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Category: Task Management Tool
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Category: Task Management Tool
Industries: Education, Communication, Business



Starts at $12 /month


Starts at $16 /month


Starts at $30 /month

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ToodleDo reviews

"Want to make a to do list then go for Toodledo." What do you like best about Toodledo? It has a free version. Helps our team complete work related tasks in time. One can use it for both personal &work related tasks. It's customizable with columns to fit your needs. It increases productivity & helps in organizing ones life.

- David M.

"I only used the free version and it worked really well for what I needed it for" What do you like best about Toodledo? Toodledo is a great way to keep your to-dos organized. It is customizable with columns to fit your needs. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Toodledo? When I used this software, there was not a way that I could invite people to collaborate without them being able to adjust what I had done.

- Vanessa P.

"Task management in line" What do you like best about Toodledo? It is a software with a lot of style with which I can maintain the organization and efficiency of my projects. I can also make schemes, lists, prioritize activities, set dates for expiration. Now I organize my personal and work tasks from one place

- Katherine M.

favro reviews

The features are easy to configure yet complex and powerful. You can view the same data in multiple ways, which helps the overall experience. Moreover, the UI is superb.

- Matteo P. Technology director

I really like the way the software separates into collections and boards and how the relations are connected and work perfectly side by side with the automation you can create.

- Joao M. Creative Marketing Specialist

I can see my unfinished task and completed tasks on my profile it is so helpful for me. The automation system is good. When I change board status changed task status. I like to drag and drop features. I can add the projects I use the most to my favorites. much easier to reach. You can split the screen into two and access the kanban view at the same time.

- Joao M. Creative Marketing Specialist

Pros & cons


Plentiful features
Includes features for GTD followers
Supports notes, lists, outlines and habits separately from tasks

Paid plans don't offer great value
Dated and sometimes counterintuitive interface
No apps for Windows or macOS


We use Favro mostly for the detailed time tracking software - to push out reports at the end of each working week.The best part of Favro are the powerful abilities to manage sprints and delegate work to other colleagues.the fact that it incorporates a spreadsheet element and "cards" and seamlessly pulls from one to the other
Super easy to wrap my head around that system!

There should be an option to assign the card to a particular member
There is an option to add members but is not similar to assignee.It is a bit pricey if you want to use all the functionality including Salesforce integration and analyticThere are occasionally little bugs that I run into, but they honestly seem to be really good at updating and fixing those things that I do encounter.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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