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Better education Do more. Gain more productivity!
All of this is possible using SemanTer Pro, a powerful tool for creating summaries.
Have you ever attempted to create an article summary, even for a brief one? It might have taken many hours to complete. Get the overview from experts to cut this time down to a few seconds.
You can choose the summary size with SemanTer Pro while the meaning of the source text is completely preserved.

What’s new: Added Help button to Summary page; New appearance

Save time by using the following features:
Summarization of Google Drive and local files (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, XLS, XLSX, and PPTX)
With SemanTer Pro, you can condense any size of webpage as well as files from Google Drive and your Android smartphone. Pictures and scanned documents are not supported; only files with text inside them are. Files with password protection are not processed for security reasons.
File access is made possible for Android Q smartphones using internal storage.
Texts of unlimited size
You can condense very lengthy papers.
Any number of summaries possible
Ad-free and extremely accurate algorithms
Our innovative and exclusive algorithms ensure that each summary is highly precise.
Different Summary Size
Need a succinct summary or additional information? The screen’s bottom slider is all you need to use.
Condense URLs and connections from other apps
Select SemanTer Pro by pressing the app’s share button.
16 language multilingual summaries are available, including English, German, French, Russian, Chinese (restricted), Dutch, Danish, Czech, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Norwegian, Hungarian, and Japanese (limited).
Share summaries by email, Skype, social media, etc.
Interactive History of recent website summaries
An embedded browser for searching and summarizing content
It’s as simple as ABC:
Find the page you want to summarize, click the Summary button, and you’re done!
Text block summarization; scalable summary typeface for easy reading; quick and lightweight

Queries If you have any questions or problems, please use the app’s help section or, if you still can’t find the answer, write us an email. Do not submit negative reviews before contacting our help team, please. Thanks!

Your viewpoint
SemanTer Pro was created with the intention of helping our clients save important time. Please provide us with favorable Google Play reviews if you believe this app has promise.
Please email us with any proposals you may have. It will enable the continued development of SemanTer Pro and enable others to take advantage of it.
Your feedback is valuable to us!

SemanTer is continually being developed, and you can help out by purchasing the Pro-version.

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Stability improvementsNo free version
Increased app performanceFunctions vary with camera qualities
Summary for webpages, local, iCloud & Google Drive files of any sizesOccasionally crashing

Semanter reviews

I’m going to say I do appreciate the app. Although, I was hoping that the upgrade features come with an option that allowed the user to use the camera to read the words from any book/paper and convert it to text. This would have been extremely helpful and would save many people from having to buy books and so fourth. So Mr. designer, this app needs some extra sauce ASAP Thank you... And now, I have to type everything up *thinking about my 5 bucks*, and save it to my iCloud so that your app can pull it up and summarize it because the book can’t be found online as it is a college book. Let’s help make everyone be more efficient.

- mrkl3an

Makes college so much easier

- Tiobrien

All this app did was import the same text from the file. There is no summary at all. Just wasted six bucks for nothing.

- azschaefer

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