6 Alternatives to OBI Engage

OBI Engage is one of top Web design Tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

OBI Engage is one of the top products in Web design Tool among many other players. Most products in the Web design Tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to OBI Engage, we've curated a list of other Web design Tool products for you to compare.

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List of 6 Alternatives to OBI Engage

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a website optimization tool designed to help small businesses, eCommerce companies, digital agencies, and educational institutions analyze visitor's behavior across email and ad campaigns. The platform enables teams to investigate buyers' journeys, identify various audience segments present across the webpages, and recognize issues such as confusing navigation or form glitches. Using the A/B testing tool, administrators can set up specific goals to test webpages.

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Top pro

Setup and creation of new snapshots and A/B Tests is super easy

Top Con

The software to use when searching UX Design problems

Lucky Orange

Go beyond web analytics vanity metrics with Lucky Orange to find the WHY behind what visitors did on your site. Learn why people bounced from specific pages, track visitor engagement from campaigns using UTM parameters, discover which fields on your web forms cause the most abandonment, and see which step in the purchase journey has the highest drop off. Go even deeper by asking visitors what they're struggling with or what's keeping them from purchasing with surveys and chat.

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Top pro

It was easy to set up and use and the product comes with a lot of analytics tool which can help a developer understand the user behavior

Top Con

The load time is awful, and they the most annoying sound that plays when a user comes to your site that is on be default


Contentsquare's #1 Digital Experience Analytics Cloud is a feature-rich, enterprise-class platform used by 800+ leading brands to uncover hidden customer behaviors and deliver better experiences. Capabilities like Zone-Based Heatmaps, Journey Analysis, Session Replay, Impact Quantification, AI Insights, Struggle Analysis & more provide unique insights, visualizations and recommendations Marketing, eCommerce, Operations, Product, UX and Analytics teams can use to optimize CX & fuel growth.

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Top pro

Great Tool for Customer Journey and Customer Behavior Insights

Top Con

There are some glitches that I sometimes come across, which can be frustrating, e.g


Mouseflow is a behavior analytics platform used to optimize website experiences towards improving conversions. With Mouseflow, you can find answers that traditional analytics tools can't by allowing you to watch your website visitors' sessions, build 6 types of heatmaps for all your pages automatically, set up funnels to watch where and why your visitors drop, use form analytics to improve your lead generation, and launch feedback campaigns to learn more about your visitors.

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Top pro

Mouseflow is superb when it comes to seeing how people progress through your site

Top Con

Initially navigation was a bit weird but soon got the hang of it


FullStory is a trusted Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that combines rich product analytics, robust session detail, and collaboration tools to deliver real-time insights that uncover opportunities on web and mobile experiences. FullStory's best-in-class DXI platform helps brands understand their users' digital experiences to eliminate friction and capitalize on what's successful.

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Top pro

I love that fullstory shows interesting stats like rage clicks, showing in an easy to view list what kind of device each user is loading the page on, and what site they were referred here by

Top Con

The limited window of time that sessions are available for review, and it is quite expensive


Uptrends Website Monitoring makes it easy to stay in sync with your site uptime and performance on a global level. Your users expect your website to be available around-the-clock. Uptrends helps you deliver on that expectation, monitoring HTTP(S), web services (SOAP, REST API), SSL Certificates, DNS, and servers, alerting your team instantly.

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Top pro

They reach out regularly to make sure we are happy

Top Con

And they conveniently interpreted "3 months" as "4 more payments

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