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Net-Results is a cloud-based marketing automation solution for small, midsize and large businesses. Primary features include lead management, lead scoring, marketing list management, email builder, social media management, insights and analytics.

Other features include sales alerts, sales workflow automation, web form builder, landing page builder and dashboards. The lead management module allows users to automate marketing workflow and tasks. Big data segmentation backs up automated list management, sales alerts, lead scoring, simple drip campaigns and lead nurturing workflows.

It allows users to schedule social media posts, track and score prospective leads based on their social media activities. It provides integration with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, WordPress, Magento, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, ConnectWise and others.

Net-Results is offered in a subscription pricing option. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Mobile apps for iOS is also offered. Support is provided via email and over the phone.

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Essential - $40 per month
Advanced - $680 per month
Enterprise - $1200 per month
The breadth of capabilities and marketing analyticsThe email builder could be a bit better
There is much more capability than initially meets the eyeSometimes a little buggy and wonky with formatting
Net-results is a great tool to supplement your marketing and sales efforts.The content editor, the editor you use to create emails, newsletters, etc., is not very flexible.


Denver, Colorado, United States

Net-Results reviews

We've been on the hunt for a while for a powerful MA solution, that was easy to use, and priced for a small marketing team. Those three are very hard to find together. It's easy to find the powerful one, harder to finda powerful and easy to use one, and nearly impossible to then be able to afford it. With Net Results we have been able to easily get these benefits, which is what we set out to do: - automated emails in a drip campaign that Sales can remove people from - lead scoring and alerts that go right to the lead owner - weekly reports to each Sales person with their hottest lead - very finely tuned segments that can be used for alerts, emails, and scheduled reports - integration with Salesforce. The Sales team can basically trigger their own emails

- Ken B.

This solved a big cost problem for us. We were overpaying with our old solution (about $80k per year). This was much more manageable and much simpler to implement/use. We realized that a lot of reasons we had purchased the old solution, in the end didn't matter and we didn't use them the way we thought we would. Finding a solution that was easier to use made work much more enjoyable.

- Todd L.

Net-Results uses a segment driven approach that allows for easy integration of buyer personas into lead nurturing campaigns. Depending on your needs, campaigns can be quick and simple or complex, multifaceted, lead nurturing workflows. The application also provides excellent visibility into different lead channels and has pre-built integrations with different CRM systems available. Net-Results customer service is second to none.

- Gregory S.

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