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Catsy reviews

Casty has great customer service that has taken car of any needs we had and surpassed expectations! They took my 3 step process of updating our catalog, website & sales sheets into 1 easy step. Tasks that took me 1-3 hours in the past now take less than 5 minutes!

- JR D. Vice President

We switched to Catsy from a competitor. So far, our expectations have been exceeded on all metrics. From software capabilities to their CS team, onboarding was a breeze and we were able to integrate with all of our platforms to get up and running in no time. It could not have been easier.

- Rudy V. Sales and Marketing

Easy to use and the Casty support is the best support of any of the products we utilize.

- Allen R. IT Director

Productboard reviews

Over the past two years, we've tried about every product management solution under the sun. While many have been good, we hadn't found the best solution for *us* (a small team, 3 product people, 5 engineers). This is the first solution that's been adopted by the entire team, a big part due to the easy shared inbox for customer insights.

- Joshua P. CTO

We had an alignment and communication problem that we had to solve. Plain and simply, productboard gives us a clear way to communicate and collaborate on our product roadmap. And gives our team insight into how we think about and prioritize initiatives.

- Eric P. Chief Product Officer

Productboard is a great tool for software companies looking to build a process around their customer feedback.

- Alex K. Software Engineer

Pros & cons


Organizing all our product marketing information into one centralized location (marketing text, data sheets, artwork, photography, videography, etc.) 2
Streamlining our item setup and customer setup process so we can export product information directly onto retailer item setup sheet formats 3
Reducing errors

At times it would not function or zync correctly
Catsy does not have the capability to search for products by shortened item numbers.


There is no better way to record your feedback and, more importantly, link your feedback to a feature that a user has asked for
Also: the ability to strategically view all features is amazing
A great way to communicate and negotiate your roadmap with stakeholders
Ability to tie direct feedback from users to specific features
I love having the ability to categorize insights, assign them to users/companies, and attach them to features or ideas on the roadmap
It's been great and has been helping my company stay aligned on product priorities."

As mentioned above, it is hard sometimes to detach yourself from the feedback you are writing up and often I find myself arriving at a conclusion and then re-editing other feedback
Productboard's UI and organizational structure makes it a bit difficult to understand who specifically gave you the feedback
The billing mechanism of individual plan is awful experience
Searchong for already submitted requests can be difficult
Constant moderator required."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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