13 Alternatives to Curata

Curata is one of top Seo Tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

Curata is one of the top products in Seo Tool among many other players. Most products in the Seo Tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Curata, we've curated a list of other Seo Tool products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to Curata


SITE123 is here to change everything you know about online website builders. It is a perfect solution for private and corporate Internet users, offering tools that let you build your website without requiring prior design and coding experience. We let you create and handle your website without the need and cost of hiring a professional. Create your website using ready-made styles and layouts. Our extensive list of templates makes it so easy. Try SITE123 out for yourself today.

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Top pro

Excellent option for beginners in the use and creation of blog

Top Con

None really - maybe the inability to change the format of a selected template but I guess that's why its called a template

Similar Content

SimilarContent (SC) is an SEO tool that helps writers, SEO freelancers, and content marketers to create SEO optimized content thats very likely to appear on the first page of Googles search results. SC helps users know which keywords to add or remove to increase their content relevance score. For a search query, SC allows users to measure their contents relevance score with real-time results against webpages that are currently ranking high on Google search.

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Top pro

Very easy to use, web-based and powerful

Top Con

The software is young, so I know a lot of features are going to be added

Content Harmony

Helps your team build detailed content marketing briefs 50-80% faster than manual briefs.

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Top pro

The brief creation system would be helpful enough on its own, but Content Harmony really excels by using this in combo with the SEO scoring tool

Top Con

Integration aren't built out like some of their competitors.The user interface could do with a bit of an upgrade


Outbrain is the world's leading native advertising platform, helping advertisers promote their content, uplift their brand, and generate new conversions via a high-quality global network of premium publishers. Outbrain Amplify is an effective tool to complement social media marketing activities, enabling performance marketers to create native ad campaigns targeted to the right audience, empowering them to achieve results that outperform those of the leading social media networks.

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Top pro

It's a great way to reach the best audience at the right time

Top Con

The traffic is worthless


Cloud-based discovery solution designed to drive traffic, monetize content, and increase audience engagement.

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Top pro

Retargeting possibilities on a large network

Top Con

There are not many targeting options available and that is the main reason we can not expect a better quality of users to flow in through Taboola ads


Skai (formerly Kenshoo) is the leading technology platform for brands looking to plan, activate and amplify effective marketing across the most-engaging digital channels. Skai offers the only marketing solution that provides data-driven insights and optimization technology to help make informed decisions and scale performance across Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Yandex, Yahoo Japan, and Baidu.

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Top pro

Been a Kenshoo customer for 7+ years

Top Con

Occasional down time and crashes


iSpionage is a competitive research and monitoring platform for digital marketers to gain a competitive edge in the search marketing landscape. 35,000+ clients have used iSpionage to improve SEO & SEM performance. Our unique features allow you to: visualize PPC buyers journey from clicks to conversions, stay current with competitors' offers using our landing pages intelligence, track your SEO rankings globally, and more... See it for yourself.

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Top pro

A great platform that we use daily, complements any other SEM platform our there like semrush

Top Con

Understanding the data provided on ads is sometimes confusing and not always accurate


MarketMuse accelerates content creation, reinventing how marketers improve organic search rankings, drive expertise in their industry and impact business strategy. MarketMuse Suite, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform, analyzes millions of articles on demand, uncovering gaps and opportunities to empower marketers to craft high-quality content their audience loves and search engines reward.

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Top pro

I like MarketMuse a lot

Top Con

The price is a bit of a sticker shock, but worth it once you realize there are no other tools out there that can do quite the job it can

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a set of 4 tools that help optimize websites, improve content, run backlink campaigns and track your progress. These tools include: Rank Tracker - to research keywords, track rankings, and analyze competitors; WebSite Auditor - to crawl and optimize site structure, improve on-page optimization; SEO SpyGlass - to discover and analyze site's backlinks; LinkAssistant - to run link building and outreach campaigns. SEO PowerSuite is cross-platform and multi-lingual software.

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Top pro

It is great package of seo tools- it combines tools of creating backlinks and audit sites in order to get the best results of site optimization

Top Con

They claim that it's because algorithms don't update, but I believe the software is designed to stop working to force users to pay $30 per month to continue using the product


The future of website creation and design is here! Bookmark is an Ai-powered website builder which empowers people without any technical skills with the ability to instantly create an exceptional website or online store. Bookmark's Ai software AiDA (your artificial intelligence design assistant) creates the first version of their website in under two minutes by making selections from millions of combinations specific to each user's website needs.

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Top pro

Bookmarks helps me streamline and bring all that in under control

Top Con

That i didn't have a choice in the design


Agency Analytics is an enterprise marketing dashboard that impresses clients and saves time. White label the dashboard and give clients their own personal logins to let them see your marketing campaign success. SEO tools like rank tracking, audits and backlink reports are built in. Integrate 60+ other services like social media, call tracking, analytics, and PPC to get the whole picture. Then schedule custom PDF marketing reports that are delivered to your client's inbox.

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Top pro

Hands down, It's the best reporting tool available

Top Con

If you're an agency not using this software then you have probably developed your own platform or you're missing out


Simple tool that makes it possible to see any website like a search engine and highlight basic SEO metrics.

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Top pro


Top Con

Probably having a few custom dimensions will add to segment or recording rule creation when we have huge data to analyse from


DataForSEO provides comprehensive data solutions focused on marketing automation, SEO analytics and e-commerce optimization. Since its inception in 2016, DataForSEO grew up from an SEO data mining company to the leading provider of API-first marketing data solutions. DataForSEO offers the most diverse stack of APIs and databases in the industry. We can provide you with all the data your digital marketing project requires.

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Top pro

As a creator of SEO software, we are using DataForSEO in our daily routine for different cases

Top Con

Their pricing module was quite complex in the previous API version (v2) but they have fixed the problem by following v3 API

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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