chance of success is a voice over.

Voice overs are used for audiobooks, video games, podcasts, promos, testimonials, and much more, but they’re also incredibly important for product demos.

Here we’ll explain how to use voice overs for product demos and recommend an excellent voiceover service.

What goes into a quality product demo

Before outlining the process for creating a quality product demo, let’s first discuss the two main types of demos.

The first is a public product demo. These demos are powerful marketing tools intended for larger audiences and/or the media. Public product demos usually represent a company’s new product or announce reaching a significant milestone.

The second type is a private product demo. These demos are typically used within smaller groups, investors, and companies. Technical demos are a subcategory of private product demos focusing on specific features of a product in great detail.

Regardless of the type, every product demo should contain three key elements: pre-demo, demo, and wrap-up.

During the pre-demo section, you should introduce yourself, your company, and the product you’re about to discuss. This intro stage is key for building credibility and ensuring the audience understands what you’re going to showcase.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t skip introducing the product, at least in general, not even if you want to wow your audience later. Dropping some hints will definitely build the suspense.

The second part of a product demo is the actual demo part, where you introduce the product and discuss its features in detail.

In the final wrap-up stage, you should repeat your main message and include a clear call to action. For example, you can explain when a product will be launched or how to order it.

Thanks to advancements in technology, real-life presenters aren’t a crucial part of product demos anymore. Instead, voice overs have become increasingly popular, especially in the last few years. Quality voice acting and sound effects can make explainer videos, e-learning, and product demos even more successful.

Scripting a product demo voice over

At first glance, voice over demo production may sound easy. However, creating a quality voice over requires finding voice over talents and numerous recording sessions in a professional or home studio. Beginners may even consider hiring casting directors or demo producers to get the best results.

Besides finding adequate voice actors for your commercial demo or demo reel, it’s vital to script the voice over properly to maximize its functionality.

Here are some tips for scripting a product demo video voice over.

Have a clear message

The purpose of a voice over is to complement the video and convey a specific message. The entire voice over script should revolve around this message to ensure there’s no contradiction between video and audio.

It’s vital to design the voice over around the video to avoid cluttering and distraction.

Create an intro

An introduction is an essential part of a product demo, regardless of whether or not you have a presenter. This is where you give your demo a setting. Many people use this stage to describe a situation that relates to a particular product, emphasizing its importance.

Write as you would speak

The whole purpose of a VO demo is to replace a physical presenter. That means your voice over shouldn’t sound as if it was scripted, even if that’s the case. If you want a quality voice over, adopt a conversational writing style when creating the script.

Don’t forget to read your script aloud a few times to ensure it sounds natural.

Think of your audience

When scripting a voice over, think about your target audience. A voice over intended for teens will sound much different than one targeted toward 40-year-old working professionals.

Add a call to action

Every voice over for a product demo should end with a call to action. You should invite your audience to purchase the product and provide detailed information on how to do so.

Ensure there’s no background noise

Your voice over recordings shouldn’t contain background noise that could potentially distract from the video.

Use Speechify for the best voice overs

You don’t have to hire professional voice over actors for your product demos. You can use Speechify’s AI voice generator instead.

The tool is designed to allow you to create high-quality and clear voice overs in only a few clicks. With Speechify, you get absolute control over the pitch, pronunciation, and speed, which you can customize to maximize the quality.

The platform lets you use over 20 languages and 225 voices and accents, thanks to which you can create the perfect voice over recording. If you want to use your voice over offline, you’ll be happy to know the platform lets you download the files in mp3 format.

Another advantage of Speechify is its versatility. You can access the platform from your computer or mobile device, meaning you can use it even when you’re on the go.

If you have issues with the platform or don’t know how to use a specific feature, you can always contact Speechify’s 24/7 support.

Speechify’s AI voice generator uses cutting-edge text to speech technology to deliver natural-sounding voices. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Speechify is one of the most popular platforms in the voice over industry.

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What should I include in my voice-over demo?

Every voice over demo should have three parts. The first part is the introduction, where you introduce yourself and set the stage for the main section. The main section is the meat of your product demo and contains the crucial details. The last part is the wrap-up section, where you repeat the main message and include a call to action.

What are the voice over demo rates?

Voice over actors charge different fees for voice over work depending on their experience, skills, the project complexity, etc. Typically, voice over artists charge between $500 and $750 for a 15-30 minute recording.

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