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Special Words / Special iApps

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities



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Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia



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Most popular feedback for Special Words / Special iApps

We credit Special Words, which uses a version of the match, name, select method to teach sight words, with kick-starting Zoe’s reading and now at very nearly 10, she is a fantastic reader. The beauty of Special Words, like all the apps, is that it comes preloaded with words and images to get you started, but you can then add your own words or images as you need to teach different things. Zoe started out learning the 96 words provided with Special Words, which are mostly nouns, and then we adapted to extend her vocabulary and to teach topic vocabulary such as the Egyptians and most recently words related to RSE!

Georgina Durrant

About Special Words / Special iApps

Strategies for language development in young children and beyond are offered through Special Words Plus. Children can use the app to develop their reading and communication abilities while also showcasing their knowledge. Use the app in school to help students learn and develop new skills in the classroom, during speech therapy sessions, or at home. Beverley and Colin Dean started the non-profit social venture Special iApps in 2011 because they couldn't locate the educational apps they required for their youngest son William, who has Down syndrome and Autism. They discovered that most apps were unsuitable for William's demands, had excessive background activity, and weren't easily customizable or changeable.

Most popular feedback for iWordQ

High quality word prediction app for the iPad Students who have difficultly with writing may benefit from having word prediction. There are expensive PC/Mac programs that will do this, but until this app, I hadn't found one for the iPad that worked well enough for actual student use. iWordQ is the best of the bunch, and is the one I recommend to teachers, and special educators. For students who have difficulty with text, this app will speak a word without adding it to their text. For some commonly misunderstood words, you can even listen to a sentence that uses the word in context, before adding it to your writing. The reading tools are very well done, and the app switches between writing and reading modes quickly. $25 may seem like a lot to pay for an app, but it has some of the same functions as software costing over $300. I highly recommend this app.


About iWordQ

A simple-to-use writing and reading program, iWordQ US (English), is available to help struggling writers and readers. Writing mode uses a basic text editor with word prediction, abbreviation expansion, and speech feedback capabilities to assist with writing. There is access to a dictionary and a spell-checker. Speech recognition is another option. To make text easier to read, the Reading mode presents it in a more aesthetically pleasant format. This is employed for informal reading and listening, silent reading, reading aloud, learning, and proofreading. To improve comprehension and readability of text and enable you to concentrate on one text chunk at a time, you can choose a revolutionary text chunking method (patent-pending). MODE OF WRITE Word forecast: As you type, predicted words are shown. To select a suggested term, tap it. Examples of usage are given to assist you tell apart similar-sounding words (including homonyms). iWordQ will still anticipate even if you have creative spelling. Predictions are displayed properly as you move the text cursor. Speech Reaction: For high-quality text-to-speech, touch and hold a predicted word to hear it uttered. The words you write or choose from the prediction list will be spoken aloud. When you hit "space," the punctuation you have added to each sentence will be read back to you. With word-by-word highlighting, selected text can also be spoken. To pick multiple words, double-tap a word. To extend the selection, drag. Select a paragraph by double tapping. By selecting the Speech button, you can move ahead and backward by phrases or words in the speech review control that appears. >Abbreviation-Expansion: Use text macros, sometimes known as your own personalized abbreviation expansions, to make writing easier. The prediction list includes abbreviations as well. Expansions may contain any character, including punctuation, and may also contain numerous paragraphs. >Sharing Text files are automatically stored and can be retrieved from the File menu. The ability to share documents between systems via Dropbox is included. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Message, the pasteboard, and opening in other Apps are just a few of the additional connections that allow you to share documents. MODE OF READING In order to draw emphasis to the current sentence, the iPad's onscreen keyboard is concealed, and the surrounding text is displayed in grey with the current sentence displayed in black text. By touching it, choose any further sentence. >Proofreading: Watch for errors when sentences are being delivered. To highlight a word and hear it spoken, tap it. This is helpful for determining whether a word sounds right. It could be misspelled, in the wrong form, or just the wrong word altogether. When you lift your finger, a list of words that you have touched and swabbed will be stated aloud. This is helpful in determining whether word combinations are appropriate. >Learn by reading: Utilize the patented Text Chunking technique to concentrate on material chunks or segments rather than single words and to provide breathing room so that you can fully understand your text before going on. This aims to imitate a skilled public speaker. A section of the sentence containing the point you tap will be spoken and highlighted. In order to give you time to collect your breath before listening to the next text chunk, a pause is added to each line as it is played. Out loud reading: Use iWordQ as a teleprompter and read aloud at your own pace or at the same speed as iWordQ would speak it. As you read the text, sentences (and text sections) will be highlighted. Silently reading: In order to read aloud in silence at the same speed as iWordQ or at your own pace, turn off speech feedback. As you move through the text, highlighted sentences (and text sections) will be indicated. >Informal reading: To locate the beginning point, tap the first sentence. The sentences will then be read aloud manually or automatically.

Special Words / Special iApps reviews

Special Words is excellent for children with additional needs and children who learn to read using sight vocabulary and not phonics.

- Gina Robinson, Teacher

Special Words is an absolute gem of an app and I am so proud to be using it.

- Laura Corkin, Teaching Assistant

Special iApps are very good, as your advertising says, uncluttered pages, clear text etc. I liked the Special Stories app which gives students the opportunity to personalise their writing. Well done!

- Ro O'Dwyer, Education Consultant at Down Syndrome Victoria

iWordQ reviews

Finally I have a way to write what I am thinking. I have struggled too long. I cannot thank you enough.

- Don

An awesome app to help anyone who struggles to write or read! If you have children, this app is a perfect addition to help with homework.

- Kim

One of the best apps I used for school … Worth every penny.

- Anonymous

Pros & cons

Special Words / Special iApps

Create unlimited word lists
Free resources
Enhance communication


No speech to text

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