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Category: Project Management Tool

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Most popular feedback for Agiled

The truth is that I bought this application thinking that it would help me with my work and my clients, but the clients always claim that my crm is slow, that it does not load, that it cannot be accessed... and the truth is that it has been low for a month the performance of this application very much. He said it many times in his facebook group and they don't solve anything. I really saw potential in this application but with all this that has happened if I could request a refund I would have already requested it. I hope they improve and do not continue to cause problems for customers.

Pedro C.

About Agiled

Business management platform that comes with CRM, HRM, financial management, and project management.

Most popular feedback for Whaller

Confidentiality, restriction of records, total control Permanent removal of old personal spheres Member Management: View the list of spheres for each person Be able to disable welcome messages on a sphere

Isidore A.

About Whaller

Whaller is a simple, yet rich solution that allows companies, schools, organizations, associations and individuals to create their own secure social / collaborative networks. Networks are built with "spheres". Each sphere is a sealed, independent space, where its members can communicate and collaborate in complete security. Spheres are fully customizable and include a variety of collaboration tools such as messages, chat, video conferencing, document storage with simultaneous co-editing.

Agiled reviews

Agiled solved most of my problems as an entreprenuer so I can better focus on doing other stuff that enrich the clients and make the business prosper.

- Zack L. Freelance Digital Marketer

I am using it to manage my business. I am using the project managment and portal applications, and the CRM is being opoulated now

- Robert T. President

I wish there was a bit more documentation and training - but the system is pretty intuitive. Having help buttons or a library of tutorials would be perfect.

- Robert T. President

Whaller reviews

Having the chance of getting social network services with the knowing that your private data is not being used for publicity is a pretty great feat nowadays, even though the mobile version is not as good as the internet one, it does not interfere with the excellent proposal that Whaller offers. To me, this is a win-win situation.

- Julio César P. Coordinador Académico del Área de Idiomas

For now it's the best product to creat a community of customers/users and generate engagement. With a large choice of features (even in the free version), Whaller is a great way to create a smart and rich relationship with your community.

- Baptiste L. Business Developper

Whaller has been mostly effective in all the ways we use it. However, many of the useful management features require a subscription to premium plans.

- Gene D. Engineer

Pros & cons


I have been impressed with all the functionality Agiled provides as a CRM software
Asad and team have been very good about listening to and incorporating early adopter feedback
So far the experience has been excellent
I believe in the developers and think the product will be best in class within time
As a developer and entrepreneur I would like recommend checking Hubspot and as they have interesting unique features to consider
I wish you a booming success guys
Wow, what and amazing product kt is already, and they are adding more to it everyday
Like its already full but they are making it bigger and still adding to it."
The only feature I'm missing is wave accounting and payment integration
There is nothing yet I don't dislike about the software
I'm still an entrepreneurial noob so I'm constantly learning what I need and don't need
On the Items for sales, there's no way to get those items on a different store
The visual design also feels a little flat and boring with limited options for customization."


Free version with very good level of functionnalities
VEry good tool to agregate people around topics
I like respect for private life, I like private spheres, I like the French / European project
Data security is furthermore a very important point of value
The free version offers you a wide pannel of functionnalities
Friendly and useful app for private groups
This network is well designed and very promising."
The defect is the mobile application
There is too much features we can not make yet compare to the computers version
It alone meets the parameters of a dozen social networks
Confidentiality, restriction of records, total control
Permanent removal of old personal spheres
Need to invite people to each "sphère" of the organisation, but probably I missed "how to invite to the company" and select in only one message the different "sphères."

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