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eXo Platform

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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Productivity, Business



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Most popular feedback for eXo Platform

eXo Platform offers everything you need when it comes to optimum team collaboration and communication. I like because it has everything you need in one solution, from document sharing to video and instant messaging, there is absolutely no better way to ensure workplace productivity than by using this platform. I can organize my work and share and exchange them with my team and we work well together using it, it really is amazing when you looking for a solution that offers employee engagement.

Khothatso M.

About eXo Platform

eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution with a built-in project management system that you can use to manage a wide range of activities: estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems. eXo platform is an open-source project management and collaboration tool. It helps you manage projects, teams and tasks in one pla

Most popular feedback for Meisterplan

Meisterplan filled a significant gap for us in understanding how we are utilizing our capacity. We now have a much better idea when we need to either say no to new projects or adjust timelines and team members assigned to projects. We use a couple of other project management tools, but nothing that gives us a high-level view of things like this. It brought our stress level down to manageable levels.

Bredon J.

About Meisterplan

Meisterplan is a people-centric portfolio management solution that enables organizations to execute with confidence. Our lean, highly visual software solution facilitates portfolio-level decision-making on priorities, allocations, timing, and capacities, creating unparalleled visibility and alignment. Meisterplan is one of the quickest to implement, easiest to use, and can scale with your business.

eXo Platform reviews

I have been worked on a personal project where I intend to create a niche of social network. I looked for frameworks available on the market that could provide a complete infrastructure to run out my business and I found it at eXo. EXO plataform provides all basic features for developing a niche of social network, such as authentication, active streams and others features you can imagine for a social network. Particulary, one of the reasons I have decided by using of eXo is because it is written in Java, basically ( JSP - you can extend to JSF, Juzu ...) and works over portlets, i.e., you can built modules and apply them over your portal. If you are looking for a framework for build a social network I strongly recomends you at least do a trial with eXo before going deep into your project.

- Junior S. Senior System Analyst

Your product is very good but no download option for open source platform as result in the google search engine.

- Aliah J.

In the beginning, when we start working on Exo Platform, it service is quite slow. Another issue is that when one wants to extract data from data base, it is not that much flexible. In order to start video conference, it takes long time to understand the issues.

- Ashleigh C. IT Specialist

Meisterplan reviews

Thanks to the simplicity of the product and its excellent usability the Project Portfolio Process PPM was wholistically optimized and strategic decisioning for projects ensured. Eager to further enhance maturity of PPM with Future releases of the Product.

- Thomas W. CEO

You should increase language and browser compatibilista in order to get more customers.


There are times I feel the need to break projects down into more detailed structures, e.g. phases.

- Avinash R. Manager Systems Design & Development

Pros & cons

eXo Platform

Exo Platform is an outstanding software that provides an excellent platform for collaborating for our projects
It consists of powerful and effective tool that helps a lot in our business
Mostly, I consider it as a very good social platform, with a lot of ready-to-use modules and features, like chat, documents, notifications, web calls
A lot of features, easy to customize and improve
Very good social platform, with a lot of ready-to-use modules and features, like chat, documents, notifications, web calls
Documentation is useful feature for us
Its a Knowledge Management system (KMS) that provide content mng."
The open tool is limited
There is enough commercial exploitation
In the beginning, when we start working on Exo Platform, it service is quite slow
Another issue is that when one wants to extract data from data base, it is not that much flexible
There isn't ever a word to belittle this product
Since there are a lot of features included in this application, it may be difficult for the beginners to deal
There is no tutorial to guide the users through the application."


Great too to streamline your complete resource management which will save you lots of planning hours and avoid misunderstandings
Superb interactive Project Management and Portfolio & Ressource Management
Resources are planned to about 80% quality (Meisterplan is NOT a project management tool, but a strategic decision making tool!) which is totally sufficient and gives an excellent overview
Meisterplan is a great tool to streamline your complete resource management and save you lots of planning hours and avoid misunderstandings."
We ever wonder where we lost time in our projects
In general this is a particularly difficult software to get started with when you are dealing with multiple team members with varied experience levels with enterprise-level software
Currently no possibility to change basic data inside the system natively
You have to take an import-xls and re-import changes
If you operate staffing for an agency you'll know that it can be difficult to determine exactly how many people of any given role you'll need 3-6-12 months out."

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