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Category: Social media Tool

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Most popular feedback for Brandfolder

All content and files related to our brand are in one place available to our team and business partners, and with intelligent image and file search systems, let's imagine you have Google Images in control of your files. The ability to share files and determine the level of access is very useful, and it is possible to use the files in all applications and Softwares that we use daily, both offline and online. Superb Cloud-based Digital Asset Management platform with great integration without the learning need, because it's super easy to use.

Ali K.

About Brandfolder

An industry leader in Digital Asset Management software, Brandfolder delivers a platform that is as intuitive for users as it is powerful for admins, to easily store, manage, share, manipulate, and analyze assets across hundreds of formats including 8K video, documents, images, and 3D renderings. With best-in-class services, support, security, and scalability, Brandfolder helps global brands create compelling, timely, and consistent brand experiences with unparalleled efficiency and speed.

Most popular feedback for Pallyy

I love using Pallyy to manage my own and my clients' social media accounts. I find it very helpful to be able to schedule to different platforms and have everything I need in one place. The customer service from [SENSITIVE CONTENT] is excellent, he's always been very helpful and quick to respond. I also like the fact that there are new updates and better features added, so it shows that this software is trying to give the best features to its users.

Justyna R

About Pallyy

Social media management solution that helps create content, schedule posts and track analytics across various social networking sites.

Brandfolder reviews

My overall experience with Brand Folder has been great! We use it for two of our brands and everyone in-house is happy with it. We cut email management down a ton with franchisees going to Brand Folder first as a reference. Saves me ton of time packing and sending files to print vs. other products with very long upload times. Ease of use is huge for our group of users and we have no complaints about Brand Folder.

- Robin W. Senior Graphic Designer

We are now several months into our role out and very frustrated. We spent time in the demo enviroment to ensure we had the capabilities required. Now that we are in our live environment we keep trying to follow our SOP and find that features demo'd were not included. Each step we take feels like we encounter a road block.

- Todd G. Sales Manager

The lockout imposed by covid prompted us to shift our focus to remote consultation. Using Brandfolder, we were able to give our customers big files quickly and easily. Using the Guest Uploads functionality, we can aggregate assets from our network so that we may all benefit from their contributions. Using this tool, our partners may upload huge files without having to send them over email.

- Jessica D. Game Programmer

Pallyy reviews

It saved me a lot of my time since I start using Pallyy. Before I add remidners to post to every another day. Now I open Pallyy once a week, and within hour I schedule my entire week or more, so I can do my work for clients without need to think about posting.

- Pavol P. Designer

Pallyy has been such a boon for me. I'm the sole manager of more than a dozen social media accounts, and being able to schedule things across multiple channels while customizing for each is such a time-saver.

- Candy D. Social Media Strategist

It's a little expensive if you manage several accounts on one platform, I wish they have a pricing per platform and not per profiles.

- Marc D. Marketing Manager

Pros & cons


Love the sharing functionality
Setting up the photo sizes so people can crop and download their own photos is great
I also really enjoy the AI tagging when uploading new assets/images
I also like that it finds duplicate images and groups them as one in case you have uploaded the same asset multiple times
I love that you can actually see the assets
This is a gamechanger when looking at creative and photography
It has revolutionized the way we work entirely in the marketing department and the creative studio
Thanks a lot, keep up the great work."
There is something wrong with the functionality right now
Also there's no mobile app or watermarking feature which really makes working with this program difficult
I am no longer printing out and dropping off info to customers
It is confusing at first to figure out sections, labels, collections and pins
It didn't make a lot of sense when to use which."


I love this app, and I love that it's affordable for me, while making it so I can run everything solo and still have a life
I like how easy it is and how clients can comment without me having to explain it to thwm
I also like the fact that there are new updates and better features added, so it shows that this software is trying to give the best features to its users
Happy to work with a company that's already great and constantly improving."
Some malfunctions, due to being a newer software
Sometimes access is blocked or won't load, issues with publishing and error messaging restricting things from running as smoothly as possible
I'm still struggling with GMB videos, and I may not use Reels until we can put stickers and words in, as they're so important to our audience
I have been having some trouble getting some of my more complex posts to work
Carousels and reels/video content still take more effort than I would prefer
The constant uploading problems when uploading pictures."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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