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How many Warrior Cats books are there?

Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Reading on April 19, 2023

    How many Warrior Cats books are there?

    The vast world of The Warrior Cats book series has various books, spin-offs, and adaptations, like Starlight and Last Hope. Here we’ll focus on the number of books in the franchise and briefly introduce each sub-series.

    Introduction to The Warrior Cats franchise

    The Warrior Cats franchise is a series of children’s books written by Erin Hunter, a pseudonym for a team of authors: Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, and editor Victoria Holmes. The first book, Into the Wild, set the stage for the entire Warriors series.

    The series revolves around the lives of feral cats living in four Clans: the Thunder Clan, Shadow Clan, River Clan, and Wind Clan. All follow a strict warrior code to maintain peace and harmony within their community. Each cat has a unique role, such as medicine cats like Yellowfang, who heal the injured, and leaders like Bluestar, who make important decisions for the Clan.

    Throughout the series, readers witness the growth and development of various characters, like the loyal warrior Tallstar, whose journey is explored in Tallstar’s Revenge, the cunning Tigerclaw, and Crowfeather, who plays an important role in the New Prophecy arc.

    Total Warrior Cats books

    The Warrior Cats (HarperCollins) universe has grown substantially, with numerous books, novellas, a box set, and manga volumes. At the time of writing, there are 97 books in total:

    • 42 main-series books
    • 14 Super Editions
    • 5 Field Guides
    • 15 manga and graphic novel volumes
    • 21 novellas

    Let’s explore each sub-series in more detail.

    The Prophecies Begin

    The Prophecies Begin is the first series arc in the main series, consisting of six books, starting with Into the Wild and continuing with Fire and Ice, Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm, A Dangerous Path, and The Darkest Hour.

    It introduces readers to Rusty, a kittypet house cat who leaves his home to join the wild cats in ThunderClan. The series follows his journey as he becomes Fireheart, a courageous warrior, and ultimately, Firestar, the leader of ThunderClan.

    The New Prophecy

    The New Prophecy is the second in the Warriors book series, including Moonrise. The storyline shifts focus to a new generation of cats, following the adventures of Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, and their friends as they encounter new challenges and prophecies.

    Power of Three

    Power of Three is the third arc, comprising six books. It revolves around the lives of Firestar’s grandchildren, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, who must unravel the secrets of their heritage while facing new challenges and threats.

    Omen of the Stars

    The fourth arc in the series of cat warriors: Omen of the Stars, consists of six books. This series follows the continuation of the Power of Three story, as the Clans are faced with a dark prophecy that could threaten their very existence.

    Dawn of The Clans

    Dawn of the Clans is a prequel arc consisting of six books. It delves into the origins of the Clans and their founders, exploring the events that led to the formation of the warrior code.

    A Vision of Shadows

    A Vision of Shadows is the sixth arc, containing six books, starting with The Apprentice’s Quest. This series follows the adventures of a new generation of warriors, including Alderheart, Violetshine, and Twigbranch, as they face new challenges and uncover hidden secrets.

    The Broken Code

    The Broken Code is the seventh arc, consisting of six books. This storyline centers on the mysterious disappearance of StarClan’s guidance, leaving the Clans to face an unknown threat and question their faith in the warrior code.

    A Starless Clan

    A Starless Clan is the eighth arc in the series, with at least two books released so far. This arc follows the Clans as they struggle to adapt to a world without StarClan’s guidance.

    Super Editions

    The Super Editions are stand-alone novels that focus on individual characters and their stories. There are currently 14 Super Editions, each offering a deeper insight into the lives and backgrounds of key characters in The Warrior Cats universe, such as Firestar, Graystripe, and Bramblestar. Some notable titles include Tigerheart’s Shadow, Skyclan’s Destiny, Bluestar’s ProphecyFirestar’s Quest, and Squirrelflight’s Hope.

    Warrior Cats manga

    The Warrior Cats manga is a collection of 15 volumes that explore the lives and adventures of various characters from the main series, such as Graystripe in The Lost Warrior and Ravenpaw in Ravenpaw’s Farewell. The manga offers a unique visual perspective on the stories, with illustrations that bring the world of Warrior Cats to life.

    Warrior Cats novellas

    The Warrior Cats novellas are a series of 21 short books that delve into the lives and stories of various characters from the main series. These novellas provide additional insight into the personalities, motivations, and histories of the cats, expanding on their experiences in the main series and offering a more comprehensive understanding of the Warrior Cats universe.

    Where to listen to Warrior Cats audiobooks

    Audiobooks are an excellent alternative for those who prefer listening to their favorite stories rather than reading them. The Warrior Cats series is available in audiobook format, allowing fans to experience the adventures of the Clans through a different medium.

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    Cliff Weitzman
    Cliff Weitzman

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